since President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act was passed in 2010 Congress has done everything they can to stop it they even shut down the government for two weeks but the reason Obamacare exists in the first place is due to astronomically high health care costs in fact the number one reason Americans file for bankruptcy is due to medical bills so why exactly is US health care so expensive well health care in the United States is very different from health care in the rest of the world the u.s. is one of the only developed countries without universal health care for its citizens oftentimes care is treated as a commodity rather than a necessity instead of prices being set by procedure costs hospitals and insurance companies negotiate the prices that are based on bargaining power meanwhile patients have almost no influence on the cost considering that there is often no alternative to being treated but some have pointed out that unlike other commodities health care costs tend to rise without ever going down leading to a perpetually increasing price point one of the reasons for this is that hospitals are responsible for treating uninsured patients the cost of their treatment is passed on to insured patients and is tacked on to their care additionally US hospitals spend considerably more than any other country on administrative costs doctors also earn more for the same procedures than in other countries even drug costs are higher as the US does not negotiate drug purchases in both from top to bottom health care suppliers charge Americans more money however alongside providers being overcharged some higher costs can be blamed on Americans themselves in the u.s. preventative care is less stressed and as such Americans don't go to the doctor until they absolutely have to for example in other countries citizens avoid heart attacks by visiting the doctor more frequently and even when they do get heart attacks they are less likely to receive costly open-heart surgery but in the US doctors make more money for performing certain procedures thus there is an incentive to push expensive and sometimes unnecessary surgeries sadly despite spending considerably more on health care than any other nation on earth the u.s. is one of the worst health care systems among developed nations in an international profile of worldwide health care the US has ranked dead last when compared to similar nations although the Affordable Care Act is in effect insurance and pharmaceutical companies are still ranking in billions why Americans suffer from a lower standard of care because health care is so expensive many Americans are crossing borders to get dental care heard surgery and more as are millions of other people around the world find out more in this video right here countries are actually competing for medical tourists in Japan the government is instituting new policies that will help increase the number of hospitals accepting foreign patients well why the industry is said to be worth up to fifty five billion dollars thanks for watching test-tube make sure to LIKE and subscribe to watch new videos daily

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Methew Wade

29 thoughts on “Why Is U.S. Health Care So Expensive?”

  1. Because American Healthcare is designed to make maximum profits, with zero concern about actual healthcare! In civilised Countries Doctors check a patients pulse before their Bank Balance!

  2. The USA is fantastic country with fantastic opportunity and people but it sad that the don't have free healthcare

  3. What they don't say on this video is that most hospitals and pharma companies have investors that want their money and then some. In the US investors want the government off their golden goose and pay up big in DC to make sure that the system stays as is. One payer system in the US will be a fight between the very rich and the mid to poor class, good luck with that.

  4. We need single payer, the patient. Not the govt, not insurance companies, not companies, just the patient pays. Each citizen should have a health account which can receive subsidies/payments from companies, insurance companies, their employees or the govt as well as their own contributions. From this account, the patient makes all payments, knowing the cost upfront, maybe something like an amazon model, where there is free market competition, ratings and transparent pricing. Not the predatory pricing model we have now where you may get a bill months later since the patient never knows how much anything costs. Bring the free market back to healthcare and watch costs drop, quality improve, and access increase. This is not complex or difficult. We can do this now.

  5. California (a far leftist state) had a bill to make health care a right and it never passed because it would immediately double the debt.

  6. 2 reasons why – Pharma & Greed

    Pharma contributes the most money to every political campaign and their lobbyist recieve the highest pay offs as well as prestigious positions.

    Answer – campaign finance reform or regulate it

  7. Why so expensive. Cuz insurance companies drive up the costs, so you can't afford it without them. Time to cut out the middle man.

  8. My father during his time as a surgeon in Belgium, he had many patients from the United States who flew all the way to Belgium, got a hotel, paid for the surgery, meds and the flight back. They said it is still cheaper from one surgery in the US.
    And that was in the 80s or so

  9. Universal medicare for everyone. I mean you all pay into it to use at 65 what happens to the ones that die before 65 they still keep the money. Sure taxes will increase for everyone but not near what you shell out for healthcare insurance. Also more people would utilize healthcare preventive measures that would actaully lower the need for medical expenses. News flash people obamacare is not affordable to the lower-middle class.

  10. What I Want

    Since the elected and well paid politicians of both parties, seem incapable of the intelligence to come up with a plan that addresses health care, infrastructure, jobs, taxes, or education, I thought, as a normal and thoughtful Citizen of the USA, I would present my own plan for consideration and modification by interested citizens.

    I want a newly built health clinic in each county in the whole USA (including all territories), offering conventional and helpful medicines and treatments, experimental and alternative modes of healing and public health which is responsible for the testing of individual persons (regardless of legal status), testing of food and water and the health of the environment.

    All labor and most of materials are to come from local sources. Expertise can come from anywhere.

    Finance will come from local sources and backed by the federal government, as it’s #1 priority, above all other spending.

    The opening would be attended by the Congressional Representative from that district, the Constitution of the USA shall be read (in full) and “Washington Post March” by John Philip Sousa, shall be played by a local band.

    .There is more, but, this is good for a start.

    Georgemarc Schevene

  11. The reason is that career Congress members get money from the Big Pharma companies, and what the ACA was supposedly replacing, the HMO system, was put in place by the very person whom people like Now This wanted us to make POTUS, Hillary Clinton. Not that this video is all lies, but the truths are nullified by leaving those major details out.

  12. In other countries, you get whatever the government gives you with your 50% income taxes, in free-market America, you get what you paid for 😉

  13. you know what would make healthcare prices go down? Lowering regulations on health insurance and healthcare providers. Treating healthcare as a commodity is exactly what needs to heppen, because it is. doing such would drive investment, innovation, and improvment of efficiency, all of which increase quality, and supply thereby lowing cost.

  14. Why don't you americans make a stand for it?? Why don't go out on the streets, make major labour strikes and demand universal healthcare? Can someone explain it to me?

  15. Let me get this straight….we, as Americans, pay more and get less? Peoples lived are affected by this system-why isn't this stuff taken more seriously?

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