a little controversy here dr. Fuhrman is telling us limit grains no starches and dr. mcdougal is a starch based diet can you guys Duke it out over that it won't be the first time you know there there's all successful populations that have lived on plant-based diets that love starch based diets there's no exception there may be some therapeutic value to limiting starches and adding more green yellow vegetables I do it for more weight loss I wrote about it in a book called the MacDougall program a maximum weight loss basically if a society a village decided to go on a raw diet or a high-grade yellow vegetable diet their caloric intake would be so sparse that what would happen is they'd become too weak to fight their battles and the next-door tribe would come and kill all the men and rape the women and they'd be gone so it was never happen to live successfully and I believe for a long period of time you must understand the importance of starches and ingredient your diet as the Asians have with rice as the Peruvians have with potatoes it has the Native Americans had with corn as the Hawaiians have with poi and so on I mean every single society that's ever existed they lived in a plastic a diet always starts base to diet you need the calories you can't do otherwise you won't win you won't win the battle you won't survive I get to come in second alright see here's the issue look around see if you all look the same do you not cleon's the robots we're all different people have different metabolic rates they have different genetics and clearly we have to adjust the nutrient for calorie density of our diet to meet our individual need for calories and some people can do well with a higher amount of calories and some people can do well with a more liberal use of starch in their diet but many people can't many people have slower metabolic rates and who are naturally heavier and they're not going to adequately get to their ideal weight or out which is slim they're not going to keep and they're not going to maintain the best weight and the best have the best chance for longevity with a starch centered diet so clearly my and I think that I must have thousands of people who were on vegetarian diets which was starch centered and didn't do as well that cholesterol didn't drop and their weight didn't go down as successfully as when they mitten took their diet up another notch so clearly this is just math the math for you has to be is if your nutrient needs want to be met with the amount of calories you need to sustain yourself at a light adult at an ideal adult weight so if you think that you're if you're overweight and you're not adequately in your and your level of exercise you can do and your metabolic rate doesn't have you be thin then you can increase then you should be watching the starch content of your diet in the other issue of course is that there's some type of how should I say it preference to use starches like potatoes and rice over fresh fruit or nuts or seeds or avocados from a fear of fat and I don't think that fear is held up in the scientific literature a matter of fact the opposite is true that a diet with that we don't have to be so fearful of these healthy plant fats found an avocado and nuts and seeds and I'd rather see a person have a little more fat in their diet and 1/4 avocados nuts and seeds and not be so afraid of fruit because in doing so you're increasing the nutrient density of your diet and we get bet we see large beneficial effects on antioxidant scores and on and unclipping scores and on CRP is actually too there is some benefit in this there's this room for differences and is also room for investor each individual and clearly I don't tell people that they have to only eat one small serving of start today that was written in my book II to live because that book was designed for people who were overweight for physically active people are out there working in the fields and I'm they're naturally thin and I don't eat just one serving of start today either I could so I'm not restricting sweet potato and butternut and acorn squash and corn in the cob and peas and those starchy vegetables that are wholesome for people who are slim and physically active no but I do I could just got to throw throw just a little curveball in this and and just to remind us all that many of the foods that we eat are actually domesticated foods and much of our food is actually corpulent in itself for instance potatoes if you look at wild potatoes there are these skinny little things with all this fiber and you know very little starch whereas the things that we buy in the supermarket are these big fat sedentary couch potato things that we've we've selected for so you know one way to try and improve that balance is instead of using russet big fat white starchy russet potatoes use red potatoes use new potatoes the smaller ones that have more fiber both they have a waxy air flesh and that's because they have more soluble fiber inside and they're sort of skin to flesh ratio is better than you find in in the the russet potatoes the same thing is true of like corn we've bred corn to be you know this really starchy kind of corpulent things that we all like to boil or roast or whatever so again try to look for varieties of food that may not be you know as domesticated as others and that will you know help you kind of get the starches but in a I think a better form that has more fiber that will ultimately not be adjusted and absorb and will not give you quite as many calories dr. Mills have you been to Peru have you been to Peru no but I read about it well I've been to Peru and the corn is huge it's big and the potatoes are huge and the people are small okay now you think you got to get this straight because I know a lot of you are confused okay because there's all kinds of very learned people educated people so just look around you know watch travel logs travel yourself see what you will see what the populations of people eat and see what their health reflects there are 1.7 three billion Asians and not a single one of them FAT leading on a diet based on rice okay I went to Peru the only fat people were working in restaurants feeding Americans they livin on potatoes you don't have to get all that sophisticated with all of these different little niche theories starch based diet with fruits and vegetables has never failed a population of billions of people first of all the the Chinese and most of eat white rice and a rice we're not looking for a diet that could stain people to you know to live the middle age we're looking at what would be an ideal diet well be at best died in the best circumstance and what would be the best way to eat in American society with exposure to the stresses and toxic environment and nutritional insults we've see in our nation today and clearly I don't see how anybody could disagree that eating less calories and eating more nutrients especially the nutrients that nature of God put in real food is a good thing we're not talking about something artificial we're talking about looking What's in food and trying to higher quality food not lower quality food and if you think white rice is a good food to sustain a population then you have to think that white bread is good too clearly it can't compare white rice or let me finish let me so but the Chinese and the Orientals eat white rice but let me just finish and they do pretty well we're not talked about pretty well we're totally doing really well and the other issue is is that if we look at the analysis of the nutritional density of food we found that brown rice isn't that much more nutritious than white rice these are relatively low nutrient foods and not all of us have been raised since birth on a perfect diet we have to maximize our body's cellular mechanisms that detoxify and heal and repair tissue and that is only done with nutritional excellence and that's first-class nutrition not second-class nutrition it doesn't matter what populations did it matters what we need to do to do the to do the best and we have an unprecedented opportunity human history here an unprecedented that come from various parts of the world and increase our nutrient diversity and nutrient density and not just live on all potatoes all rice we want to get as much variety and nutritional diversity in their diet as possible we want to pick foods that are that we know from science from our what we've learned that are that are more nutritious when possible I guess I have to tell you over the last 20 years now this is the original group that I started with who had the heart disease and I was sort of a neophyte in this business when I started and I thought that the only way the rock upon which this study was going to be most likely to flounder would be lack of patient compliance and I was not a psychologist and I said as I told you before I chose the mantra of how I dealt with my cancer patients but the other key thing here I think why these patients were may have maintained this now for over 21 years is that we identified for them the categories of food that I wanted to eat from I wanted them to have whole grains for their cereal bread and pasta I wanted them have any of the legumes they wanted for the vegetables all the vegetables except I was nervous about avocado and I was very nervous about nuts when I saw what was happening with some of them and then we also had some fruit no fruit juice and it's interesting is that was it I asked him never to count anything there was not going to be any formula for how much of any type of food or subs just eat from those categories of food that's all I wanted and interestingly enough when we analyzed all the group from the for the three-day diet diary and so forth they were all going somewhere between 9% and 11% fat in the diet when long as they stuck from those categories of food they all initially lost weight and they regained slowly some of abaddon it but none of them have gotten fat so I think there's a certain Dinkin dignity of simplicity when you keep this and you describe for people the the categories that are going to be in most nutritious and that we haven't seen any deficiencies in them I just want to clarify one thing when I talked about potatoes and corn I'm talking about the original wild varieties I don't doubt that what they're using currently in Peru are domesticated versions just as we're using here but I you know for me I try to look at what was the original dye for human beings and it wasn't a big fat giant russet potato that you can buy Safeway it was the skinny little crooked thing that somebody dug up and selected that rusted-out up and I mean you know this is all a little esoteric because I think dr. Esselstyn is right that ultimately you want to get a good balance in your diet but I do think it does help to understand that the original wild varieties of some of the many of the plant foods that we eat were very different from the versions we eat now and that may help us adjust you know the composition of our diet to sort of reflect a more natural type of plant food if you can us as to what people used to eat back then then you also ought to be able to understand that they spent their whole day 1214 hours finding and eating food and maybe they could get by with these very low calorie dense very high fiber foods because that's all they did was scorch for food but we don't do that and neither do the people who are in Peru who have the same health statistics today that we had 110 years ago in terms of heart disease I really you know I have to emphasize the point dr. Esselstyn made is you need to make this simple and practical if you do not make this a starch-based diet long term most people will fail you must understand this very simple thing you've got to get enough to eat and have enough to eat of foods that you love you love starch it's comfort food and every successful population of people who's lived on a plant-based diet has lived on a starch-based diet no exceptions okay I just want to jump in here for a second I'd like to get the name of the guy who asked that question to make sure he's not here next year can we we check on that

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Methew Wade

50 thoughts on “What's the Healthiest Diet?”

  1. For me, it is primarily about cutting down on stress, processed foods, and whatever raises cortisol levels or that I am allergic to . I can eat meat and be fine. I can refrain from eating meat and be fine. I cannot eat legumes and be fine, because, they give me a bad reaction. But, I can eat spelt bread or yams and be fine. I can lose weight while eating them. But, I do much better if I only eat the bread or yams with vegetables or if I only eat meat with the vegetables, than if I dare mix carbs and meats. I have learned that through trial and error, over a long time. And, I have learned that longer stretches of intermittent fasting help me lose weight. Eating fruit helps me break free of cravings for sugar, soda, grains and most everything else that is super high calorie and that i have an allergic reaction to, etc. But, eating non-starchy vegetables, with a little meat or none at all, allows me to walk around on a hot day and be okay.

    I need to find out if fruit can be added to that. If so, get Loren Lockman and have him belly up to the table. It's his turn to talk.

    But, I think heavier carbs are a good idea for colder days.

  2. It's weird to see a large table of grown men predominantly agreeing with each other, but, thinking, due to an emphasis on a word here or there, that they are in stark disagreement with the rest.

    They all agreed that natural foods were good. McDougall agrees that eating less starches is the way to go for the overweight and underhealthy, and Fuhrman agrees that if you are not overweight and underhealthy, more starches are a good idea.

    So, why are they disagreeing?

  3. Fuhrman looks healthier and have a more harmony to him, I think we need more fruits snd vegetables, less starches!

  4. Is this health or belief. Any diet without processed food is the healthiest. Meat is good don't believe the propaganda.

  5. Combination of starch and all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits will make you healthy! McDougall’s!

  6. hmm not being a fan of on my mcdougal website speach everytime,, it loses its honesty,, tho im starting to understand the appeal of doing it myself trying to help so many people,, figure im losing from trying to help people,, but now im rethinking prob not a good idea it would seem like i would be losing most of my honesty as well,, seeing what it did to mcdougal :(,, seems almost like a sellsman and i fkin hate those guys,, tho i wouldnt say no to a card so i can give documentaries to others IN HAND,, but i dont see myself paying for those

    PAM POPPERS NOT IN THERE? AWWW DAMMIT psychological aspect is not in…. NICE estlestein got that aspect in,, milton mills the history of humanity and mcdougal the best civilisations of our whole world eras NICE,, what more? sad it wasnt long i would watch this so many times
    BEST VIDEO OF THE CENTURY,, BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED HAVING All those doctors agreeing BUT FINALLY SOME extremely HIGHER LEVEL KNowledge

  8. Great Question, Debate and Insights. I’m Surprised Joel Didn’t Pull Out The China Study 🥬🥗🥦 in Response To The 🥡 White Rice 🍚 Logic…
    #GotSalad? #GotGOMBS? #EatToLiveOrLiveToEat? #GotCarbs? AdventuresInRealEstateAndLife.com

  9. What most of these doctors who are pushing for all veggies and grains FORGET, non of the ancient cultures were vegetarians. They ALL ate meats. Like the Asians like Japanese and Chinese, ate a lot of wild boar. The ONLY time ancient cultures lowered meat intake, was in EXTREME poverty. In India for instance, meat was scarce, so there elders promoted vegetarianism by pushing for a vegetable and grains diet, and thei made our sound "spiritual" in order to help people accept the fact that they couldn't afford meat. There's not ONE ancient culture who were strictly vegetarians. I'd you could find one, please post it. They all ate meat, even when the general population couldn't afford it, the wealthy people in those societies STILL ate meat. It's not the Japanese per se who are one of the healthiest people, more specifically, it's the Okinawans. Most of their elders don't even considered themselves Japanese, since Japan invaded them. In any case, the Okinawans eat whole foods like veggies, rice and a lot of fatty wild boars. They eat so much of it, but non of these experts mention this. Thei continuously mention these "Japanese" people, or other older culture.

    The Mediterranean people also eat a lot of fresh whole foods, however they eat a lot of meats too, and we could go on and on…

    Now, the other thong yondu forget it's lifestyle. It's NOT diet alone. It's not the beans alone, it's the sleeping on time in complete darkness. To sleep long enough. To eating less calories, and less times per day – some easy one meal a day! They walk a lot, they work in the garden. Thru forrage. They wash clothes by hands. They drink a lot of green tea. They meditate. They pray. They believe in a higher power. Some places have no table sugar – no table sugar. Good quality food and salt.

  10. Hahahaha I loved the expression on Dr Esselstyn’s face when Dr Fuhrman says I want you to eat more fat. Dr E is like ohhhh does my work on heart disease and it being the biggest killer count for nothing.

  11. so happy to finally see Neil Nedley being invited to these talks! where can i find the entire lecture?
    Dr. Neil Nedley is outstanding and an SDA Christian.

  12. I live in Hawaii and work in the healthcare industry. There's more obese and overweight Hawaiians, Asians, Samoans, and Micronesians than there are at an ideal weight. And most have the associated metabolic disorders. To the extent that it's breaking the healthcare system out here. So Mcdougall's argument that "no one in these societies are fat because they eat starches like white rice and poi" is objectively false. I also find such broad generalizations based on no data and his assumptions about the diets of these populations kind of annoying and underhanded. You can't just use a population to support your hypothesis without any input from said populations, or without actually studying their data. And trust me there's more than enough to study here. It's not like they don't know about the problem or are incapable of developing their own studies, theories, hypotheses etc… But I get what he's doing here, making arguments that appeal to ignorance because who is going to refute his claims given the fact that these populations are relatively small and/or have a language barrier? Ultimately, everything he says is suspect because of the underhanded tactics he's utilized to support his hypothesis.

  13. Far too much science pointing to starch and sugars feeding Cancers. I suggest you all go to PubMed and NCBI and check these studies out. Blood markers for inflammatory cytokines on vegetarians are usually elevated, I run bloods all the time on patients. Plenty of science backing this as well. "Plant based" is not always "plant based." Plenty of folks do terrible on starches, never mind the Gut issues caused by it. I encourage you all to run HS-CRP, IL6 and TNF Alpha markers in your bloodwork. Cheers.

  14. How many of these people that didn't loose much weight were on medication? There are a number of factors to consider which have not been researched here. I agree with Dr McDougall. Just started eating some plant based foods and already I feel heaps better. I can breath better, I have a lot more energy and mentally I feel much more positive. So thankyou to Dr McDougall 👍

  15. Joel Fuhrman logic in a nutshell;
    Eat the most calories from the lowest calorie dense foods (vegetables)
    Eat the least calories from the highest calorie dense foods (starch)
    Nice logic

  16. Mcdougall seems to be all about not being fat. That's great for selling something but not necessarily optimal health. Mills and Furhman make the most sense on getting the nutrition.. Variety is the spice of life.

  17. Most diabetics must constantly watch their blood sugar reaction with each food choice. No question that starchy veges and many fruits regardless of all their fiber can push blood sugar to unhealthy levels. The issue seems to hinge on if healthy fat really causes insulin resistance or if starchy veges and fruits increase blood sugar which demands more insulin toward burning out of the pancreas which is part of insulin resistance. The concept of people are all different also means that various stages of insulin resistance toward diabetes can require different management. This in my view is the argument between starch vs keto. At some point a diabetic must avoid carbs and increase good whole food fats to lower insulin demands.

  18. It's interesting that none of the doctors compaired the lifestyles of the average American to the lifestyles of the people of China and the other regions they spoke about. The average American is not as active as people in other cultures. This plays a role in health and obesity as well.

  19. the healthiest diet is SINGLE INGREDIENT FOODS FROM EACH "true" FOOD GROUP (PROTEINS, CARBS AND FATS) WHICH COME FROM NATURE WITH REAL NUTRITION IN IT. Marx and Lennin convinced the peasants to become strict vegetarians, too. You wont learn this in school. Do you know why? So they wouldnt have the will or desire to DEFEND THEMSELVES when Communism swept over the land. Sound familiar, all the vegan crowd shaming the meat eaters?

  20. Human foods are easily accessible, appealing to the eye, fragrant to our noses, delicious to the taste, and is perfect for eating as is. If you have to cook it or season it….it's not meant to be human food and is therefore not healthy for you.

  21. Compulsive overeating is a major issue that all of these brilliant people ignore. ANY diet can lead to weight gain, even WHPB, if you intact is emotionally driven.

  22. I live in China where people eat white rice all the time and these people are FULL of mucus, they hawking up viscous spit ALL THE TIME. It's quite disgusting actually 😖

  23. Sorry, but I've lost a lot of weight already. Now i'm thin and finding I am tired when I try to exercise with a restricted diet. After adding more beans, rices, potatoes, quinoa, lentils , and oats into my diet I feel better. So for me, I can be pretty liberal with starches. I need my oats almost every day!!!

  24. I do mostly Fuhrman because of the beans. McDougall is talking about how people lived thousands of years ago. His thinking has remained stuck over the years and has not evolved to optimize human nutrition. Also, diet can not cure everything. I eat WFPB but please folks, use a little common sense. I also use modern western medicine to max. my health outcomes.

  25. I never like the "This is the wonderful way we used to eat" crap. We died younger then. When we started living longer is when we got electricity to keep things cold and access to clean water. I don't want to eat the way they used to.

  26. I try to avoid Furhman because i do not want to think.
    Furhman is advocating Nutrition for OPTIMUM HEALTH
    That means higher standards and Mcdougal is a lazy dr. He is looking for the lowest common denominator

  27. Dr Fuhrman is right, when I started eating starch, I couldn't lose weight, despite following a vegan, low fat, wholefood diet.

  28. That's stupid. The neighboring tribe can still come over and "kill all the men and rape all the women" no matter WHAT diet they're all on.

  29. Our contemporary sciences have nothing to do with the authentically gifted Independent Scientists whose names we know from the old history. The authentic Scientists were loners, often struggling to finance their own studies. These true scientists were not institutions of any sort, or labs for hire, getting paid for serving "scientific ideas" made-up by industrial monsters and political upstarts who are now controlling our sleepwalking populations.  
    True Scientists were single learners trying to discover and comprehend mighty nature's laws and wisdom.  When we talk about something "scientific" these days most likely we are talking about made up "info" and lies publicly sold to us as "knowledge" by brainless industrial and political rulers.

    ARE YOU AWARE OF THE ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL GLOBAL "CONTROL" that is militantly PRACTICING OVER THE PLANET??? Begin to Study about what HAARP is really doing to our planet, also about activities called GEOENGINEERING. See how those puny human minds are trying to "control the weather", economy, populations and living nature on our suffering planet while the majority of us are asleep: geoengineeringwatch.org 
    WE LIVE IN THE ALUMINUM AGE OF GEOENGINEERING entirely based on Crippled and Corrupted sciences controlled and paid by leading industries and politicians!!!!! WE LIVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY ALUMINUM AGE allowing the great ignorance and illiteracy of the humankind to Rule and Manipulate the very Life on our planet- by simply killing it .. READ ABOUT AGENDA 21 and its activities hacking Global control over life on this planet, air, water, and soil. Do not be an ignorant victim of these joints who are manufacturing human monstrosity in a super-speed. Wake up, sleepwalkers…

    Everyone who is still able to think soberly has to LEARN about and publically expose AGENDA 21 revealing the policy of its deadly dangerous “sustainable development” as removal of our freedom as individuals, property rights, choices of an economic system, and cultural preferences.

    The most important truth we must know about Agenda 21 is that it is brainlessly TWISTING all the best meaning of the existing movements who are fighting against already (illegals) enforced Geoengineering, GMO, harmful vaccination, pharmaceutical medications and deadly medical procedures, false public “education” based on “scientific” propaganda.

    Agenda 21 is nothing to do with creating a “green environment” but on the contrary Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 goals are to REPLACE organic farming, natural healing , small sustainable and independent businesses and honest, comprehensive research, environmentally beneficial systems and developments. Agenda 21 is to control our population of mega-crowds who cannot learn on their own, think and produce for themselves, by destroying all personally responsible individuals, comprehencively learning and teaching researchers, experts, businesses and organizations standing against the CRIMINAL man-made activities including entirely manipulated by money-making-industries corrupted sciences, and absolutely mad, power-seeking politicians brainlessly destroying the very life on this planet.

    From its inception in 1992 at the United Nation’s Earth Summit, 50,000 delegates, heads of state, diplomats and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) hailed Agenda 21 as the “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” The 350-page, 40 chapter, Agenda 21 document was quite detailed and explicit in its purpose and goals.  They warned us that the reorganization would be dictated through all-encompassing policies affecting every aspect of our lives, using environmental protection simply as the excuse to pull at our emotions and get us to voluntarily surrender our liberties.

    Agenda 21 and the “Paris Agreement” are closely related.

  30. Exercise frequently until you sweat, walk as much as possible, eat in moderation, eat mostly plant based foods, avoid consuming too much alcohol, sugar, salt and animal fats. Avoid smoking and/or chewing tobacco. Save a good portion of your salary. Don’t keep up with the Jones’s. Get out of debt and the corporate rat race ASAP. Give thanks to God for all the things that we are blessed with. Try to love thy neighbor, as feasible. Donate the TV. Peace!

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