health care management is the study of certain aspects of the healthcare field including the areas of healthcare policy and reform international healthcare systems the economics of health care and quality assurance just to name a few as it strongly relates to the prevention treatment and management of illness for those interested in the healthcare management field you will find that employment opportunities are everywhere as the healthcare system grows with our aging population health care administrators are most commonly leadership management or administrative roles the business sectors are wide open for you with options in both private and public health care systems hospital networks or even major healthcare insurance providers Healthcare is currently the fastest growing industry in the United States with over 13 percent of the country's jobs being in healthcare the need for highly qualified people to lead healthcare facilities businesses and initiatives is rising as healthcare transforms in the US so do the necessary skills associated with relative positions for example good communication is one of the most important abilities for a healthcare administrator to possess this skill allows leaders to share a common goal influence encourage and engage diverse teams to reach and exceed goals yield high outcomes and obtain positive fiscal responsibility in the healthcare industry the role of a healthcare manager or administrator is critical they are instrumental in talent recruitment and retention succession planning and can even be associated with shaping the actual health policy itself an ultimately important responsibility of a healthcare manager is to improve the quality of care that is being given as well as monitoring the efficiency and efficacy of their facility many of the current issues facing the United States revolve around the healthcare system healthcare administrators face issues every day such as rising insurance premiums for their patients or even the large deficit in health care spending a huge price disparity in the cost of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been a topic of debate within healthcare for quite some time the federal budgetary allocation dedicated to the recently started national healthcare system Obamacare has increased spending on the administration of health care by nearly two hundred seventy three billion dollars with new taxes covering only about one hundred forty billion of that total deficit just exemplifying the importance of competent and savvy business men and women who are experienced in the ever-changing health care field current challenges exist as will future difficulties in health care it is the responsibility of healthcare administrators to responsibly handle those issues as knowledge on fighting disease grows and innovations and technology are brought into fruition the attention of healthcare management is starting to shift from how to care for patients to now how can we maximize and utilize equipment drugs and new therapies that are available to patients total healthcare spending in the United States is expected to reach four point eight trillion dollars in 2021 up from two point six trillion dollars in 2010 and a mere 75 billion dollars in 1972 put those figures into context this means that healthcare spending will account for nearly 20 percent of gross domestic product the GDP for one-fifth of the US economy spending by 2021 with such a large growth expected it is of paramount importance that the healthcare industry acquires quality administrators who will be prepared to handle the changes that are soon to come you

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