Definitely have to be physically fit. We’re athletes You have to be fit to do this job If you don’t work out if you don’t hike you’re not gonna be able to be you’re not gonna be good at your job and you’re not gonna be able to be on the crew For this job. You need cardio. Oh, you break a sweat. Yeah You have to run two miles in 18 minutes pull-ups push-up, crunches, you’re hiking in the mountains You don’t know where it’s gonna stop I think the hardest part for me was the hiking definitely we’re going to a place where Bulldozers and all this heavy equipment can’t go we’re the ones that Have to fight that out in the middle of nowhere and it’s a lot different than hiking like without a pack and without nomex So even when you’re not on the clock, you still got to be committed. They gave us advice told us the three common groups we should do a week, which is legs, back and abs. And then chest. For me it’s a lot of like I feel like core and legs, the rest I feel like I got it. But I still got to work on it of course. I’m 145, which is also like I’m already kind of thin but I put on 20 pounds of muscle which is weird I’ve never been this like big in my life just working out hiking eating right and like I said, I stopped being a vegan so that kind of helped. I like to run. I like to lift weights a lot Try to like stay in shape like my own workout plans You know, we do hikes we do Cerro Alto. A total of 4 miles today. 1,500 feet gaining elevation with these Packs here think I have maybe around maybe 50 pounds right now. I first joined this crew That was my very first hike and I threw up on it So and we’re halfway through and I’m just like, you know, you want to drop out you’re like my legs are burning I’m cramping Can’t breathe and just mentally you just got to push yourself through that how I was a year ago to where I’m at now Not the best and I’m not the worst But I am a lot better than when I was. I’m in shape now legs don’t hurt that much anymore It’s really nice to see Where your mind can actually take you because it’s mostly mindset being mentally fit Just so you can push yourself past those limits is I think more important honestly see it as an opportunity to better myself I wasn’t as fit as I was before And now it’s like it’s a sense of pride. And if you want it go get it Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it

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Methew Wade

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