excuse the face I didn't go to the rock what happened that I have a close encounter with one so we were going to me and I don't know how it happened but I slip well actually I do know how it happened somebody sold me some truth trekking sandals and the little girl I guess she just wanted her condition she insisted they were trekking but they felt good and they were better than those shoes that I had so there would she go ex-im I paid a lot of money but anyway I fell tumbled and landed thank God into a stream so I have my back but there's no damage because the water cushioned so that in Nepal you won't be not loved don't be in a wall you might be you might be pickpocketing if you're like at a festival or you leave something in a taxi or a bus sometimes you don't get the things that but Nepal is such a lovely peaceful country but there are dangers everywhere there's water potholes and you lane but the point here is a healthcare so I so they did everything I directed all four antibiotic and really first-rate I mean a little bit of cleanliness I would have done a little bit different but it didn't matter and it was quite nice and they take everything off so that bacteria wouldn't be a problem things like that so it was just developed to Western standards and in some ways it was better because in in America being the waiting room for hours before you see anybody you sit there an hour then you go into the Ives they live exam room or whatever and you sit there for at least an hour or more every time you go into Miller than either you go in okay so this is one reason you really do need health insurance sometimes stuff like this happens and it can be expensive unless you want to go to your hospital and like she showed you wrong Susie's finger that he went to uh the government hospital and it didn't come out so nicely but I'm really proud of it and so far and I think I'm gonna be fine so follow along with us as we talk a little bit more about health care can I say first I need to clarify something previously I stated that a person can get anonymous medical testing and the problem because I've never been asked for my passport in the hospital however I noticed on my paperwork this time that they tested me for HIV TB and another communicable disease I forget which one I don't know what the procedure would have been if something came back positive so watch this very carefully as you can see the nurse had gloves and a mask but noticed that the mask is not over anyone's mouth and nose as they should be the first nurse had a problem with my stitches and called in other people when was the last time you cleaned yourself up alcohol the first thing I noticed in the room was the pillowcase and sheets didn't look freshly funny although it may be true that hospitals like the International Money will have similar care as the countries sponsoring a hospital you have to realize that there will still be Nepali staff who may not always follow hygiene protocol one person came in with gloves already on and another sat the cleaning swab on the dirty pillowcase and then continued to use it on my room fortunately I didn't see it don't have doors the table with the medical supplies was really guilty the legs looked like it hadn't been cleaned for at least a month and the utensils looked as if they'd been left out and used on everyone all day long notice the black stuff on the walls that can easily be black mold a very potentially dangerous problem there are many dangers all over Nepal just crossing the street can be dangerous here remember if you get hit by a car or motorcycle get out of the road as soon as possible if you die they don't have to pay so much only $5,000 but if you are permanently injured they will need to pay you for the rest of your life imagine walking down the street and having a paint bucket farm or worse yet the painter the streets are not level and you can easily trip on something hazards are just everywhere additionally typhoid tetanus elephantitis and other parasites are alive and well in Nepal when you get back home the doctor might not even know what to test you for this spider bite that causes pain and swelling all the way up to the groin took three hospital visits and about a month to get over here is one of our guests who have to cancel our Trek due to her knee injury she even went home to have it treated because she didn't have travel insurance and our cook who was driving her didn't have a driver's license so there was no local insurance this is all old cook who got into a motorcycle accident at her gasps this plant is using it as an old time when he actually didn't have any problem there isn't this is Susie's finger if you cut a broken beer bottle and had it treated at a government hospital neither to round ten stitches and it still doesn't make money not only did I pay for everything and dress it every day for me but I also specifically asked him to go to a private hospital so why do I feel so guilty this dead cap was a bit too close to the stream people tell you to boil the water but what else would be left behind if you've got some of this one on board we were including two accidents for your consideration the first is a random hit-and-run from a CCTV camera [Applause] this next scene is a woman touching the electric pole and getting electrocuted dangers are everywhere what if I had been tracking Franco I have a sword named sore back and a sore hand as well as the obvious opening and abrasions I'd have to have hiked down the trail to get to the nearest medical outdoors but there probably wouldn't have been an actual surgeon to do the stitches and it wouldn't likely have been even as clean as the hospital I went to so what if I would have been up in the high country and got hurt worse a helicopter ride to Kathmandu costs over $5,000 they take tourists to one of two highly qualified hospital isn't being or school or know every possible I went to see with one time and found it to be just like I remember from the US a carpeted reception area reversible dudes down and like including a mere image but the doctor visit alone would have been $80 please click on our affiliate link for ensure my trip and the description bonus you can shop from many top-rated travel insurance companies and they guarantee the best rates the reason to use this service isn't to support a challenge for both deaths it's because they have advocates for you if you deliver any decline you definitely do not want to go to such a time I hope you enjoyed the video I hope it didn't discourage too much Nepal is just a lovely country but stuff can happen and it can happen at home too I got no car accidents and fell and broke my wrist one time broke my finger one time in America so can happen anywhere but the idea is to have a plan B since I've been here in Nepal though I thought that of course the common cold which a little bit more because it's a different variety in in Asia so long I have the respiratory infection a couple months ago I had pneumonia one time diarrhea about three times but if something happens you can't sue you're gonna have to deal with it yeah it's not my fault oh wow you have to deal with it but the idea here is you need to take responsibility preferably before because it's pretty cheap three dollars or two three dollars a day for travel insurance but it can be $5,000 to bring a helicopter down with you and so that's the difference but it is worth the risks and it's worth it so lovely in a poem so I hope it's on your bucket list oh if it is hope you give us a like and give us it the notification belt because I want to help you throughout your time in Nepal so you'll have a safer time you'll know what to expect and how to do a little bit better and just to have a better time and content so anyway what about Nepal see you next time

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  1. Whaaat? i listened the first minute and i had to stop.
    This old lady fells down, hits her head and she says that the fault is of a Nepali girl that sold her the shoes that she used when she tumbled in the stream? Did I listen correct?
    And she also want to sell insurance!!…Wow!
    Well maybe she did hit the rock too hard or maybe not hard enough… Who knows?

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