I was in emergency accomodation and I have no money whatsoever to buy anything shower gels sighs chief brushes teeth face it made me feel like less of a person in a way that gave me an understanding on how it is to be left leo is sixteen and knows what it's like to live without these everyday essentials but not really to keep clean patients that deep worthlessness that makes you feel like if you can't keep clean can't do anything yeah it makes you feel like dirty unwanted right yeah leo ended up receiving donations from the hygiene Bank charity and told us how it made him feel I know this might sound really really stupid but happy because it was my relief to know that someone out there actually guess that someone is Lizzy hall she founded the hygiene Bank six months ago now operates across the country a connection points like this one all sorts of toiletries are being donated whether they're for men women or children there are also household essentials including laundry products and toilet roll where driven by a belief that nobody should be suffering and hygiene poverty that being clean in this modern day Britain isn't a privilege or a luxury but a basic human rights and a basic human need so we work to provide products to those people that need them so that we can minimize the the stigma of hydrogen poverty the donations are sent out to hostels refugees food banks and various other places here pupils are organizing some products which have been received by this school to pass on to families who need them parents can approach staff in confidence to get hold of toiletries cosmetics and other cleaning products you have children who come into school who really struggle and when their hair is dirty or they know that their hands are dirty or they smell and they try and cover up their hands or they're aware that they are alienating themselves from the other children and so therefore you can sometimes see them on their own on the playground so it's made a massive difference to them I think they're definitely changed their self-confident and their hat the way they smell and everything in it make them feel really happy it gives them a way to feel about themselves that isn't bad or sad or angry probably makes them feel more loved in their family and with their friends me just the whole entire community that's exactly why the hygiene Bank was set up so a few small items could make a huge difference to those living in poverty Lauren Hall ITV News

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