hey guys and welcome back to action so I got disclaim about what going to Greece in like two hours and we're like super rushing I was finished packing so this is going to be so quick but I promised you that I would let you know all my tips and tricks on how I lost 23 kilos in total but while being on the fitness journey I've lost 13 and a half I've got 500 grams to go we'll go through all of the questions that you guys ask them in my Instagram and I've got so many tips and tricks for you and how well lost it and go to my arms back actually I never had us do just that you better be thank you that's thanks to me not you whatever you think I'm sure you were all aware I I felt pregnant with IVF and using a lot of hormones and I put on a lot of weight when I was pregnant so I put on a total of 23 kilos I did eat really badly as well not badly just like large volumes of good fairy dessert I was breastfeeding and I had the baby I was breastfeeding and I was eating a lot of really good fat so lots of avocado lots of salmon lots of cheeses and I just put on 50 carbohydrates as well she was just eating pretty much similar to what she's eating now but just like hotdogs I was eating a lot of food and the ice I'm putting on weight when I was breastfeeding and everyone's like you should lose weight low you breastfeed but everyone's different so that's also something to take out of this is errors different so my tips and tricks might work for you so just take what you want and maybe get a bit of inspiration to find your own verb but this is how I did it why follow a fitness program while I'm breastfeeding God's simple just eat those good foods just eat a little bit more and find that happy medium if you don't start simply then try and add a little bit more volume of those good foods don't go and have KFC under Jackson that baby's not gonna appreciate that anyway just think the good food that's in your fitness program or your nutrition program and then just add it add a little bit more quantity until your milk supplies at the place that you want it to be for the first five months of my fitness journey I followed it up and I've told everyone about that and everyone's asked me what did you eat in that time and I haven't given it up yet because I don't know it for me it was specific for me but it works really well so I'm going to share it with you and you can take what you want out of it okay guys so most frequently asked question how did I stop my cravings what did I specifically mean so you can tell them what I ate why and they look specific so I like let's get on the water Anka alright guys so when you're looking to lose weight the most important fact they need to consider is not how many macros and micros you're eating but how many calories you're actually consuming and how many calories you're burning so for the first say four to five months what we did is we put this on a low calorie diet so all our main focus was yes getting healthy getting a fit improving a strength in the gym I'm also putting in on putting her in a calorie deficit for that period of time so what that means is low fats because that's very high in calories okay so we wanted to try and consume less energy than we expended so obviously exercise was our main priority how many calories we could burn in a workout we lifted heavy weights and a fair bit of endurance things from the first part gap but diet wise we try to consume as little as possible fats fats are very very high in energy we reduced that carbohydrate and our portion size didn't drop dramatically not ideal in a performance sense so when you were looking to build muscle and actually form you want to try to increase your calories and have good macro macro micronutrients but when you're looking to lose weight what we did here that's what that's what we achieved really really early onion it also gave this confidence to go okay while I'm seeing the weight come off now if you keep going that's a big fad that everyone forgets they get caught up on this is this right this health professional said this this this but hey if you don't have the confidence within the first three to four weeks no way so you guys want to know specific why don't you tell them specifically what I cut out so what I did Pacific Rim cut out like we were optiforce a chicken breast or turkey breast instead only Salmons and things with five hi mega threes at breakfast look like two we fix every day every date so – we fix L'Orange brings skim milk our morning teams by two weeks with cottage cheese yeah our lunch hour lunch look like a salad with some protein so like lean protein again like taking meds or chicken breast and olive oil or tenderloins actually chicken tenderloin wait I'm giving them tips here instead of olive oil put a little bit of balsamic vinegar on your salads it's not just like a beating brass like just put some lemon squeeze some lemon over it I'll put some balsamic vinegar and join our oil because that's a massive thing that helps you not cut out a boil so continues continue afternoon team the possibly a piece of fruit post-training banana after after your workout we've tried to go with the protein shakes however this just did not like okay and then again cottage cheese and by the weeks feel free to put of tomato and things on that as well spice it up a little bit they're not always consisted of protein and salt so we'll probably try and cook some protein I get a mixture between your red meats and your white beans I would have red we limited twice a week and would be like a lean steak or I would treat myself sometimes to learn couplet so have three so French girl played cards so yeah so don't sass try and avoid read me as much as you can twice a week max I've still needed a little bit my biggest Savior in this whole time was I've mentioned before that I got to have a chocolate paddle pop stick every single time and I had it every single night and I think that kept me really sane because I would have it was a treat it was my experience in chopped life it was just cured all of my cravings and that's what got me through yeah so couple of sticks really really love calories like 80 calories so it's a really good alternative for a treat words I'm saying normal ice cream again I'm not massive on counting calories I don't promote it I don't preach it but when you're looking to lose weight quickly as well calorie do invite you to cleave you means like seven months yes because at the beginning of the journey and others like Georgia I'm just gonna wait but to look three months out and then gonna crash diet and lose all this way and he was like this I'm just gonna put that back on in the first week when you get to Greece so this okay not a disclaimer but let's just go into that a little bit the weight that we lost was over the seven-month period we went not what crazily drastic but we weren't like hard on looking at calories for the first three months get the confidence up you know see results within say four to eight weeks then we reversed out of that and went performance so what our eight-week guide does is it really really targets in on that performance food so what foods are you going to have that are going to increase your energy what foods are going to help you lose weight build muscle rather than just lose weight all together and that leads us into my next frequently asked question which was tips and tricks from me how I wouldn't break and how I just kept going kept going so firstly this is really cliche but if I cheat I'm just like letting myself down sorry you know that feeling when I did it last night you know when you pop a pimple and you regret it instantly because it doesn't pop and then you're like why did I do that to myself that's what it's like when you have a cheat meal and it's just not it's not okay for yourself to feel that way so just don't do it so I didn't I allowed myself to have to cheat meals in seven months seven months I had two massive cheat meals and they were waffles both times because I really missed my chocolate waffles so I've written down my my um tips for not eating junk food firstly throw away all the junk food in your house and all of the things that you are said be healthy like peanut butter for example if you just reason with yourself like I might have a little bit of that organic natural peanut butter throw it away because it's high in fat and although if you have 20 kilos to lose although it's not that bad you can we're gonna just keep eating it like I do just throw it away so I got rid of all the junk food in my house there was if I came downstairs late at night and I was like oh my books are hungry I would just grab a handful of raspberries that's another tip raspberries blueberries Balmerino strawberries all those berries I'm grateful you feel really feeling like something sweet just get a handful of those frozen raspberries also with Greek yogurt like a little but have a tape so I know that sounds like really just a tape but if we do it like a really nice flavored tea like vanilla caramel vanilla or sorry honeycomb love vanilla yeah I'm a grandma it's almost like a little treat like it's always like when you're in deep you're like that's a tree so it gets some tea if I want I'm a massive soft drink yeah drinka I love soft drink so a lot of the time with my dinner I would fill my glass up most of the way and I would leave this much at the top and I would put organic pomegranate juice in my cup and that would give me a sense of I'm having something sweet and it's like a it's like a soft drink without bubbles you can even out of sparkling water and it feels like soft drink like that saved me I did that pretty much every night yeah so pomegranate juice is amazing like if you want to go one step healthier than that you actually get the real pomegranate and you put it in there but if you buy organic pomegranate juice it's pretty much the same thing and it's a really really good anti-inflammatory too so a lot of people and another thing is if you're if you're just like no I'm getting my period I need chocolate which is a thing you don't understand but sometimes when you're a period you just need chokolate go and get dark chocolate and just have like try and just have a squirter and just treat yourself to that so so dark children glasses get is a hundred times better than any of the other so if you like someone that goes hey I'm probably going to break get some dark chocolate have it four times in need and then go hard and that there's 100% going to be people watching this video going of what she's saying that's extreme it actually wasn't the only thing that you happen to you was we've got some really healthy you reduce your blood pressure you reduce your cholesterol levels you can now run three cage without stopping you can do thirty five push-ups without you know where you can do one pushup yeah yeah you've got a sacrifice yeah you've got to get through a little bit of pain yeah you've got to say no to having waffles five times a week and things like that um say you got to ask yourself let's be fucking real do you want results that's obviously high a wedding it's a prep for yes yeah everyone needs to understand I had like a wedding in my tunnel vision and I'm really wanted to look and feel my best on my wedding day to look back at the photos and loved that is what I thought up every time I was feeling hungry or a train or I just had that in my mind how many days did you wreck out oh wait so how many days did you work out a week so I remember clearly that's used to say hey I'm trained like three times this week I've trained twice this week or you have trained three times every week for the last month my pre pregnancy pregnancy yeah but now she can safely say she trained six days a week every week for the last seven months and sometimes five runs in the morning as well as training so a couple of questions were how much cardio us weights did you do so so when we did so when vested they ought to start off with the absent amazing because you can train anywhere at any time you can choose gym home or outdoor so this would go into the gym and she do 10 reps so you can choose if you're a beginner it's meteor advanced so that's we're doing 10 reps at a heavy weight so every minute on the minute and it should couple that with a hill workout as well as I should do or some strength workout and here workout that as soon as we work eight weeks to go we changed the eight-week guide we went hard with the 18 reps so that's one of the big things we also make sure we do that LSD so if that's how to do two LSD sessions a week to power ste doesn't stand for someone losing any drug it is long slow distance right so we did that every morning fasted – sorry about everyone he plus a week lasted yeah and fun fact as I said before this God could not run 500 meters if her life depended now she's a runner and I would just calm down no you're not a runner like it's amazing to see like she used to say I cannot I can't run a really good a stitch and one of the so if you're not a runner and you want to run one tip is imagine trying to take him on to another place imagine what you do if you have 150 million dollars where would you go would you spend it on who would you give it to how would you change the world so think about all those things okay what about when you start to clutter okay when you start to plateau like we never plateaued because we just kept changing it up so as I said we're on you have to start off with on the app you can't really plan out because you're always training in a different location or you're doing something for something different well we're constantly updating the workouts as well every week I wouldn't see weight loss I would get on the scales once a week sometimes I put on like 100 grams or 200 grams or sometimes even a kilo much weight and what of all I and I would like George area I could work so high and I haven't lost any weight and he'd be like cuz he let me only weigh myself once a week could just be like this either you you burns like this either you need to go to the toilet you need to or you just had a meal like a big meal loss not like just calm down so weight loss you've got to think of the journey don't think week to week yeah it's good to have a check in once a week but there are going to be some weeks where you know there's anyway there are going to be some weeks where you're holding a little bit more fluid maybe because you mention their menstrual cycle at all because of something else and you put on a couple of hundred grams but overall you're going to lose weight so there's going to be a week where you lose nothing the next week your mother's killer you know I found that every day three to four weeks I would like uh fun I would it would take me a good month to see like and definite okay I've lost a kilo that was towards upend at the beginning obviously when you have a lot more weight to lose I just remember getting from 66 to 60 was quite harder than getting from 60 55 like so much harder another question where it's really at the end but I have a question of how did you pin it in everyday guys either full-time mom and I work around the clock I work full-time as well but I work from home two days a week at work three three days a week and the two days that I'm at home it's really hard for me to get to the gym or you know to get somewhere so if you have a baby or if you have a job you just need to find half an hour well 18 minutes in his guy but I would do two I would do two back-to-back sessions in the home literally within 40 minutes yeah you just need to find it and don't fuck around a new day like don't get on your head like oh you've just wasted 20 minutes you couldn't have done nothing well actually let's do that fun fashion go to your phone right now would go to your screen time tell me how long in you're in the comments below tell me how long you spend on Instagram okay how long you spent on all your social medias to whine and then also tell me how long you spent on that in the last week on that if you can't give us 40 minutes of exercise and I guarantee most of you are looking at mister that's more than an hour on that screen there's something fucking not right your priorities probably on and check and maybe not determine enough to achieve what you really think you want to achieve so you just need to get in your gym clothes number one go and get dressed as soon as you wake up the gym plays on and then well for me once my baby was asleep I was bang downstairs at in the odd skipping doing my Pothier bang into resistance doing all of my band what will my kettlebell swings and I just blur it done and then it was done I feel like if you just get it done when you have the chance don't dawdle around everywhere you know dirt just don't procrastinate Jewish good because I'm just gonna quickly chalk this one in there as well so for whoever wants to jump on the a week challenge at the moment for the next week from when this video is going to be posted on that you'd be 20% off if you use the promo code savage go so savage gut is in one way I just come with its wedding to be over so you can stop stressing your fucking balls out yes he's more stress than me any expectation I'm stressed because II stress Google gifted I tell me how amazing it is people come in and see this place okay guys well this is a stressful wedding prep we're right now sorry we've got a guard saw things are a little bit about it so they're going to rush it out finish packing look me we're gonna go get it see you at the wedding

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    What other low calorie breakfast options could be used instead of weetbix?

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