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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Trump Addresses Coronavirus Surrounded By Public Health Experts. | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Daaaanmmmmm the Pope coughing on people at ash Wednesday services. A patient has been intubated and never been on a plane or around an infected person we're doooomed⚀⚀.

  2. MSM is blocking all information being presented on the virus. It was created in a bioweapons program. 1st outbreak was in 2003 and labeled SARS. It was contained by a stroke of luck Now it is rapidly spread.

  3. Perfect put a person that does not believe in science in charge. Science can’t tell trump anything. Trump is cancer that 4 more years the patient America cannot survive. A 6 times broke $410,000,000 bankrupt expert telling us about business and paying to many people. I am sorry he is a real loser that had daddy money to save him. America does not have daddy’s backing or time to re-assemble a force to battle this virus.

  4. We do not know how many people in the US are infected because we are not testing for it. The U.S. are already authorized to start using the modified test, and all 93 labs should be able to start testing by NEXT WEEK. Kelly Wroblewski, director of infectious diseases for the Association of Public Health Laboratories, which represents public health labs around the United States. "Testing is incredibly important." Without wide-scale testing, she says, there's no way to know if the virus is spreading silently. "This is a critical time," Wroblewski says. "We don't think it's spreading very widely yet, but if you're not looking for something, you won't find it."
    Cases could go undiagnosed, delaying treatment and allowing infected people to spread the virus to others, she says. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/02/27/809936132/cdc-fixes-issue-delaying-coronavirus-testing-in-u-s

  5. I want to hear from experts not politicians who know nothing. And no more lies like our soldiers weren't affected then head injuries. STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WHY WOULD WE BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SAY.

  6. Corona is good for jobs. Jobsjobsjobs….that's all you guys tend to talk about. Realize that in the big picture, jobs is not everything. It's hard to work when you can't breathe. You'll have to hide from the sun, your food will be unhealthy on the cusp of poison. No water to drink….. but we got 3% unemployment WOOHOOOO!!! Stop voting against your, and everybody else's interest.

  7. Trump probably did this in the briefing room instead of tweeting on the toilet or shouting in the rain just because he needed an audience.

  8. Did i hear somewhere that they have done less than 1000 tests to get that #? so, it really can't be considered any kind of accurate # either? not trying to spread stuff, i had heard that on some program i was watching–that only a small # of people have even been tested in the us. so yeah, low # makes sense. but doesn't really mean anything in a population of over 300 million….correct me if im wrong about this please. i don't want to spread any misinformation if possible.

  9. They need to activate the 25th Amendment and get this AH away so the medical specialists can give us all the truth and do what needs to done to protect us!

  10. You deserve everything that's coming your way. Summer may well save you but your country is the most corrupt, disgusting shithole on the planet.

  11. The irony is that most of our pharmaceutical providers are in China. It's about time we bring the jobs back to America – also this is a global problem and the corrupt World Health Organization is doing nothing about the Coronavirus, and they get paid to do it.
    Spreading of lies about the funds, check WP factcheck

  12. Mike Pence is such a boot licker. Trump projects his own reality, which is never based on facts, and the American people just soak it up. AMAZING!

  13. Ill equipped red states really vulnerable to COVID19 epidemic as they as a group have really ignored public health for shortsighted reasons. COVID19 virus will really liven up those MAGA rallies. Bon Appetit'

  14. I see Penn brandishing a sign ‘Repent, the end of the world has come’
    That’s about how useful he will be ‘dealing’ the virus spread.

  15. Love your show always watch it. I think that the virus has mutated. Did you hear about the 23 year old woman soccer player from Iran died from the virus. Italy has sick kids.

  16. As usual, he just rambles. All Trump speeches fit the same template.
    “I’ve had meetings with all kinds of experts. The best people. Really smart people.”
    “We’re doing a great job. People tell me that we’re doing great”
    “I’m appointing (insert name). He’s amazing. I’m very impressed”

  17. This could end up killing everybody but let's impeach Trump first for colluding with the coronavirus and make sure he doesn't get away with it this time !!!

  18. Its telling that for Trump people dying isn't a big problem, its the stock market. But not even because it can cause a recession, no more important than any of that, he thinks it makes him look bad.

  19. If you want to be elected President of the United States, you have got to blond dye your hair, Trump did, look where it got him…

  20. I really thought the timing was still too close to the zeeka virus for the public to bite and gobble down this new fear, but it looks like the public is getting hysterical anyway. This "new virus" will be around as long as the public is hysterical. Call it BS and understand it's nothing worse than a cold virus and it'll go away from the news. Or gobble up the fear and it might be around for 3 months. Either way, 5 yrs from now the public will hardly be able to remember the name of it.

  21. Good morning and a goud day,full of economica prosperity,health Is so much,love for the neichbor,with sou much respect, Maria Luminita.

  22. Take Asafoetida herbal medicine, put it on your food and wear the resin around your neck. Plus get some Neem herbal medicine.

  23. 15 people out of 350 000 000 !
    Wow USA is great again
    Trump is a joke!
    Can’t even handle a press conference like a grown up 🖕

  24. Trump thinks he can just hire back any of the experts that he laid off whenever he needs them.
    Because all the people in the CDC and Dept. of Health that were laid off, never got other jobs. They have been living on the streets just waiting until they were needed again by Trump.
    Fning moron!

  25. No matter how good a liar Trump is this time around he is going to be caught out with his bull crap! But there could be solution ie the solution is already available???

  26. Morning Joe's doing it again. How can you talk about the president like he has any idea that he knows what he's doing.how come you guys go back and forth between extreme mental instability with the president and then talk about him like he actually knows what he's talking about 😂 the Republican party is an absolute disgrace to humanity andnow we have a vicepresident who is in charge of the health crisis who when he was in Indiana was personally responsible for the deaths of probably thousands of people for not initiating the needle exchange program

  27. Thank god Trump used those billions to build his useless wall to please a few racist republicans. Our tax dollars well wasted. Trump will blame this on Obama.

  28. I feel confident already when heard words of wisdom from a guy who believes windmills cause cancer and a guy who doesn’t believe condom can prevent STD.

  29. The President did exactly what we all expected him to do, to act surprised is just their TDS because they just can't hep themselves! Cannot give any comments or talk about an issue without the digs. lol

  30. May 2018 The U.S. Pandemic Response Team and the NSC’s entire global health security unit shut down by order of Trump. Trump called for reassignment of Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer and dissolution of his team inside the NSC agency. The Covid-19 Virus is 20 times more lethal than the annual flu. The mortality rate for the annual Flu
    in the U.S. is 0.1 percent of the population, where the Mortality rate of the Covid-19 as of Feb. 20, 2020 is Two (2%) percent or 2000 times higher. As of this morning (28 Feb 2020) the California patient with unknown origin of corona or Covid-19 virus is in serious condition, Solano County Public Health Officer. In Long Island, Nassau County NY as 83 people in voluntary Isolation long with 26 people in Westchester County 29 in Suffolk county New York along with an additional 400 people being closely monitored in these counties. A Nation cannot be truly great without a Moral Compass and the Truth is a moral compass can only point you in the right direction; it can't make you go there. This Nation need to elect leaders who have a strong moral compass, Leaders who are honest, straightforward, and tough – with a love of justice and fair play. None of which has been exhibited by Trump, The House or Senate Republicans. We the People will take back our country. . “No persons are more frequently wrong, than those who will not admit they are wrong.” ― François de La Rochefoucauld “Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it isn't so.” ― Lemony Snicket

  31. Is baby Trump standing on a box so he's taller than Pence. Where's a Mini Mike ad about using a fat boy box so he looks taller (and wider) than everyone else in the picture?  Baby Trump and Puny Pence are both dumb as two boxes of rocks. Who does the make up for this crowd?  I'm laughing at the Carnival Barker and his stooge.  God help us all we need is Larry to make the 3 Stooges trying to handle a possible pandemic. Famous Trump last words just wait till April and the virus dies in warm weather…If the stock market hadn't crashed I'm not sure we would have had the last two days to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb. Did anyone else notice Trump didn't follow a single word when anyone else was speaking?

  32. Pency makes me puke…poetic justice would be that this whole administration and those who are calling this a hoax be the first to test it.

  33. Joe. Your being very gullible. I know you don’t want Bernie to win. But do you really have to take it this far. Vote blue no matter who. That’s was the plan.

  34. Support Trump and stopping the flights from coming over here. I feel that this is bioterrorism the only one that has ever taken action as quick is Trump. This is happening over and Asia and all over and Iranians got it now LOL karma is a b****. And I believe that this virus was created buy some crazy person to reduce population starting with China.

  35. MSNBC YOUR AS BIG A JOKE AS 45. How dare you promote him as someone doing the right thing when he LIED AGAIN why don’t you show the Health professionals that smoke after him and told the TRUTH

  36. I know all the best people. He fired the best people in America and now they're working in the private sector making good money so why should they go back to work for the Government. As soon as the crisis is over he'll fire them again. Thanks but no thanks..

  37. By the way did anybody notice if Stephanie Grisham was present at the press conference. I mean she is the Press Secretary. Or has she also been fired. I'll have to watch Faux News to find out..

  38. The outbreak of Corvid 19 in Florida will change Trump's attitude. Pence and Trump both are spending a lot of time there.

  39. Everyone knows that those evil communist dermorats created this nasty Coronavirus to hurt our great president. We need to put an end to those evil libtatds and have a "1" party trumplican regime. Hitler did it and so can we.

  40. Every time I hear Breaking News Trump Addressing the Novel Coronavirus, I turn it off and read the CDC.gov site for the truth. I'm not going to listen to his lies and someone who cannot even speak right.

  41. Pence "no back bone" cowering down to Chump. How do you feel being a shell of a man ?? Selling your soul to this evil POS. Both of you don't see how ridiculous you look and sound. Blind leading the blind with the entire country waiting for real answers

  42. Americans, this is your own faults, during impeachment you should have hounded the GOP or something to prevent Chump from continuing to be president. The rest of the world is laughing at the way you let this nutter try to turn your democracy into a Nazi state. The man is mentally challenged and rules the lackeys in his control with fear, making them look STUPID!! Why aren't people protesting on the streets for his removal. All Chump cares about is $$$ and power, he DOES NOT care about the American public – RIP America, in the 21st century

  43. What does Mike Pence know about the Coronavirus when they don't even have a cure and they don't know what it really is?
    15 in a couple of days and it will be down to 0. Based upon who's research and medicine when this stupid fool fired and virtually gutted the CDC and the funding for infectious disease research. But in a few days it will all go away.

  44. "If we ever need them we can get the quickly." I don't want people walking around if we don't need them." Please run this press conference tape everyday until Nov 2, 2020.

  45. I say never mind this clown in Office each state should take control of their responsibility to protect their state and residents from harm do not expect this Moron to do anything help anyone. Come together as a state of the USA and just do everything possible without the help of this Moron in Office. This is the only way to survive this virus.

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