you hey everyone welcome to the Seraph it show today I'm gonna share with you some exercises that are gonna help lean out and lengthen your legs no the actual length of your legs won't actually happen but these exercises will help create the illusion that they are getting longer and smaller so the first few we're gonna focus on are gonna be on the outer glute which is the gluteus medius so if you have any knee pain this is gonna be a good move for you to do so you're gonna come down on your right knee your right arm is gonna be directly underneath your shoulder hand on your hip or up here and what you're gonna do is you're just going to lift this leg up to three so make sure that you have that foot flexed and you want to push that up and down so really getting that heel up and you want to feel a squeeze right here in the side box so that is the first move and you want to do this ten times once you get to the top you're gonna pulse it for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and down and you're maybe ten together okay and then when you get to the top ten again so then you're gonna come down onto your side now a lot of fitness instructors will want you to put your head down on your arm because it's safer for your not however a lot of people want to do this to do it's more comfortable if you feel okay doing it like this and you feel like you are being safe go ahead and do that so to start we're gonna take our front leg and place it out in front a lot of times I'll put like a little ball or even a weight right here under my knee to give it a little bit of protection I don't have one today but feel free to grab one to do that you're going to extend your bottom leg out flexing the foot and you want to reach that leg up as high as you can reaching in the inner thigh of that left leg and come down we're gonna go up and down 15 times once you get to the top you're gonna pulse it for 10 times come down then we're gonna take both legs bring the top leg up and bring the bottom leg up to meet it again we're gonna do this for 10 times and then we're gonna hold it for 10 seconds good and you're gonna come down take that top leg point it up flex your foot bring it down point it up flex your foot and bring it down we're gonna do this 12 times point your toe up and we're good now take that foot have it about 12 inches above the foot on the bottom and we're just going to do beach ball circles your feet are actually angled as well to the top corner of your mat so notice how my hips are lined up with the back of the mat but my feet are out at a little bit of an angle so we're just gonna do 8 beach ball circus to the front and we're gonna bait each ball circles to the back then lastly for the last exercise we're gonna bring both our feet up we're gonna flex our feet and we're gonna take our full foot and knee bring it up and close it we're gonna do this 15 times so when you come up really focus on using that gluteus medius and really focus on your inner thighs when you bring that leg back down keeping a foot flexed good and once you finish this guess what you're gonna do you're gonna come back up switch legs and do it all from the start starting with these I call them cheerleader exercises because when you come down you're kind of standing up and you come down like that but any one's so you're starting up like this and your leg goes up you got it so do this exercise one two or three times through for a great leg lengthening work out this workouts not going to get your heart rate ramped up but it is going to tone up your leg muscles and really work with some of the smaller muscles that you might neglect when you do squats and lunges so these exercises are awesome to do for injury prevention as well as firming up and creating a lean body that a lot of women strive to achieve I hope you enjoyed this workout video I am Sarah don't forget to check out all my other videos if you're looking for a video that you can follow along with I just released an awesome yoga video so go check that out I'll see you guys soon bye you you

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Methew Wade

33 thoughts on “The Sarah Fit Show – Fitness Fusion – Inner Thigh, Glute Workout – The Sarah Fit Show”

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  9. hoping for the best … i just wish i can wear skinny jeans soon . usually i have to wear a long shirt or t shirt to cover my butt and thighs and have always yearned to wear shorter tops .how long will it take to see results …

  10. I've been on youtube for a long time looking for exercises , music etc but i never bothered to create an account . i loved your exercises so much that i created an account just to subscribe .I am 5 feet 8 inches & have huge thighs and am trying to slim then down but don't want to build muscle or bulk them up . your exercises seem to be good and am going to give them a shot … i love the fact that you use almost no equipment . which is good coz i dont have any πŸ™‚

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  13. Wow, this is an amazing work out, but it seems so hard, I don't think I can do 10 for each but I will try to do them gradually….Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  14. hey sarah, so for each leg i do 10 reps, meaning lift the leg and then do the pulses, and do that for 10 times; or do i lift 10 times then just end off with 10 pulses? would really appreciate a reply

  15. @robynrene there's an exercise called lose the lovehandles on rachhloves' fitness channel! i've tried it out and it's good, you can look at that:)

  16. all my life my thighs have been thick and theyve always rubbed together, would this be good enough to minimize them substantially?

  17. thank you so much for these no-equipment necessary videos! im still struggling with my weight and i can't always afford those expensive gym memberships or home equipment. you are truly an inspiration. πŸ™‚

  18. Great exercises! Just a side note, you're working more of your external rotators than glut med in the last exercise 'cause your hips were flexed and glut med extends and abducts.

  19. great video sarah! what type of workout do you recommend to get leaner calves?? i have really bulky calves… i want to burn that roundness :(. people say it's genetic (i do see the resemblance from my dad), but is it still possible to lose the bulk?? please help!

  20. It seems odd to do ecercises by just moving limbs about a static body, surely it'd be better to move your mody about something like a static assault course?
    (see "parkour")

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