Hello friends, welcome to Cooking with Smita today we will make Veg Manchow Soup and for that we need… first, heat oil on high flame when oil is hot, add Ginger, Garlic, Green Chillies & Spring Onion White saute for 1 minute now add all vegetables Carrot French Beans Celery Mushroom Capsicum Cabbage half cook for 2 minutes now add Vegetable Stock you can also use water instead of Vegetable Stock add fresh Coriander add Spring Onion Green and keep some for garnishing later mix well now add all Sauces red chilli sauce if you are making it for kids, add just a little bit Vinegar Soy Sauce and Black Pepper Powder mix well and heat till it starts boiling add water in Corn flour mix well and make sure there are no lumps Corn Flour paste is ready, keep it aside when soup starts boiling, add salt mix well now add Corn Flour paste add in small quantity at once and stir continuously Soup ha became thick now, let it boil for another 2 minutes after 2 minutes, Veg Manchow Soup is ready switch off gas and serve serve hot with fried noodles try this recipe and share your experience in comments below if you like this recipe, please hit LIKE button below and SHARE with your friends and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more recipe videos THANK YOU

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34 thoughts on “Veg Manchow Soup Recipe in Hindi by Cooking with Smita | Indo – Chinese Recipe”

  1. vegetable stock please
    please list down the ingredients for vegetable stock receipe which you used while making

  2. Na toh pta chala k kya payea or na pta chala kya khoya bahan ji jra vistar se bataen gi k soup mein kya dala hai aap ne……

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