– That’s the tip of the
month for me this week. This week? Tip of the month for me this week. (slurping) Today on the Edgy Veg
we are going to attempt a Pizza Hut style stuffed crust pizza. (upbeat music) About a month ago I did
a poll on my Instagram asking you guys what
fast-food copycat recipes you guys wanted, so today we are doing a Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza and I have a special guest today. – Hello! – So James is going to help me. We haven’t done this before. We’re going to do it completely on the fly and he’s here because I hate kneading and rolling out pizza dough. So that’s your one job. – My one job? Okay. – Other than like telling me what toppings I should put on the pizza. I guess I’ll give you that too. So you have two jobs. – Nice. – You think we’ll nail it? – Yeah, oh I love this. I’m all over the pizza making. (laughs) – The thing with vegan pizza is you have to have the right vegan cheese. – Yeah, I’m a real stickler
for the mozzarella. We need to have good, good mozzarella. – I bought three different
types of mozzarella. – Oh! – So stay tuned for that. Hey, you’re here, shall we do
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the description box below. Alright guys, now that we
have that out of the way, let’s see if we can make a
Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza. The key to any good pizza
is it good pizza sauce. I just had this can organic
tomato sauce in my pantry. So I’m just gonna open that up. And I’m just gonna use some spices to give it more of a like robust flavor instead of just pouring
tomato sauce on a pizza. Just gonna add that to this pot here. To the tomato sauce I’m going to add a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder and a quarter teaspoon of onion powder. Half of a teaspoon of basil. Half of a teaspoon of oregano and then I have a pinch of chili flakes. You can omit this if
you don’t like any heat. A quarter teaspoon of salt and I have quarter teaspoon of pepper. I’m gonna give this a good mix and I’m gonna throw it onto the stove and cook that for about 30 minutes. I’m cooking. I forgot I have to add a half
of a teaspoon of lemon also. Now I’m cooking. Along with the lemon I also forgot to add a quarter cup of water so I’m
off to a good start today. Alright, let’s talk about
what’s going on this pizza. I made the pizza dough from my cookbook. You can get the recipe for
that if you have my cookbook. It’s a pretty basic dough
recipe I just use herbs as well and a couple chili flakes in that. So I made that last night and then I couldn’t find
vegan pepperoni anywhere so I got these Gusta sausages. So I’m just going to slice them so that they look like
little tiny pepperonis. This is bubbling, so I’m
gonna turn that down. – You wanna mix this
around since it’s bubbling? – Look, he’s helping. I cut up these green peppers. I don’t usually like
green peppers on pizza but apparently a meat lovers
deluxe has green peppers on it. So James requested those. Because I’m kind of doing
like a meat lover style, I’m also using the Tofurky
meatless ground round. So I think that’ll add some
nice texture to the pizza and really make it look
really nice and full. Now for the cheeses. Hang tight, this is gonna be a wild ride to figure out what cheese we should use. Now, for the stuffed crust, I couldn’t find any cheese
blocks that were vegan and I couldn’t find any
vegan cheese strings. But I found these mozzarella
slices by Earth Island so I’m just going to cut them into I guess things that
look like cheese strings and then use that around
the border of the pizza. And then for the cheese
on the actual pizza, I have two options here. I have this Gusta grating block, which I think is good for melting? I’ve also got this no
buffalo vegan mozzarella. So I’m gonna grate both of these and throw them on the pizza
and hopefully they melt and kind of disperse
like normal cheese does. So we’re gonna give this a
try and just see what happens. It could look exactly
like a Pizza Hut pizza or it could look nothing
like a Pizza Hut pizza. I don’t know, I’ve never done this before. Alright, we’re going to preheat our oven and we are going to preheat it with the pizza stone in the oven. You want to do this because
if you put a cold pizza stone in a hot oven, it will crack. That’s not what you want with
your expensive pizza stone. So just put the stone in the
oven, preheat the oven to 425, and you are good to go. Now that the oven is preheating, we are going to try and
get that cheese string look with these mozzarella style slices. I don’t know how many of
these I’m going to need. I’m going to start with one package and I guess we’ll just find out in a sec. How I think this is going to work is I’m going to slice them into
like cheese string like shapes. Oh yeah, it stays together! Yay! Yay! I think this might work. I have to take care of the sauce so I’m going to make my trusty manservant do the cheese gratings. I hate grating. – Did you just call it cheese crating? – Cheese grating. – Am I gonna put it in
a crate of some kind? – That’s the slowest cheese
grating I’ve ever seen. That’s nice. Oh, so good at cheese grating. – Yeah. Oh Luigi, you want some mozzarella? Hey from Maggio, oh. – Jamie there’s literally
nothing Italian about Pizza Hut. – Oh yeah, that’s true. Okay. Alright so we’re gonna
grate this second mozzarella and we’re gonna see which one’s better. But this one looks pretty cool. – [Candice] Grate that cheese for me baby. A-ha A-ha. – Well this looks really good. – Are you grading the wrapper too? – I hope not. – Three. Two. One. Cheesy mozzarella. Well that was not an Italian accent. Oh, cheesy mozzarella. – So we’re gonna make two pizzas. One with the mozzarella style and one with the grating block. But there’s one rule in our house. I don’t roll out the dough. – So this is on me now? – This is on you. – This is not gonna be graceful. There is gonna be nothing
graceful about this whatsoever. And now that we’ve cut that dough in half, I think it’s pretty good size and now I’m going to knead it and then I need it to be two inches larger than our pizza stone. – Alright, we’ve got our pizza stone. It’s been getting super hot in the oven. We’re going to grease it. Alright, now we’re gonna take
that dough, pop it on here. Be very careful with this. It’s very, very hot. You don’t want to burn yourself. Alright so my general
rule here with pizza is once you have the pizza on the pizza stone you have about two minutes
to dress that guy up and throw him into the oven. Or else you end up with a soggy pizza. I’m just gonna add my fake cheese strings around the edge of the pizza. And then I’m just gonna fold the edge over the cheese string. Well this is definitely not going to be the prettiest pizza in the world. Alright so this isn’t
sticking as well as I’d like, so I’m going to get some water here. So I’m just brushing the
dough with some water but it creates almost like a glue. Fold our crust over. Alright I learned some
things for the next one. Oop. Well that burns. I’m gonna put on the sauce here and I’m gonna cover a
little bit of the seal here so you can’t really see it. So it’s not super obvious. Now I’m going to brush
the edge of the crust with some olive oil. That’s going to keep it from getting dry. Alright, let’s add our toppings. I’m going to start with
the veggie ground round. Now, I’m going to add the mushrooms. Now, let’s add some of
that veggie sausage. And some green pepper. And last but not least
the mozzarella cheese. Alright, now that we have our pizza, it’s dressed, it’s ready to go. We’re gonna toss it into the oven. I’m gonna set my timer to cook the pizza for about 12 minutes, it could take more but I definitely want to go
in and check it out for 12. Okay. So the cheese that James picked, it looks like it tastes really good but it didn’t really melt. So we’re going to try these second cheese, the Gusta one, on the second pizza. – Alright so we have both pizzas. – We have the one with
the cheese that I chose, which really melted. And we have the pizza with
the cheese that you picked, which didn’t really melt. It still looks really great and the cheese on the crust looks awesome. Which one should we try first? – Let’s try the one that didn’t melt. – Okay, so pick a piece. I mean the stuff crust looks awesome. – I’m gonna try the crust first. – You’re gonna try the, okay me too. (crunching) Okay, so. I feel like you’re really,
really close to me. There we go. So the stuff crust is really good. The thing about vegan cheese
is that it hardens too quickly. – Mm-hmm. – Right? – I totally agree. I wish this cheese was
gooier and stayed gooier but the pizza itself I
think tastes really good. – Yeah, it’s a really tasty pizza. So first pizza definitely a win. Just the cheese isn’t very melty. Would still definitely eat it. – Yeah. – Like somebody made this for me, it would be the bomb and so yummy. Okay, so I’m really
eyeing the second pizza. – Yeah can we try that already? – So I have to share with you? – Yes. – Here you go, monsieur. – Oh, this is a good piece. – What do you think I’d give
you a subpar piece of pizza? What kind of wife do you think I am? Look at the cheese on this. – This looks really good. It’s like the cheese is nice and oily. This looks legit. Oh yeah, this tastes
like regular mozzarella. – It’s so good because it’s gooier, it adds a nice moisture to the pizza whereas the other one was a bit dry because the cheese wasn’t very gooey. – It’s oilier, like it has that
like natural cheese oiliness which is really, really good. I wouldn’t have believed that
this was not regular cheese. This is definitely carnivore approved. – Yay! We are going to keep eating this pizza but if you like this recipe make sure to give this video a big thumbs up. Let us know in the comment section below what fast-food copycat recipe
you want us to do next. – And if you’re new here, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you get awesome recipes just like this each and every week. – Alright, we hope you
guys have an awesome week. We are going to eat our two pans of pizza and we’ll see you next time. Bye! – Bye! – Oh! And if you want the
recipe for the pizza dough that we use today, buy my book!

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