What’s up YouTube community Bernth here – welcome
back to another video lesson! Today I’d like to show you two incredibly powerful
alternate picking exercises that you should definitely include in your
practice routine – so by the end of this video you will have the right tools to
finally achieve your alternate picking goals in 2020 – let’s start the picking
madness right away! First of all I’m very happy to report
that the YouTube community on here reached 40,000 subscribers this week – it
really means a lot to me that the community is growing so quickly and that
a lot of you guys are also supporting this channel on Patreon – so if you’re not
part of the YouTube lessen family already make sure to subscribe today to
never miss another lesson video again Since I just returned from a vacation in
Colombia I spent a lot of time this week getting back into shape – I was very happy
that I could borrow a classical acoustic guitar with nylon strings there so I
worked a lot on my left hand and on my finger-picking – but right now it’s time
to get back into shape with my alternate picking – in order to achieve that quickly
I came up with two very very powerful and important picking exercises that I
want to show you today – just two days of working on these exercises in different
tempos got me back on track and even increased my tightness – so without
further ado let’s check out the first workout right now! As always I uploaded to tabs and guitar pro files for this exercise on my patreon page patreon.com/bernth – this time I also made sure to upload backing tracks in different tempos – these are the exact
backing tricks that I’m using in my practice routine for this workout – as you
can see I’m switching between different rhythmic groups and that gives me a huge
advantage with this exercise since I’m combining different motions with my
right hand in different tempos and as you might have experienced already
especially if you have my online course 10 steps to modern shredding the
switching between all those different note values is very very difficult – we
want to make sure to be in time right after we switch to a new group of notes –
so the most important skill you’re training here is actually feeling the
next note value, the next group you are about to play, in order to switch between
them correctly – you don’t want it to sound like that for example… Here I spent half of the second measure
trying to find the correct note spacing and timing for the sixteenth notes and
that sounds terrible So when you’re practicing this exercise
with the backing tracks I uploaded make sure to lock in with the bass drum – I
made sure to program a drum track that is also accenting those changes –
when you pay very close attention to my right hand you see that there are slight
changes in the motion with the different tempos… When you attempt this exercise for the
very first time you will see that you can’t use the exact same motion for
every group – it takes time to find the right motion for fast picking… and slow or mid-tempo picking… And one of the main benefits of this
exercise is that you can actually see, hear and feel the differences between
those different motions – if you have not spent enough time on finding the right
alternate picking motions for different tempos, the exercises in the first week
of my online course 10 steps to modern shredding will help you with that – but now
let’s see the second and much more challenging variation of this exercise
where we are involving our left hand… So for this one I’m using the semi
chromatic scale so to say just from the 5th to the 8th fret on each individual
string and I’m working with the same rhythmic groups for the exercise – so the
main challenge right now is that we have a different note for each individual
picking stroke, that means our hand synchronization needs to be on point for
this to work… So this one is very difficult especially
because of all those string transitions Make sure to take it very slow if you
never practiced stuff like that and also start with the first exercise and then
continue with that one – if you include those two exercises in your practice
plan for around 10 to 15 minutes every day you will see great results with your
alternate picking technique – they are a huge time-saver because you work on
different picking motions in different tempos at the same time and I currently
start my personal morning practice routine with these two workouts – I hope
you have a lot of fun with these exercises and I’m quite sure that they
will help you achieve your alternate picking goals for this year – make sure to
share some of your practice goals down in the comments with the community and
let’s come back to this video next year and see how we all did – in the end once
again make sure to subscribe if you’re not part of this community already, that
way you never miss another free guitar lesson again and make sure to head over
to my Patreon page to get the files for this lesson right now – as always the link
is in the description! I will see you very soon have fun practicing and all
the best until then!

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Methew Wade

39 thoughts on “Ultimate Alternate Picking Exercises | Kickstart Your Speed in 2020!”

  1. These 2 killer exercises combine many different aspects of developing a clean and tight technique and already helped me to get back into shape after vacation!
    As always the tabs, guitar pro files and practice backing tracks are online on my patreon page: http://www.patreon.com/bernth

  2. The second exercise is killer. It’s going to take these old hands a bit to get there, but working on it. Great stuff! Appreciate your sharing.

  3. Congratulations on your success. I discovered your channel quite by accident and instantly subscribed. One question I do have is, most channels like yours never mention just what thickness of pick you use and what works best. Is there a thickness that you would recommend or is a matter of personal preference?

  4. As an alternate picking enthusiast, that was very good and precise exercise.

    Btw that's a sick looking Ibanez. Is it a custom model for yourself or one of those rare models they release?

    Thanks Bernth

  5. Bernth is a beast. Ten Steps to Modern Shredding is definitely a help getting a better guitar player, even if you may know certain things already. It is a complete overview of what you should know.

    I highly respect Bernth for his skills and I hope that the community grows further and further.

    PS: I like that these exercises combine different tempos, for the obvious reasons AND it helps you to relax during the slow part and reminds you to play with less physical pressure if you loop the exercise.

  6. Really happy for your channel's growth. Supported you by getting Ten Steps for my own improvement.

    2020 is the year of guitar for me, and stumbling onto your channel was a godsend.

  7. Hi Bernth, thanks for another great lesson! I most always use a alternate picking exercises in my warm ups, but thanks to you I have a new way of doing them now!
    Thanks Again, Your the best!
    See you next time.
    Todd P.

  8. Seriously, you are an exceptional guitarist as well as an exceptional teacher. Improved a lot of my skills and hoping to improve more by your practice lessons

  9. Really great lesson sir. Do you have any picking accuracy and speed drills for players that are just getting back to playing again on your channel??

  10. Hi Bernth, It's me again. I was talking about my warm up routine earlier, and I would like to add something more! I like to start with, these exercises, alternate picking on some scale, and on each string for as long, and as fast as I can, and also work on sweeping arpeggios for about fifteen minutes, and then work on some ascending and descending riffs that I know! And I use my metronome and drum machine for that too, that's fun! Some arpeggios I knew and some I got from you! I have a book with arpeggios and scales.
    I've always try to stretch my fingers and hands too. I saw a video with guitar player Nina Strauss, and she had some good tips, I think!

    But I would like to ask, do you have a video on stretch for arms and fingers?
    I just would like to get your thoughts on stretching! I remember one of your video you said something about playing the same scale over and over was dangerous, what did you mean by that?
    Todd P.

  11. I’m not a shredder by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t really have aspirations for such either… but I really enjoy and keep coming back for your videos. I find things I can use and work on that push me out of my box, and you seem like a really cool nice dude. 🙂 congratulations on the growth of your channel! It’s much deserved.

  12. This is the second video I've seen of yours showing picking exercises. After seeing first one I started using the exercises every day and after just a week I saw incredible changes so I have the utmost confidence that this will do the same. Thanks for sharing these. I'll be passing these on to my students as well. I will also make your channel required watching for my students.

  13. Thank you Bernth!!! There are AWESOME exercises!!!!! I' try them tomorrow !!! I do your exercises all the time? I couldn't join to your school now(((( BUT I'll do it soon! THANK SO MUCH FOR YOUR LESSONS!!!!!!!!

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