hi my name is Sarah and welcome to jivayogalive today’s video is about stretching exercises for legs and hips thank you for joining us here at Dubai
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namaste today’s video is about stretching exercises for legs and hips
you might need that block and a shop still keep them handy her will let’s
just start straightaway we start from basic I’d pigeon pose so come laying on
your back bending your knees and with an inhale bring your right leg over your
left leg so that your right alcohol is above your left knee keep your uncle
flex and in here bring your right arm from between your legs and your left arm
from outside you’ve got two different options you can either cross your
fingers on your shin or underneath your calf on between your side whatever feels
good for you today you do that flexing most of your uncle’s to protect your
legs taking your little time to breathe in that muscle this a great great
stretch for runners because it really stretches your glue and gets into your
hamstring as well you’re supposed to feel the stretch right in here stay for one more breath and with an
exhale release switch sides so inhale lift left leg up I’m gonna flex your
ankle that’s important and bring your right leg closer to your chest now you
might want to bring it closer if you’re really really flexible just go as close
as you can and this is as far as I’m getting today so I’m not pushing it too
much just so affiliate and let it challenge me challenges me just a little
bit just enough this is also preparing us for our next
stretch which is gonna be the one legged a king pigeon now with the next exhale
release hold on to your thighs rule up we’re moving into a pigeon
so just using downward dog as a transition pose to push yourself up
everything right leg up bring your right knee to your right wrist and your angle
to your breath left wrist if you can add in here breathe down if you can bring
your leg parallel to front side of the map that’s not where I am yeah so I’m
just gonna stay in here if your hips hips are not keeping square you can play
something underneath your right hip and in here inhale open your chest and
exhale start walking your hands to the front you can bring your forearms and
your forehead to the ground to deepen the stretch remember to breathe and maybe smile
you’ll help your butt sauce to relax now with the next exhale bring your palms to
the floor tuck your back toes and push yourself back
it’s your down dog inhaling lift your left leg up I’m bringing your left knee
to the left wrist and your uncle to the right wrist if that’s possible make sure
that you don’t open your hips and you just roll over your left buttock
but that you actually keep your hips straight so the stretch comes in your
eyes and in your left buttock again inhale lift yourself up and exhale start
walking your hands to the floor bring your outside around maybe letting you
for her to rest again and with the mixed exhale bring your
palm still around tuck your toes lift yourself up bend your knees
we’re gonna come into a reclining pant a big toe stretch so here you might need a
strap laying in your back activate your left leg inhale lift your right leg up
no one here if you can reach your toes and bring your shoulder to the ground
you do not need a strap but if you do not just put a strap on your leg always
if you grab your leg grab it from outside and not inside so you’re
protecting your knee so take a hold forever you need to take that today and
bring your left leg on your left knee left hand on your left leg so stay tuned
round and start pulling your leg all right leg try to keep it straight but not locked
so you’re not harming yourself now with the next exhale release bringing it down
switching legs so activate the right one bend your left knee to the chest place
the strap or grab with your index fingers and your middle finger from your
toe shredding it up rolling your left shoulder to the ground taking your grip
wherever that is today flexing both of your ankles breathing you can always bend your elbow if you
want more stretch I don’t know with the next exhale release the leg we’re coming
in today fire up the pose so roll yourself up
coming into a seated position no in here bring your right leg parallel in front
of you and lifting your left leg hugging it first and then bringing it up you
want to have your left ankle over your right knee and your left knee over your
right ankle now this is easier if you place your feet a little bit wider apart
depending on how strong you want to have the stretch today and you might want to
play something underneath your right knee also to support you but flex your
ankles and just being where you are today if you’re really really flexible
you might want to bend over and walk your hands on the floor just humans are
not there yet working on base on my hips are pretty straight stiff so just
breathe in you’re supposed to feel it feel the flicks on the side of your hips
on both sides actually more on the left side when the left legs out straighten
your spine breathe deep into the stretch focus on this one you don’t need to
think about yet where you’re gonna be after this just be here present and with the next inhale lift your left
leg up placing it this time under the right one I’m lifting hugging your right
knee I’m placing it on top you might have differences on how your legs land
your other side might be stiffer than the other one that’s perfectly normal
just keep on working on both and I haven’t sure they will even out flex
your ankles first into the stretch and again if you’re really flexible we’ll
just bend over walk your hands in to the front you might do it to the front and
supportive besides if that’s how I feel like today I went the next inhale lift the right
leg away we’re gonna come into a half frog so place yourself on the ground come to your elbows we done inhale bend
your right knee leg it make sure that your legs are about hip distance apart
and take a breath from it and start pushing it towards your right buttock if
you got any pain in your knees just skip this one don’t do it it’s not worth it
to harm it huh no bring your lift run parallel to the front side of the mat to
kill give yourself a little bit of support open your chest and with all
your palms start pushing your leg to your buttock if this is really easy you
might you might want to push it right next it just feel how your quads feel
today of exhale release the other side so
switch arms placing the right heaven for our on the ground parallel to it for a
short set up to month in helping the left leg up I’m stopped pressing it with
your right left arm opening your chest looking up sir cutting over not keeping
a good posture it’s also gives you a slight backbend if
you’re lifting yourself up and exhale release we’re coming into a full frog so
come into a tabletop position placing your forearms on the ground now starting
to widen your legs as well as you feel today flex your ankles keep your ankles
and your knees on the same line and just come as low as you can today no stay in
full fro for a while something that might help you is try to tilt your hips
around on the back so you might get a little bit deeper stretch make sure that
you are well warmed up before doing that though because this is a very intense
stretch don’t take it any further then you’re supposed to then what your body
tells you with that inhale bring your toes closer to each other tuck them lift
yourself up and we’re coming into our final pose which is a garland pose so in
here you might need a block place your feet hip distance apart and start
squatting down you might your uncle’s might come up that’s alright you can
place that also something underneath them if that’s more comfortable for you
just start your squatting down with a straight back now in here you might want
to sit on top of a block if that’s one two where you come today or you can go
all the way down placing your hands in a normal stable Derna in front of your
chest opening up your chest so you’re not crunching again keeping your good
posture pressing your elbows to your knees opening your legs pretty thing this is a good resting position also if
you’re camping outside and you don’t have a chair you can sit in base to
train your body eating this is how we used to eat this is how we you spend a
lot of time before chairs came along so take a few more breaths it might feel
hard now but if you do it every day even for a couple of minutes I promise it’s
gonna be easier it also helps you helps you with your digestion and it fires up
your metabolism with the next exhale either come back up if you were very
high or just really easier legs and your bum to ground I hope this was of help
for you and your tight hips and leg muscles
thank you for practicing with me today achieve a goal I’ve noticed a if you
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hope to see you next time namaste

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