I know guys what's up Courtney here coming at you with a what I eat in a day video so I start off my day with of course my vans blueberry waffle with just some peanut butter on it and buying peanut butter you guys make sure you get the peanut butter without like as much sugar as possible that's what I keep an eye out for and of course I always have my coffee with my coffee made almond milk creamer mm-hmm alright guys so for lunch on this day I decided to keep it pretty healthy and this is what I do on those days unless I'm feeling like funky so on this day I decided just to make some chicken rice and broccoli this is one of my favorite meals to make and I can pretty much make it all in one pot for this one I used a microwavable rice that I just find Walmart and I use sorry if you hear Atlas in the background and snorting I used about just like one of these chicken breasts he's probably so loud speak of the devil right there yeah and let's not forget about his food of course a diva's gotta eat for real anyways yeah I just use a rice and frozen broccoli and one chicken breast and the chicken breast is usually about this size of my hand and then for the broccoli I just put some in the pan i season everything like I normally would I normally stick to garlic powder onion powder salt pepper and cap endures and then I will throw in the rice and I will also put in a little bit of coconut oil and I use this sub sauce that gives it just some extra fiber and it's pretty much just olive oil mixed with like differencies all right you guys so I also decided this week to make some banana bread I usually like to make banana bread kind of for like a quick little breakfast or a healthy little snack now it's not full-on healthy but I try to use the healthiest ingredients possible so I do show you everything I use and I show you whether it's a cup or a teaspoon or a tablespoon if you have any questions let me know down in the comments and I can answer them for you I like to use whole wheat flour I use vegan butter like I said I try to keep everything pretty much as healthy as possible the only thing that I just used normal of is the sugar just because I found that the other sugar just kind of makes it taste a little off and it's expensive and we didn't have any so I just use regular sugar butter than that I use almond milk and everything like that and dark chocolate chocolate chips so yes if you have any questions let me know down below on everything that I used for this recipe all right you guys so moving on to dinner this is a favorite in my house for a dinner it's like a Creole baked potato soup so right now I just have been do a sausage in the pan with some onions and then I just season it with salt pepper and then I add garlic and from there I usually add onion powder garlic powder Cavan ders seasoning and Tony Shastri's seasoning and then once all that's in there I stir it all together this is a really really good dinner it lasts us probably like two nights I'd say it makes a huge batch I pretty much put all this stuff in the pan first mix it all together and it creates kind of like a roux with the sausage and then all you really need from there is in a bowl I mixed together cream one can of cream of chicken soup mixed with chicken broth and I mixed that all together really good just with the whisk and then I put that in my crock pot and then I put this the andouille sausage mixture to the crock-pot and then I add a one bag of frozen hash browns to the crock-pot and then I set on high for four hours and then once it is ready to go and it has been on high for four hours you just take cream cheese you just take a whole stick of cream cheese and you put that sucker in there and then you take one cup of cheddar cheese and you put that in there now I don't think I included that in this video because it you know it's four hours later and obviously I forgot it but it yeah just one stick of cream cheese and one cup of cheddar cheese it's not like the healthiest but it is it's healthy it's just I mean if you're not afraid to eat cheese and cream cheese which I'm not scared of my fats so aren't you guys so I really hope you enjoyed this video after everything said and done as always I hope this can be some motivation for y'all I like to clean all my dishes that way they are all ready to go and the kitchen is clean and we can just dive into dinner if you liked this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to my channel to get more content if there's any questions you have about any of the recipes in this video please feel free to let me know down in the comments as always I hope you all have a wonderful day and don't forget to give somebody your smile if they might need it you never know thanks you guys

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Methew Wade

15 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT – healthy food ideas, how I stay lean, + keep weight off”

  1. Peanut butter on waffles?!😱 that’s a first definitely have to try this outπŸ˜‹ Chicken rice and broccoli is my favorite also! Your puppy snorting in the background is so funny yet cuteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜

  2. Great ideas !! Thank you so much for sharing !! I need all the tips I can get to eating healthier πŸ’•

  3. I like your kitchen sink with the divider hump in the middle being lower than the deck height thats a great design !!! Who makes that stainless steel sink ?

  4. Oh sweety dont use arm and hammer baking soda …..use "bobs red mill" organic baking soda. Also when "bob" retired he gave the entire company (yes the whole shootin' match) to his employees. So you are supporting an employee owned company when you buy "bobs red mill" products they make a ton of organic healthy stuff. Google it you will be blown away at the story and the selection and his prices are super low for all natural organic stuff its awsome !!!

  5. Food looks πŸ‘ great Awsome SHAREπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ˜we enjoyed this. The dogs like I want some.

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