hey guys how y'all doing welcome to my latest one exercise fat-burning worker and for those guys who don't know what this is all about I this is where I take like three or four exercises combine it in one big flowing movement and all you need to do is get those movements down and then you hit it to bought the style for ten to fifteen minutes and at your workout all done so let's get started by looking at the actual exercise for this week so we're gonna get started with the two dumbbells in a neutral position and a push-up position then you're gonna go down and as you come back up you jump up do a hammer curl and then you're gonna do a full body press bring it back down and back down into a push-up position so very straight forward but a great-looking flow let me now quickly show you what it looks like at full speed so there you go guys super simple but extremely effective because we're incorporating so many muscles in this big compound movement so like I've mentioned before how would you actually use this exercise to turn it into a workout pretty straightforward guys should go to barter style so that's 20 seconds on ten seconds off and you go for 10 to 15 minutes depending on your own fitness level that's your workout all done so super simple but extremely effective as always guys if you enjoyed this workout but you don't know how to use it as far as a complete workout program to get results then go and join any of my free seven homeworker challenges over at six-pack facture come four slash free you just sign up and you follow the daily emails where I'll show you exactly how to use all these different workouts on my youtube channel over a 21 day period to get the best possible results as always guys thank you so much for watching click on that like button if you enjoyed this video shared with your friends and family members and if you're not a subscriber yet please subscribe until the next one have fun all day and keep it simple bye bye

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Methew Wade

10 thoughts on “This One Exercise Fat Burning Workout Burns 18.3 cal Per Minute – HIIT – TABATA – Sixpackfactory”

  1. Sir, I'm very upset. I have gained 7kgs in 2 months though I take only simple diets, no oily foods, I also do workout but still, I am gaining weight. Please help me.

  2. Terimakasih atas contohnya.. channel sangat berguna untuk kehidupanKu yg lagi berusaha turunin berat badan n membentuk badan..

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