Let’s talk about why you’re not as hungry as you maybe were before you started doing
the P90X Nutrition Plan. Hey guys, it’s Dave and today I wanna talk
about a really common question I get from a lot of my customers. So, let me kind of set up the background scenario first and then I’ll get to the question and then some of the reasons why I think some of that stuff’s happening. So, scenario is, you’ve got somebody who is
30 or more ponds overweight; let’s just say 250 pounds, OK? And, they contact me and say “I’ve been doing P90X for a week, maybe 2 weeks and I’m following the
nutrition guide and I’m really doing my best to, you know,
do everything I’m supposed to do AND eat all this food. The problem is – it’s too much food. I cannot
eat all this food.” So, let’s talk about this a little bit because
I think this is the common issue that people have. And I understand the motivation behind it because people want to do what’s required in order
to get results. So, they read in the book “This is how much food you need to eat and
this is what you’ve got to do” and so they’re doing it and they’re thinking “If I can’t eat all this food, I’m not gonna
get the results I want.” So, let’s go through it a little bit. OK, so if you’re 250 pounds and P90X Nutrition
Guide suggests 36000 calories, okay? That’s a suggestion. Everybody should be working with a coach to make sure you’ve got the
right calorie number for you. That number is also not
designed to encourage weight loss; it’s really a number that’s designed to have
you avoid any sort of calorie deficit. So, you need to be working with a coach to make sure first of all, that you’ve got the calorie number right, ’cause you may just be eating too much food. That’s why you can’t eat all the food, because
it’s just simply too much. So, work with a coach; if you want to work
with me, I’m totally open to that. My email’s here on the screen. Now, the other thing that happens is it’s
the type of foods you’re eating, okay? And I think this is really more than the calorie
number being right, because the thing I know is that if you’re 250 pounds and that happens
to be 30 to 50 pounds overweight, again if you’re really, really tall and you’re
250; you know if you’re Shaking and you’re 250 – it’s different deal. But, for most people, let’s say you’re 250
pounds, what I know is you’ve been eating 36000 calories a day.
I mean, that’s just the truth. BUT, what you’ve probably been eating and
when I start to dig down with most of the people who ask these questions, and I start to figure out “Okay well, talk
to me about what your diet was before, because I know what it’s like now, if you
tell me you’re following the phase I of P90X Nutrition Guide – I know you’re on a high-protein, moderate fat, low-carb plan.” Most of the people that I talk to are telling
me that this is just too much food. We’re on a very high-carb hydrate, fairly low protein, fairly low fat diet; most
of the food are coming from carbs. So, that’s where this all makes perfect sense.
So, there’s a little bit of science behind why that’s the case, but essentially without getting into all the
hormonal break-down of everything… Your body has a switch that goes off, okay?
And the switch says “Stop eating now, because you’re full. You
don’t have to eat anymore.” It’s called your safety signal signal, okay? And foods, that are high on protein, high
in fat trigger that signal very quickly. Carbs, in particular, you know, kinda junky,
high-glycemic index carbs, like sugars and chips and white bread and all that type of
junk – that… those types of foods don’t trigger your safety signal. You know what else doesn’t trigger it – soda. 64-ounce soda; think about how many calories
are in a 64-ounce soda. Most people are just drinking those calories;
they don’t even realize they’re taking them in and the body doesn’t ever have a chance to
say “Woah, okay! I’m full now!” Like it does when you eat a diet that is higher
in protein and higher in fat, which is exactly what the P90X Nutrition Guide
provides for you. Phase I is a very low-carb plan. Sort of position as a high-protein plan, but
it’s actually really low-carb plan. And there is a whole host of reasons for that
and I’ve got another video that explains why BeachBody decided to do that;
it’s actually really just mentioning science behind that as well. But, what happens to people when they start
doing Phase I is they start eating foods that trigger to
their body “I’m full. Stop eating.” And that maybe… that’s totally different
than what they were doing before. So, what I always tell people and what I do
generally – I don’t count calories anymore I kinda know how many calories are in the
food that I’m eating. On days that I have big, long workouts, I
eat more food and I am really intentional about fueling up for those workouts. But, as a general rule when I’m hungry I eat food. When I am satisfied – I stop eating the food. Okay? If that means there’s food left on my plate, that means there’s food left on my plate, OK? So, I’m not stuffing myself; there is a difference
between being satisfied and full. If you’re eating to the point where you’re
full or you feel like urgh!, you know, your belly hurts ’cause you’ve eaten so much, you’re eating too much food. I can almost universally tell you – you’re
eating too much food or you’re eating too much food at one time, you know spacing meals out is another thing
that has been effective for me. I don’t necessarily think you have to eat,
you know, 5 or 6 meals a day. What I do think you wanna do though is eat
when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied, okay? And that’s really good rule of thumb, so again
a couple of things: One, make sure your calorie count is right;
make sure you’re working with somebody who can help you dial that number in. Also, make sure that the person you’re working
with is gonna keep working with you because as your weight changes, your calorie
numbers are gonna change. At some point your weight might plato. One of the easiest ways to get out of a plato with weight loss is to start staggering calories and start doing some different things with
your calorie intake. So, make sure you are working with someone
who understands all that stuff and can help you through that process. And then, look at the types of different foods
you’re eating and make a mental note, I will tell you that
if you have… If you’ve had an avocado, right, nice-lot-a-fat-in-it
avocado, you have an avocado to almost any meal, you will feel full quicker, than if you don’t
have that extra little bit of fat on your plate. So, just another tip from me to you, I hope
you guys find this information helpful and again contact me with any questions. I am happy to help you sort all this stuff out and I hope you have a great day.

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Methew Wade

16 thoughts on “The P90X Nutrition Guide is Too Much Food”

  1. Great stuff. Really glad I found your vid. Just started P90x with my wife and the amount of food in the diet is something we have been wondering about.

  2. Yeah, I remember the first time we did it. Seemed like I was full constantly. Doesn't feel very good and doesn't work (if your goal is weight loss anyway). I tend to be able to get by with fewer calories than most other people. We start a new round of P90X today after we've finished the 21 Day Ultimate Reset just yesterday. Back to eating again!!! Here we go! We have a support group up and running for this round. Email me (infoATthefitclubnetworkDOTcom) if you want some more info.

  3. So, those two goals aren't mutually exclusive, but it can be difficult to focus on both simultaneously. I'd suggest you run a deficit to lose weight, meanwhile lifting weights to help with that and start building muscle (P90X is great for this). Then, focus on building lean muscle by adding calories back in. We have a new blog post today that helps with that deficit issue. You can find it via the homepage. "Weight Loss and Calorie Burn".

  4. I just added a link to a blog post that will give you a spreadsheet that has all the info you'll need. It's low carb/high protein in Phase I.

  5. hey man how accurate would u say the p90x calculator is im doing the program and I want to make sure im as close to the numbers of calories I need to be successful in the program

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