Hi, guys. Let’s talk a bit about a different subject. For instance, about gymnastics. I have recently seen a video showing probably
one of the best routines performed by Katelyn Ohashi, who is half German and half Japanese. Well, she showed probably one of the best
performances doing splits, different gymnastic combinations which I have no idea bout. I don’t want to go into details about her
routine as I am not an expert in gymnastics. I can only point out that it is really pleasant
to look at her graceful performance. Maybe some of the elements are unnecessary
like dancing; moving her head around and so on but they make her presentation really cool. Well guys, I am currently making a video about
women’s fitness and I have come to the question. What a performance should a fitness model
do? In my opinion, sometimes in order to show
it they need to have some solid gymnastic background to have the best routine and the
fitness regulations make fitness a bit different discipline from bodybuilding. But still, it is not gymnastics. For instance, look at Kately, although she’s
lost some weight over her career but she isn’t a lean girl. Anyway, she is graceful and feminine. If we compare her really outstanding performance
to fitness models’ routines, I think the routines and these two sports are incomparable. Firstly, in gymnastics the main focus is on
the routine and particular elements and in general almost any gymnast after a year of
training or even less can reproduce obligatory fitness elements. On the other hand, in fitness there is some
focus on the physique as well. In addition, not only must fitness performance
include basic elements but also it should be interesting. Otherwise, it looks like a performance by
a low ranking gymnast. And why have I chosen to show you this video? Well I think that this girl has made a real
show out of her routine. I can’t help but admire her. It is not just gymnastic elements. It is really interesting to watch. Well guys, probably that’s all. Today, you haven’t seen any muscular girl
but I hope that you like this video. Please let me know what you think about this
topic in the comment section below. See you next time, Good luck

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Methew Wade

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