Pickled peppers,Bubble ginger,salt,Bean paste,pepper Capsicum annuum,prickly ash,garlic stem,dry red pepper A bowl of beer,ginger,garlic,White sugar,A bamboo shoot geranyl,Cinnamon,Fructus Tsaoko,A duck chopped chives Ginger and garlic Pickled peppers ginger chopped garlic stem Cut into segments Capsicum annuum This cut Slice the bamboo shoots Cut the duck into pieces Boil the bamboo shoots first Remove the bamboo shoots after the water boils Add water Put the duck in the pot Put some ginger slice Remove the duck after the water boils Pour the oil Six layer of hot oil,To join the prickly ash Pour into a duck Add ginger and garlic Put in some cooking wine Put in the dried chilli Two scoops of bean paste Put in all the spices Add in the light soy sauce Pour the beer Add green onion Add bamboo shoots Cook for about thirty minutes Get the spices out Add a little pepper Add a little sugar join Capsicum annuum garlic stem Stir fry for two minutes OK~ Add chopped green onion

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Methew Wade

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