we're talking about thinning seedlings so here we have six different sites where I've planted some root crop seeds now root crops are especially important to thin because of course the main thing that we want to grow and eat is underground and so if we have got some crowding that's definitely not a good idea so what I'd like to do is I kind of want to inspect what is the best looking one here and so the best looking one to me these are all fairly close and I actually planted maybe too many so what I'm going to do is come through and just clip off this entire section we can just leave those on the surface of the soil and then this one right here is going to be our breadwinner now we're gonna do the same thing over here so for this one I'm going to clip off that lower one clip off this one here we've got one with a nice thick stem and we're good to go similar approach over here so thinning really is just kind of working evolution manually because you're choosing the best looking or the fittest seedling to be the one that you end up harvesting so these two are kind of crowded over here I'll just chop those off and we'll work with this one here this one's not up soon enough there's there's not too many up so that one's just gonna stay there and that's just a quick little tip on thinning seedlings really distress it you're looking for the fittest seedling what's the best one coming out of that hole and you know in this case it was this one in this case it was this one I know it's hard to see with all the dead fallen soldiers over here but that's basically the idea of thinning seedlings

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