hey everyone so I thought it would be
fun to do a little Whole Foods haul I got my Mongoose a little because it’s
kind of large but I got a lot of fun stuff that I want to show you guys I’m
gonna put you down and show you everything I got
so the first thing is this suja elements plus probiotic greens drink I’ve never
seen the suja drinks with probiotics before it’ll focus I this looks really
delicious it’s got all a bunch of greens probiotics I said that it’s really a
chlorella so strong ones too so I’m excited to try this out next in terms of
drinks I got the Suja probiotic apple cider vinegar drink and the flavor
cucumber and ginger I’ve tried these drinks before and loved
them so I’ve got the cucumber ginger and then also a lemon cayenne both of these
apple cider vinegar type drinks are really great for gut health probiotics
same with this one you guys can see kind of a trend next up I thought I would try
a new brand of probe probe kombucha also has probiotics and this is the gut punch
strawberry hibiscus sparkling probiotic drink so it’s got four billion thought I
would try out a new flavor especially one that we don’t have in Canada and we
don’t get Suja either so I really wanted to try to get things that I don’t have
at home so to try them out next up is super exciting and that is the kite hill
cream at cheese spread it’s an almond based cream cheese it’s supposed to be
really delicious I’m gonna probably have these almost gluten free crackers I love
from Trader Joe’s you guys know I love them so I’m excited to try this out also
from kite Hill I found their Greek style artisanal almond yogurt
I’ve tried their normal yogurt and it’s good it’s also almond based but it’s a
little bit more runny so I’m hoping that because this is Greek style it’s gonna
be more thick and in terms of protein it has 11 grams of protein so it’s also
high-protein next up is some guac Trader not Trader Joe’s there Whole Foods has
really great guac you never go wrong there aren’t you like coffee type
beverages first one is this lucky Jack nitro cold brew and the flavor on that
flavor it’s not I’m not flavored but it’s just old school because that way it
just has coffee in it and it’s unsweetened also going to be trying the
Khalifa farm cold brew single origin in the Ethiopia
which again it’s just plain coffee there’s no sweetener no sugar that’s how
I like my cold Brews generally and I also got this I’ve tried this one before
and I loved it it’s really creamy and this is the Nitro cold brew coffee with
almond milk from khlifa farms it’s my favorite like one that’s not just coffee
the one that has like a little bit of milk in it this is almond milk so it’s
great and it’s really smooth so I highly recommend picking that up they also have
this at Target too so you don’t need to be at Whole Foods to find it and of
course there wouldn’t be a Whole Foods trip without a rebel drink and I got the
rebel maca mocha which is the coffee free one
but the maca in it if you see my adaptogen video which if you haven’t yet
I will link that down below is a great adaptogen for boosting your mood and
balancing energy and I always feel like when I’m on a bit of a vacation that I
get a little more tired so this will kind of just like balance me out without
adding coffee which is exciting for something more fun I did pick up the eat
pastry vegan non-gmo cookie dough and gluten free chocolate chip so this is a
really great just in terms of you if you want to buy a cookie dough that’s
ready-made a brand that’s really good that’s vegan so you can technically eat
it raw and gluten free as well I also got seven so yeah two chips a couple
bags you guys know I love these chips and it’s just so funny to me how
expensive like some of these brands are in Canada for example these chips are
like $7.99 in Canada for one bag and here they’re $2.99 so so funny
have to stock up of course I got more purely Elizabeth granola but they didn’t
have any of my grain free that I love but I decided to try this one out
anyways this was new for the almond lover so it’s maple and almond butter
probably gonna try this with like the kite hell unless you guys know how I
like it um and if it makes it to my favorites
it’ll be on snap not snapchat Instagram so make sure you follow on Instagram if
you want to see how I like it black garlic if you guys didn’t know black
garlic is actually a really sweet tasting garlic you can eat it kind of
like a gummy candy because it’s gummy on the inside it’s black it’s sweet
not overpowering so I like it for its anti
antifungal properties you can kind of chew it like candy that crazy like that
what I do next I saw this new type of bar it’s a cacao almond or the truffle
sorry they’re almond butter truffles are
sprouted with plant-based protein and I don’t know they look really interesting
so I thought I would try them oh and the ingredients are really great it’s
sprouted almonds cacao nibs cacao matter powder powder date paste and sea salt so
that sounds like it will be delicious stock up on some of my favorite paleo
pancake mix that’s the one by Bob’s Red Mill I’ve tried Bob’s Red Mill simple
Mills glue Tino Burch Burch benders and Bob’s Red Mill is by far my favorite for
consistency in terms of paleo pancakes also got a couple of the viral proteins
collagen little sticks just for travel that I can put in a few drinks while I’m
here there we go and a bulletproof lemon cookie bar this is my favorite like
healthiest bar and flavor as well I’m a cookie but it’s just really good high
fats that will keep you full it’s not sugar the two grams of sugar which is
really low no grains it’s like mainly fats which is great also exciting as I
discovered a new kind of coffee brand at the local coffee brand what I like to do
when I go to different places is I like to buy a local coffee from there and
bring that home so this is the buddy brew coffee because it’s so cute it’s a
dog and it’s the Cubano espresso so really excited to bring that home and
hopefully it tastes yummy and then I also got a decaf of the buddy brew as
well to have decaf close you guys this is a long one I’m still getting more
beds so some lemons you guys know for my
lemon water in the morning avocados like having these on those
Chris spreads as well then also got a rise chocolatey almond protein bar these
ones are also really good it’s only food ingredients almonds honey and carob so
hopefully that’s good and my go macro you guys know I let go macro so just I
go back row bar these are really great just our card here and they’re more
filling them at some other bars so I like to have those on planes or
traveling in the car for long periods of time and if you can believe it I think
that is it so I hope you guys enjoyed this Whole Foods haul if there’s
anything else you think I need to try for Whole Foods let me know and I can
try to get that before I leave I hope you guys are all having a great day and
I will see you in my next video bye guys

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Methew Wade

16 thoughts on “Whole Foods Haul! Healthy Grocery Haul and Some Vegan Favorites!”

  1. HEY GUYS! Hope you enjoy this fun haul of some of my fav funner items to get 🙂 Lots of recipes coming your way next week! <3

  2. Ok I’m so confused 😂😂😂. The first drink you held up you said you’ve never seen the suja drinks with probiotics before then the next drink you held up was also a suja probiotics drink but you said you’ve had it before and it’s yummy 🙈🙈

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I really don’t understand why the cost is so much higher here in Canada. Definitely need to make a trip to Trader Joe’s and whole foods in Buffalo.

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