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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Which Foods Increase Happiness?”

  1. The research & conclusions from this video are total nonsense. 84% leave the vegetarian & vegan communities because they are not happy. I will choose M&Ms over grapes any day. (But being the responsible person that I am, I will restrict M&M consumption.) Thumbs down on the video.

  2. Honestly speaking, I ate nothing but fruit and veg, mostly in their raw state, for 10 days and my happiness levels went through the roof! Unreal, amazing!!

  3. in regards to the m&m vs grape study, couldn't it have been simply a matter of preference rather than resisting temptation? I'd personally go for the grapes because they taste better and provide a longer lasting sugar high! plus it's natural fruit flavor vs simulated fruit flavor. why would you go for the m&ms, if you would?
    maybe if they were peanut m&ms…peanuts are gewd.

  4. For me, it's greens, whole grains, and maybe a little bit of dark chocolate 😉 I, too, feel happier eating vegan … along with kinder, more peaceful, loving, and empathic

  5. I'm going to be honest here. Given the choice between grapes and M&M's I'll choose grapes any day. Between peanut, peanut butter, almond, and mint M&M's and grapes I'll go with the latter. It isn't until you give me the option between crispy M&M's and grapes is where I start second guessing myself =P

  6. I have lots of questions about the setups… Did they all eat enough animal foods, too? Or was the fruit/vegetable eating groups vegetarians?
    Face it, vegetables are good for health but when they are eaten without animal foods, they usually taste awful. I am not saying you SHOULD eat vegetables with animal foods. I am just stating the fact for most people. Yeah, you may argue that to you, broccoli tastes more delicious than beef does, but that the majority of humans are not like that. Why do you think the majority of people are still eating meat when they know it is bad? Taste. Eating only vegetables tastes so bad and dull, it depresses me.
    Well, even for me, it would make me happier if I can eat vegetables WITH animal foods than eating solely animal foods alone.
    I am not doubting those who ate more vegetables were healthy. I am just questioning that people can be happier if their foods are restricted to vegetables.

  7. the only good thing about bad diets and a sick society is the positive effects everybody can experience once they change their lives for the better, simply by going plant-based and natural … add exercise, sunlight, friends & family, hobbies and some intelligent supplementation (B12, Magnesium, D3, …) and your going to feel how we are supposed to. ☼

  8. How trolls work. . .
    So far, there are 478 thumbs up and 3 (yes three) thumbs down.
    Yet these "3" people have diarrhea on the thread attacking anything that resembles healthy nutrition proven by abundant real research which followers of Dr G know we can substantiate as he also cites specifics. These trolls replaced the last trolls, who replaced the previous trolls. I wonder if Monsanto or Big Pharma is paying them for their diarrhea, or if they are PaleoFascists who are allergic to healthy eating.

  9. This is no joke. When I eat my breakfast and lunch all fruit and some veggies raw I seriously after two days become euphoric. 100% change in my mood, energy, and outlook on life.

  10. I really believe this. Since eating a plant based diet I have a greater sense of well being and overall happiness. It was almost immediate.

  11. I've been vegetarian since birth and vegan for the past 5 years. I eat lots of whole unprocessed foods. Been suffering from some depression for roughly the past year. I've been taking B12, iron, vitamin D plus more and tried high/low raw, high/low carb, high/low protein but haven't found much of a difference 🙁

  12. I'd like to see this channel have a playlist with individual in depth looks into various foods. There's a few on this channel already. Kinda like how Periodic Videos has a video on every single element individually, I'd like to see this channel do more videos on individual foods.

  13. Yellow pigments in general for happiness but yeah RAW/Un-heated plant-based (Live/Life-force/Active Enzymatic Foods) is the Future.

  14. Whats sour opinion to 'candida albicans' – comparing whta was first the bacterial overgrowth or the cravings for sugar..?
    Maybe you can bring some light to this with cold facts and studies 😉

  15. I cannot tell you how many times when I am prepping my work lunches that co-workers say "Oh…the colors in your lunch are so lovely!" YEP…and that even ADDS to my happiness and then I am also HAPPY to try to tell them about RED cabbage, FRESH TURMERIC, DARK KALE…etc!

  16. I`m depressed and don`t have the energy to make myself healthy meals all the time, sadly. I try to drink smoothies and add some frozen vegetables to my dinner. I also go to therapy and try to work out a few times a week when I manage to get out of bed. I really hope I`m able to get out of this situation soon. I hate feeling like this.

  17. This is a very powerfull tool, i've become a happier person since i switched to a whole plant based diet, with lots of fruits and veggies everyday, i used to be stressfull and angry all the time, hating and criticising everyone, blaming outside situations for my personal failures.
    PS. Your voice reminded me to Frank Underwood from House of Cards Dr. Greger.

  18. How much does equate to one serving?
    Other than that, another great video Dr, can't wait to see you in London on the 28th! 🙂

  19. That video should be named "do fruits and vegetables" increase happines(of course they do)", not "which foods"… No fancy foods were named guys, not cool 🙁

  20. So much great information. It`s amazing how few people understand the correlation between the food that you put into your body and the health or otherwise of your brain.

  21. Dear Dr. Greger. I have followed you for some time and feel the urge to tell you that I have taken many of your recommendations into practice. I didn't know that turmeric could taste good with greens and beans. I love that you put your heart into making these videos and inspiring us to eat healthier. You deserve 10000 of gold medals for your beautiful and powerful work. I proud of you and hope to meet you one day in person. Continue to rock and all the best from Anastasiah

  22. The earth has given us all the wonderful fruits and vegetables we will ever need. So stop eating meat and consume more plants. Eating a plant based diet will increase your years on this planet.

  23. I agree that bacon, chicken, eggs, steak, etc. increase happiness.  Add plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and we're all happy.

  24. Heya, The best success that I have ever had was with Red hot slim (just google it) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  25. if you can't afford that much fruit and vegetables take a vitamin C supplement. a friend of mine was in a very pessimistic mood on a daily basis. I started supplementing her with vitamin C 1 gram per day. her mood seemed to change overnight. she was now much more optimistic and happy everyday consistently. this shows that Vitamin C supplements make a big difference if you're deficient. before doctors start prescribing a benzodiazepine or an ssri why don't they first try supplementing with vitamin C first.

  26. beast mode activated, all I do is eat fruit and veg now,,like a beast I feast within my 6hr window then I train my brain on anything that isn't a horizontal plane ;p

  27. I have been eating more raw vegetables as well as fruit than meats. I notice (now), while eating different meats, can make me feel depressed and weary.

  28. When I feel stressed, I automatic begin binge eating. For some reason cravings for unhealthy food like meat,cheese, icecream comes out of the blue. I just eat whatever in sight lol. Hate the stressed capitalistic world we live in. Its FUCKED UP.

  29. Liver, fatty fish (herring, anchovies, sardines, salmon) and sunlight filled in the gaps for me. My diet was 65+ % plant based to begin with, but I was still having depression. When it comes to mood vitamin D3 is absolutely vital. I'm not saying don't eat healthy, but unless you are out in the sun with most of your skin exposed fir at least part of the day you probably aren't getting enough.

  30. I was able to overcome my schizophrenia with a plant based diet in 2 years. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I’ve gotten off 4 medications that were unhealthy doses for even a 200lb human, and I’m only 105lbs. I’m so happy to see that there is a channel that gives more meaning to this subject, along with depression and anxiety. Thank Dr.Greger.

  31. People think I am 20 years old from my looks. I just nod along and agree. I eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains as 99% of my diet. Eat plant-based = look young forever.

  32. Maybe people report a better mood after eating healthy because they know they are eating healthy and it simply makes them feel good about themselves.

  33. it's honestly impossible to express with words how greatly going vegan has improved my mental health. it's not about the morality of it, it worked so well it was better than any drug they could have prescribed me. i simply haven't had such clarity of mind, sense of purpose and goal in life and the overall content since i was a preschool child. so for someone in the middle of her 20s is huge…. bc around this time i can see people getting more negative, not the other way around 😀

  34. I am super extra happy and eat steak and chicken every day. Until recently I had never eaten vegetables and now I am havign a daily salad. I´ve been eating the salad for a year or so, I have noticed zero effects at all. I am sure that many humans are better and healthier eating meat, I am proof of one of them.

  35. cashew nuts and cocoa beans are also AMAZING happy foods!
    just try it out and you will seee!
    crush the cocoa beans and let them soak in water or cashew milk for example, and eat cashew nuts… well i think, i really do not need to give you advice on how to eat cashew nuts sooo,
    have a great day, bye!

  36. This doesn't work for me apparently.
    When life sucks because you attract bad luck, you're just fucked.
    No (pharmaceutical) drug, herb, diet, exercise, therapy, … will change that.
    There is no point in changing your worlds view, when the world itself hates you apparently.

  37. Ughhhh….I love vegetables. Fruits? Not so much. They're ok, but ill go a week without any fruit and not miss it. Veggies tho? I live for it.

  38. if i ever become a billionaire i am going to donate a fuck tone of money to this website.

  39. Thank you dr. Greger! Thanks to you, for the first time in my life I actually know how to eat to stay healthy. Bless you.

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