Wednesday everybody this is doctor Roy Wood with Roy Wood Family Chiropractic today I'm going to talk to you about using your grill there's a few simple tricks that make them eat healthier and tastier so you may have heard some research from years ago that grilled meat can cause cancer well it's a very slight risk a very slight risk but there is that risk I don't want to spend too much time belaboring that point because it is such a slight risk mmm but that risk is involved with overheating the meat and burning it and so the number one trick I want to talk about is the heat you should be able to hold your hand over the fire for four or five seconds before it hurts okay comfortably hold it there for four or five seconds you've got the right temperature to cook the meat on now when you if you have it too high or exposed directly to flames you're gonna find that the meat is gonna burn easily and that those burnt sections are we're going to have those harmful chemicals in them so let the the coals burn down to where they are glowing red with gray ashes on them but let's talk about the cooking fuel charcoal has charred wood and coal in it and that's why it's called charcoal so it's really best well I don't want to say best I'll say better it's better to not use charcoal because you're cooking wood over coal it's better to use either lump charcoal or chunks of wood both of which you can buy at the store they have no chemicals in them and they're easy to work with now they do have to burn a little bit longer but you use less of them takes them a little bit longer to burn down to where you're not cooking them cooking the food in the flames and it's really best to start that with something like a chimney you know charcoal starter chimney whether you're using charcoal or wood started in a chimney with paper instead of squirting petroleum on it and hoping that it all burns off before you put your food on there now how to know when the meat is done is quite simple what and that is that if you want a medium it should be springy rare is kind of mushy and well-done is firm just take your spatula turn it on edge and just push down on it while you're cooking it you want to flip it often now daddy may have taught you that you put a steak on the grill and let it cook till the blood rises at the top flip it over Brown it it's medium-rare cook it till the blood rises back to the top it's medium go get till the bloods all gone and it's well-done that's really not as we have learned the best way to cook a steak flip it every minute or so and just keep cooking it until it turns a nice red color you'll have very little burn on it and it'll be very juicy and flavorful I resisted this at first because daddy taught me what I just said flip it once that's not necessarily true so keep it flipping to cook it evenly sausage definitely on a low heat cook it for a long time I like to cook it till the skin splits and then pull it off of there yet so it's not greasy that's just a personal preference you may like yours juicier than that so use your grill wisely keep it 15 feet or so from the house and enjoy the grilling season so until next week be strong and healthy

Methew Wade

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