I'm Graham curry professor of Public Management worked for the NHS is an organization development advisor now carried out research around organization and management in the NHS delivering high-quality care to an increasingly aging population in a time of austerity requires innovation that innovation may well come from business schools at work visually school for example we've got an organizing healthcare research network that cuts across mainstream business school disciplines were part of a translational health research initiative called Clark we move from what we know to what we do and deliver best clinical practice so a very much up to date with what's happening out there we've always tried to develop socially responsible leaders the best managers are what i would call hybrid managers clinicians who've moved into managerial roles they look through the clinical window and deliver clinical services and at the same time they look through the managerial window and manage the resource that supports the delivery that's how it should be they're the best managers business schools are there to help support that through doing relevant research and providing educational programs take the example of the Asian population a lot of older persons end up in hospital because there's nowhere else for them to go and the care might have been provided in the community or even at home yes it reduces costs but more importantly it leads to better health outcomes and it represents a better patient experience reconfiguration services requires reorganization and management business schools a well placed to provide insight engendering leadership in clinicians so that we deliver health care more effectively and efficiently to this older population you

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