hello everyone welcome to one of the most amazing but also one of the most challenging tasks we at the whu-oh collaborating Center on patient safety in Geneva would like to propose to you a hand sanitizing relay would you like to beat a Guinness World Record let me explain to you how to do it it's quite simple on the 5th of May 2014 the staff of the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital set a new Guinness World Record by performing such a hand sanitizing relay to celebrate the WHL world and hygiene day the relay started at the main entrance of the hospital and made its way around prior to the event the police were informed and policemen on duty monitored the process throughout the entire relay was fenced with security lines senior management including the board of directors the single all directors of medical nursing and management services all join the event to independent referees witnessed the war process the entire hand sanitizing relay was also video recorded for final adjudication before the start of the relay staff practiced the hand hygiene techniques steps as recommended by W – practice practice practice is really my advice to all of you and if possible for weeks if not months before the event professor Sophia Chan undersecretary of the health Bureau press the horn pick up music professor Seto started the relay by holding the alcohol-based hand rub bottle and pouring the liquid into the cupped hand of the first participant she rubbed her hands for at least 20 seconds according to the steps recommended by WH o and so on and so on all participants had to continue the same steps until the last part Bente completed the hand sanitizing action Bravo the relay was completed successfully the staff at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital has set a new Guinness World Record the longest and sanitizing relay in history involving 277 staff members and you know what compliance with an hygiene practices monitored months before and months after the event improved significantly among staff at the hospital congratulations to Hong Kong Baptist Hospital one of the hand hygiene Excellence Award hospitals in asia-pacific and a founding institution of the hand sanitizing Italy as of today and starting from the 5th of May 2015 we encourage all healthcare institutions around the world to actually join us in this new challenge in hand hygiene promotion and to break a new Guinness World Record join us you will find all the information on the w2 website at the address shown on the screen and you can even send us photos and videos of the event at your institution at the address also indicated on the screen welcome to the challenge and above all enjoy and stay committed to prevent infections improve patient safety and save lives you

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