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Methew Wade

47 thoughts on “The Workout The World Forgot | By MovNat”

  1. Yes, people used to do all this before we had gyms. We have gyms now. I've put in 2-3 hours a day before in the gym going full on beast mode. I've also put in 10-12 hour days on a logging job that I'd match against any marathon. They're not the same thing. Go to the gym.

  2. But not everyone lives near nature like this… I'd love to get started but I do not have this privilege

  3. france everyso often see the birth of a sport that has a wholistic philosophy and a certain primal spirituality, which is why this country is so dynamic in extreme sports, parkour, natural movement. you would never understand it going in Paris, another proof that the soul of France is in its limbs not its capital

  4. the "world" didn't forget, the wertern world, spoiled cities' habitants (wich I am part of) did

  5. This video made me cry. One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my whole life. I would love to be in nature like that 🙂

  6. being in touch with nature like this is great
    When I go the the woods and do basic things like sprints, some climbing and exploration I feel so high energized!
    Looking forward to learn more of this moves to later incorporate in my routine 🙂

  7. Where in the world is he? Here in Texas, the grass tends to bite you when you walk anywhere barefoot 😕

  8. Like a said before, our life used to be our exercise we didn't need to go out to the gym or exercise because just our daily life contained enough activity to keep us healthy, now he does bring another point his physical activities will prepare you better for any challenge of our day to day life than any workbench at the GYM Thanks

  9. And when i think that transhumanists might want to remove our bodie parts to remplace them by artificial parts so called sensed to be better

  10. I had Native Americans who did, and probably still do shit like this, but they dont give it a fancy name, they'd be like "hey wanna go for a hike?" the difference is that they did it with a smile.

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