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Methew Wade

44 thoughts on “The Heart Attack Grill: Restaurant Promotes Harmfully Unhealthy Food | Nightline | ABC News”

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  2. Personally I find that the fact that the owner is promoting obesity is disgusting. Although, it’s not like he’s forcing you to enter the restaurant. He is very honest about his intentions, so technically it’s not his fault if you come into the restaurant and actually have a heart attack lmao

  3. It kind of reminds me of stuff people can make at home for cheaper. I like the owner's response. People know what they're doing and don't care, and why should they? Why should the nutritionist's worldview, life goals and sense of meaning be enforced in regards to Blair's life?
    I've met a lot of old people and I personally have never seen any benefit in growing old, and most of them don't seem to think so either.

  4. 5:05 watching this man eat and the face that he makes right here is one of the most DISGUSTING things I've ever seen!!! He's literally shoving food into his disgusting mouth.

  5. Can get that without sauce no bun substitute the fries for bacon extra cheese and some melted butter. Would just fast the next day or two .I can't believe I missed that place.

  6. Wait a minute this guy is clearly saying you will die by eating this. May be the first honest fast food chain on earth.

  7. Hey no one forces you too eat unhealthy. Mc Donald's does the same thing. It's ones choice to eat how they chose don't blame anyone for your eating habits

  8. Isn't this the regular menu at most fast food and family dining restaurants? Big juicy greasy burgers and fries and milkshakes?

  9. I dont care I want the quadruple bypass burger and the shake see if I can do it.

  10. This concept is the same as all bars, breweries, and nightclubs out there, but at least the owner is upfront and honest about what gluttony does. Alcohol is also an addiction, but there’s no public outcry to close them all down.

  11. that's not exactly true, no one knows if he would have survived pneumonia had he been thin, I had a friend healthy and in shape, normal weight etc, she died of pneumonia at 25. this owner is upfront and honest hes not holding a gun to your head to eat there. nation wide there are plenty of fast food places like this, they are just in denial of how unhealthy their food is, instead using clowns, kings and a chucky cheese mouse as their models/mascots

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