So these days you’ll find a lot of healthier
versions to your commonly eaten, unhealthy or high-calorie, sinful food. But there’s this perception that all these
healthier alternatives just taste really bad. So today, I’m gonna be doing a taste test
to see if that’s really true. I know a lot of y’all will think of course,
I eat 2 salads a day and I think that everything that tastes like the earth is so delicious
and yummy, so I’ve decided to invite a guest today and she is none other than… Munah! Munah: Hello! So she is one of my personal training clients. I guess she’s someone who we probably qualify
as someone with a more…normal palette because she likes… I guess you like…. Normal, oily, unhealthy – she’s trying to be nice
– fried, processed palette. You know the very first time that I met her,
I asked her what’s your favourite vegetable and you know what she told me? I told her I like broccoli, carrot, fishball. And Tyen was like, “Fishball’s not vegetable!”
and I’m like, “It is in my world.” So today I’m gonna let you try a couple of
these healthy alternatives that you might not have tried before. And I also know that the packaging does affect
the way that you perceive the foods. Some people, when they see “healthy” or “gluten-free”
or whatever, they’ll immediately go “It’s not nice, confirm taste really bad.” So I’m gonna be taking the food out of the
packaging for us to try. And the other thing is also I’m not saying
these foods are 100% healthy, I’m just thinking that they are the healthier alternatives to
the original. It’s just lesser of the two evils that we are trying here today. Potato chips. So here are some Ruffles, we
have the original version and we also have the baked version. I love potato chips. It’s like my one go-to
snack. Love chips! Let’s give this a little test, it’s a lot
thicker. It seems like a biscuit almost. What??? It’s like magic! There’s no difference whatsoever! Don’t you
think so? I think it’s even better, to be honest. Taste-wise, it tastes very similar to the
original, but texture-wise it’s a lot crunchier and crispier so I actually prefer this. And I personally like corn chips a lot. So this is kinda like closer to the texture
of a corn chip. Yes, yes that’s what it feels like. That’s
what it reminds me of. Which one do you prefer? The baked one. Just because it’s fuller and
such an all-rounded snack. I love it! So the baked chips has 3.5g of fat per serving,
while the original has 10g of fat per serving. But I think to actually say that the baked
chips is the healthier version, I still don’t really think it’s super healthy because… again, if you break down the ingredients list
and you see things like corn starch, maltodextrin, citric acid, artificial colours. If I were to choose this, it’s purely because
of the taste and the texture but not because it is healthier. Yeah, I agree. So this is peanut butter. Are you a peanut butter fan? Yes. I love peanut butter. I could eat it
on its own. Just from the jar, right? Yes! I know, it’s a favourite for a lot of people. Mmm! I can’t take too much of this but I always
take it from the jar. I just also feel that peanut butter has this
very artificial taste, to me. I don’t like it, it’s very sticky also. I totally get what you mean there when you
said that you don’t taste the peanut here. You can actually taste the peanut, I feel
like I just cracked the shell and I eat the peanut. Tyen: Exactly!
Munah: But in butter form! You actually get to taste the peanuts. It’s
not as sweet as Skippy’s, and you really really taste the earthiness of the peanut. In some ways also, because it’s rougher, like
the texture, you get those chunks of peanuts in the natural peanut butter, you actually
get to enjoy the natural flavours of the peanut. There’s not much of a huge difference except
that this one is a bit more salty and now that I’ve tasted the natural one, you can
taste like a little bit of the sugar. But both are really yummy. But in my head, if it’s that much similar
and if there’s a better option to go with, then you might as well go with the healthier
option. Right? If you look at the back of Skippy’s peanut
butter jar, it has roasted peanuts, sugar, vegetable oil as well as salt. Whereas this is just pure peanut. You either wanna get a peanut butter that
is just 100% peanuts like this one, or there are some other brands on the market that have
peanuts and salt. I just think generally it’s good to just watch
the sugar levels in your foods and I think that with Skippy or foods that have added
sugars, that’s something that you wanna be wary about. Because when you read the ingredients list
and it says it has added sugar, a lot of the times it’s added white sugar. I would much rather you eat the sugars from
things like fruit and things with a lot of vitamins that are good for you nutritionally
rather than white sugar which, in my opinion, purely does nothing for you nutritionally
and just for your health. Oh! Oh, actually personally I – Munah: So excited. Yah, I love… I get very turned on by these kind things. Oh, okay… When someone tells me oh, this buddha bowl
with falafel and hummus and beetroot dip, and alfalfa sprouts… to a lot of people, they like, “Ew that sounds
freaking disgusting” and to me I’m like, “Wahhhh” Tyen: Yes, so good!
Munah: Yes alfalfa sprouts! What is that even, I’ve never heard of it! I’m like “Oh, yes, like alfalfa, all these
hormone-free, gluten-free…” Oh my god I’m like soooo… It compels me
in so many ways. Munah: I should go. I’ll just leave you alone
lah, k? Bye bye. Thanks for today, Tyen. See you. Back to regular programming, she has more
to say! Can you please?! Are there any other nut butter, is that the
question? Other nut butters that I really recommend
is almond butter and cashew butter. They’re not as accessible and they’re pretty
pricey but I do really enjoy the taste of other natural nut butters. Okay so Munah, I know of all the unhealthy
foods that you like, you really really have a soft spot for instant noodles. Yes! Especially Indomie. Yes! So today, I have decided to make you Indomie
plus the “healthy” version of the Indomie. Miracle noodles. And I’ve seasoned it with the Indomie seasoning. Oh, that’s the name of it? Yah, have you heard of miracle noodles? No I haven’t! It’s a low-carb noodle. It’s pretty much 0g
of carbs. It’s made from the konjac plant and it’s pretty much a ketogenic alternative
for all the people who just don’t eat carbs. So we’re gonna try the unhealthy version of
the Indomie first. Which is this one, I know my Indomie. God, it smells so good. Okay, so you let me eat now? Yes… This is like me cheating but in front of Tyen. You know, sometimes when I eat fried stuff
then I’ll be like “Tyen will scold me” but it never happens! Really ah? Yah. Oh my god, mmm! I love you, Indomie! You don’t want to try? If you don’t want to
try I’m gonna finish everything, you know. Okay you can finish everything, but tomorrow
you’re gonna do like 200 burpees. I don’t want, I don’t want. Let’s go move on to the miracle noodles. Okay. It’s so yummy! Are you sure this one is…no carbs or low
carbs? No carbs. No carbs? It’s kinda unbelievable because
it feels like there’s a lot you’re taking in, but actually it’s light. Yah! I like that it tricks me a little bit. Tyen: It’s pretty much just vermicelli but it’s
a thicker version.
Munah: Yes! Right? It’s not that I like one or the other, Indomie
is still something I would love but this is not bad! I would still go for this. In general instant noodles is pretty much
empty calories. It’s filled with sodium, seasoning and preservatives. It just does nothing for you nutritionally. But I would say that if you’re a carb monster,
you really wanna find a way to reduce the calories in your meal, then you should definitely
go and check out this konjac noodle because it could be a great alternative for somebody
who likes to eat carbs a lot. Yeah. So a very common substitute to your white
rice is cauliflower rice and this is one of the staples that a lot of people on the ketogenic
diet eat because it’s super low carbs. We’re gonna eat a bit of rice together and
of course it’s a familiar taste. Even rice on its own is great. We’re gonna try the alternative right now
and here’s some cauliflower rice. It’s actually blended and roasted. It’s different. It’s juicy, is that weird? It’s moist. Yeah, it’s moist. I honestly don’t think it’s bad. I actually think it’s tasty. It’s tastier than rice. Really? Yeah, because there’s a bit more flavour. Like with rice, as much as it has a rice taste
on its own, this one has a pop of flavour so I don’t feel like I’m eating something
that is substituting rice. I feel like I’m eating a dish on its own. Okay, okay. I think what I would do is have quarter rice
instead of half, and then 3/4 cauliflower. So I still have a little bit of rice ’cause,
you know, there’s still that. Because rice is life. Yah! Actually you know what, that’s actually a
really great idea that you brought up. Because cauliflower is a vegetable, and if
you’re someone who doesn’t particularly love eating vegetables, it’s kind of like a disguise,
you know what I mean? So you’re kind of mixing your rice with the
cauliflower so you are getting the rice but not so much, but you can actually eat in volume
because the cauliflower has such low carbs! Correct! Wow, oh my god! One cup of white rice is 206 calories whereas
one cup of cauliflower rice is only 14 calories. Definitely with white rice there’s just way
more sugar content than there is in cauliflower rice. So if you’re someone who’s looking to cut
down on carbs, or cut calories, then cauliflower rice is just a really great alternative. Over here we have normal milk and almond milk. Almond milk is a great substitute for people
who are lactose-intolerant or lactose-sensitive. We’re gonna try the normal milk. Okay. Mm…milk. I’m not crazy for milk but it’s good. So now it’s time for the almond milk. So you excited? You wanna smell it first? Yeah. I’m trying to see if there’s a very strong
almond smell but not so much. Is it? Yah. Mm! It’s very light. You can taste a little bit of the almond but
it’s… It’s actually quite a nice-tasting, very subtle
like “Hi, I am milk.” Whereas the full cream one is very creamy. And I think that’s why I just don’t drink
milk on its own because for me, it just feels very very… “CREAM”. I should totally be a food reviewer. I love how she assigns characters to her foods. This one goes down very well. You know, like
very easy. Like I can drink… and still smile. But then this one, if I drink then I’ll be
like… Then you have to swallow a bit more, you know? Tell me if my food reviews help you. Then
I will do more. I personally am a huge fan of almond milk
because firstly, I’m lactose-sensitive and lactose-intolerant. Almond milk also has a significantly less
fats than regular full cream milk. So I have made the transition to almond milk
over the past few years and I do find that I have had a lot less breakouts, I just feel
less bloated and… Really? Yah, because I was lactose-sensitive and I
didn’t know that. And a lot of people actually don’t know that
they’re lactose-sensitive until they make that transition and they realise hey, actually
plant-based milks are a lot better for my body. Almond milk is something that has a lot of
vitamin E naturally, so it’s really good for your immunity. One big difference between cow’s milk and
almond milk is that cow’s milk has a lot of calcium. However calcium is not naturally
present in almond milk. Before they sell it, they do fortify it and
do add calcium to it. So nutritionally, the calcium is pretty comparable
to that of cow’s milk, the only thing is that there’s significantly less fat. So I think that that’s why people consider
almond milk to be the healthier alternative to cow’s milk. But I would say though, that a big deterring
factor for a lot of people is that almond milk does cost a lot more than cow’s milk. Almost 2 or 3 times the price of regular cow’s
milk. So I know you don’t normally have your milk
just by itself and you always have it with your coffee so we’re gonna start first with
our full cream milk. Coffee. Mm, okay. I still prefer my black coffee. It’s a personal
preference. So now it’s the almond milk version. Ooh, it’s like a different colour. Oh it is a different colour. It’s a darker
colour and it doesn’t look as creamy. You know why I like it better? Because I can taste more of the coffee. There you go, yeah. But still giving me the comfort of drinking
coffee with milk. They’re not overpowering each other, they’re
like fusing together into one. Whereas this one, I can taste the coffee which
is what I usually drink, right? But the milk always has this “I’m here enveloping
you!” And I think the great thing about the almond
milk is that it doesn’t add that many calories to your coffee, especially if you’re someone
who generally enjoys drinking your coffee with milk. Maybe you can carry around your almond milk
and go to the uncle and be like “Uncle, can you put this in my kopi?” I’m gonna try that! Kopi almond milk C! I’m gonna try that, oh my god. But kosong, right? Yes but kosong. Always kosong. This is ice cream! Yay! We are going to have the salted caramel flavour. Ooh. Sorry. It’s very sweet. It’s so sweet. It’s so sweet, I cannot. It’s also very sweet. I prefer the Enlightened flavour because I
don’t like things that are way too creamy. So because the Enlightened does have less
fats, it is less creamy. Consistency-wise it’s not as smooth as the Haagen Dazs because
it is a lot more icy and frozen, but it’s a personal preference I just like that a lot
more. Yah I was gonna say the same thing. I think
it’s also the flavour of it. Salted caramel in itself is already something that sets up
to be like “Hello! I am sweet!” But it’s true, with the texture and all, this
one is just slightly lighter. So a Haagen Dazs has 243 calories per serving
but for the Enlightened it has 80 calories per serving. You do have to still watch the amount of sugar
that you’re ingesting. Levels of added sugar. Of added sugar – ’cause I think the issue
here is that people always assume that because it’s lower calories or lower fat it’s gonna
be a lot healthier for you. But if you look at the ingredients list and
you see all the additives they have, and you also look at the sugar levels, a lot of the
times all these seemingly healthy foods like granola bars, there’s so much more sugar in
it than you know. So I think lower calories and lower fats doesn’t
necessarily translate to healthy but I would say that if you were to kind of compare the
lesser of the two evils and this is something that you just wanna snack on without feeling
too guilty, then I think these are just great alternatives for you. Next up will be peanut butter cups. So are you a fan of this? I love it – I love this one. You like it? Yeah. Wait you never gan bei (cheers) with me! Oh okay. Balik ah (Start over again?). Gan bei! I love this right, but I can never finish
one. I would always eat half because it is very
sugary and I like…argh. It’s too much. Now we’re gonna try the healthier alternatives
and here are some peanut butter truffles. They’re pretty small but they do feel very
dense and heavy. Yah. Let’s try. Okay. Mmm… The texture is almost like kueh bangkit. It’s a white kind of kueh, it’s like powdery
and whoo! It’s not as sweet as I thought it would be. What chocolate is this, milk chocolate also? This is dark chocolate actually. That’s why it’s less sweet. I actually do like this because it’s in a
small little bite so I could finish it all and it doesn’t have an overpowering sugary
taste so it’s not like oof. The calories in one peanut butter cup is about
105 calories and the calories of the peanut butter truffle is 74 calories per small ball. But I think the main difference is in the
ingredients list. On the Reese peanut putter cup, basically
it’s a lot of additives and preservatives to this. But if you look at the peanut butter truffles,
it has peanut butter, dark chocolate, almond flour, whey protein, dates and coconut oil. All ingredients you can pronounce and understand,
you know what I mean? So I think the bottomline for me is that when
I’m looking out for ingredients lists, the shorter the better. Because when you can pronounce the foods,
when you know exactly what goes into them, then it just makes you a lot more conscious
as a consumer. So we’ve come to the end of today’s episode.
Thank you so much, Munah, for coming here. In general, I was very surprised because when
I gave you all these healthy and unhealthy versions, I was thinking “Okay Munah’s gonna
definitely go for the unhealthy version.” Because in the past, when I first met you,
getting you to eat vegetables was so difficult. It just took a while for us to introduce things
like raw veggies into your diet and right now, you’re eating a salad every single day,
you’ve definitely cleaned up your diet. You still indulge, but you do it within reason. I think that that comes hand in hand with
also having a healthy lifestyle and working out so much because when you work out so hard,
you definitely are a lot more conscious about the food that you eat. Yah, because it kind of motivates you to not
throw all the effort that you’ve put in away and you do wanna work hard for it. And the thing about snacking is that I’m a
big snacker, I’m a big foodie but what we were tasting today… the fact that there are alternatives that
are a lot better in terms of percentage of nutrients and things like that, that is like
a whole new world for me and if there’s that in the world, then that’s good. So it’s such a joy having you on this show,
and I also wanna say that we are sitting on two beautiful, blue No Sweat yoga mats! I have decided to gift one to you to thank
you for being on the show. Munah: Nooo! Why would you do that to me? Oh don’t thank me so much, I’m gonna give
it to you as a little homework. So I’m like “Oh, sorry Munah you cannot work out this
week ah? Okay, can still work out at home right?” So you now have a yoga mat available
to you to do the workout programme that I have crafted! I don’t know what to feel! I wanna cry because
it’s so generous and sweet of you but then now that you tell me your plan, ugh ok. I love it, thank you Tyen! You’re welcome, and I also have a resistance
band for you. For us to work out even more. Yay! Work off all these calories that we just consumed
– all the Indomie, the ice cream, the potato chips, all tomorrow will be gone. I knew it! You know halfway through eating
in this episode, I’m just like, “Hmm isn’t she gonna stop me? This is quite a lot we’re
eating.” I’m just like, “Eat some more lah, eat some
more.” I knew it! And if you guys head over to the merchandise
store and purchase one of these yoga mats or our resistance bands, you can also get
a handwritten note from me as well as a little keychain and stickers from Clicknetwork. You cannot do sweet things to me ’cause I
will cry. Oh no she’s crying, she’s really crying. So thank you, you guys are so sweet! Don’t cry! Finish already lah! Thanks a lot, this wasn’t in the brief ah! I love her, cry so much! And they all know this! They all know that
they cannot be nice to me because I will cry. This is why all my friends are never sweet
to me, because they know. They know that I will just be a mess. I love her. Eh, go away lah! That’s all for today, please remember to give
it a thumbs up, click the subscribe button and hit the little bell so you always get
a notification every time we post a new video. Or you can download the Clicknetwork app to
get early access to our videos before they
hit YouTube. See you guys in the next one, take care. Bye!

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