[lauren] i like biting the noodles. [john] that’s a sign of disrespect.
[lauren] good thing i know how to use chopsticks. [lauren] hello everybody! it’s lauren from hot for food back with a brand new video and recipe for you! [lauren] and today i’m gonna keep things light and easy. we’re gonna recreate THE BUDDHA BOWL from hotforfoodblog.com [lauren] it’s one of the more popular recipes from our blog that had yet to be turned into a video. [lauren] and i thought this would be a good one to show you how to prepare at the beginning of the week [lauren] so you can have lunches and dinners for a number of days. [lauren] and it’s also healthy! so if you’re trying to stick to some health goals here in 2017, [lauren] this is a good one to have in your arsenal and lying around in the fridge when you’re hungry and you don’t know what to eat! [lauren] so we’re gonna prepare a creamy miso and tahini dressing, [lauren] we’re also gonna make some soba noodles, as well as have lots of fresh vegetables [lauren] and also a curried chickpea so let’s get started! [lauren] so first things first, you wanna drain a can of chickpeas, rinse them off, drain them and lay them out on some paper towel like this. [lauren] now what this is going to do is remove the outer skins on the chickpeas so you just rub them like this, [lauren] shake them around carefully and you wanna go through and try to pick out as much of the skin as you can. [lauren] if you don’t get every single one, it’s not a big deal. [lauren] so just take your chickpeas and add them to a mixing bowl cos we’re gonna season them. [lauren] you’re gonna add a little bit of olive oil to these, and then your spices. [lauren] so it’s cumin, cayenne, paprika, garam masala and sea salt. [lauren] get these well coated and we’re gonna pop them in the oven on a baking sheet. [lauren] and now these are going in the oven for about 40 minutes at 425F [lauren] and while these are baking and getting all crispy and dry, [lauren] you’re gonna prep the noodles, the dressing and all of your veggies. [lauren] so you’re gonna add tahini to a blender with water, [lauren] miso paste, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. [lauren] just blend it and this dressing will thicken up when you refrigerate it a little bit. [lauren] i’m using buckwheat soba noodles but you could also use quinoa as the grain base of the bowls if you want. [lauren] they only take a few minutes to cook. i’m going to add broccoli to my bowl. [lauren] so the easiest way to cook this is to just throw it in with the noodles right before they’re finished. [lauren] whether you’re using noodles or quinoa, you’re gonna mix in some green onions while they’re still warm. [lauren] if you’re using noodles, you wanna rinse them cos they do get very starchy/ [lauren] we’re gonna add a little bit of lemon juice, [lauren] just whatever you have leftover from before. [lauren] a little bit of olive oil and a pinch of pepper [lauren] and then just give it a good toss or if it’s the quinoa, you can stir it around. [lauren] this just adds some extra flavour into your grain base for the bowls. [lauren] alright, everything’s ready to go so we can assemble our buddha bowls. [lauren] but the chickpeas are done as well and when they’re all finished, [lauren] they’re nice and crispy, they’ve shrunk a little bit, [lauren] they’re good! [lauren] look at that pretty buddha bowl! [lauren] ooh! i don’t even wann eat it, it looks so good. [lauren] i never use chopsticks on this video, i don’t think so. [lauren] mm! [lauren] i haven’t eaten yet today [lauren] obviously you can customise this to your liking. [lauren] if you don’t like tomatoes, put something else. add avocado, take out the pumpkin seeds, whatever! [lauren] i added purple kale, red cabbage, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, marinated artichokes, pea shoots, shredded carrot, [lauren] pumpkin seeds, an extra lemon wedge and of course, the crispy chickpeas! [lauren] which would be good on any type of salad, really. [lauren] i’ve linked the recipe below which goes to our blog, hotforfoodblog.com [lauren] and you’ll notice the dressing there actually has turmeric in it. [lauren] so that’s optional if you want to put it in the dressing, it’ll make it a bright yellow colour. [lauren] there’s also lots of health benefits to eating turmeric, of course. [lauren] so try that if you want. super easy! i hope you like this one [lauren] for the weeks ahead while you’re getting ready for school and work and all those things [lauren] and you want your meals ready to go. [lauren] you just pack this up in a container, put the dressing on it or on the side, [lauren] and away you go! [lauren] alright, there’s more recipes to come! it’s only january 2017 and we’re only two weeks in, which is crazy! [lauren] means i have like, 50 more videos to make. [lauren] okay, subscribe, thumbs up, follow us on social media @hotforfood [lauren] share your pictures if you make the buddha bowl and i’ll see ya next week! [lauren] time to stuff my face!

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100 thoughts on “THE BUDDHA BOWL (HEALTHY & VEGAN) | hot for food”

  1. Looks so yummy! I will have to try this for sure. Clean eating helps with energy throughout the day and supports so many aspects of life!

  2. You guys read my mind literally yesterday I looked up "hot for food buddha bowl" and today I see this in my sub box… so over the moon!

  3. tafe goes back soon for me, and this sounds easy and amazing to take for lunch, always looking for new packed lunches like this, thank you so much for your ideas

  4. Hey Lauren, I'm not vegan, but I am paleo. Before my switch to being paleo, i used to LOVE oatmeal. But now I cant have em. I've been trying to find recipes "grain free oatmeal" recipes out there, but most of em aren't that good. It would mean a LOT to this fella sista if you can help me find a gran free oatmeal recipe that doesnt suck. THANKS A BUNCH!

  5. this is my first time in your channel and i'm definitely gonna try this!
    also i loved the music, thank you for not using dubstep/electronic music like everyone else does in their videos
    (sorry for bad english)

  6. I made this today. So good! You make food so exciting. I love buddha bowls bc you can add whatever veggies you have; it's always tasty and so healthy. I added the turmeric into the dressing which made it a nice yellow color. Thanks for the recipe lauren!

  7. I just think you and Viet Vegan Lisa are the best on youtube.  I enjoy you two so much, I would love to move to Canada (well, for another reason too…God help America).  Most of what I eat are in bowls.  It's getting to the point where I'm considering donating everything flat.  Keep them coming, Lauren!  Can't wait for your book.  I hope it will be in printed form too.  <3

  8. Could you please make a vid for this recipe????? http://www.hotforfoodblog.com/recipes/2015/2/2/scallops-with-spaghetti-crispy-kale-pomegranates?rq=scallops

  9. Girl how are you doing it? Working on a cookbook while updating this channel and your own channel regularly? Mad respect. <3

  10. Another great video!! Could you guys make a recipe for almond croissants please? I've never been able to find any vegan almond croissants or any recipes for them and I've been craving them for the past month😭

  11. You should try to make a vegan version of miyabi soup (I just call it Japanese soup but it's the beef/chicken broth kind with mushrooms and chives)

    I've been looking all over for a recipe for it but I can't find anything.

  12. Made this tonight. Added fresh fennel and avocado. As my daughter would say "it's bangin !" Will def repeat this dish!

  13. Hey guys! I've been vegan for almost a year now and I'm getting married this year (October 14th!). I'm wanting to throw a vegan wedding without the guests being fully aware. (So they don't refuse to eat). My fiancé and I have NO idea what to serve at the wedding, and we've googled, pinterested, youtubed, EVERYTHING, and haven't found anything. It's an outdoor wedding, boho/rustic themed, and the reception is in the evening. HOT FOR FOOD…PLEASE HELP US!!!! We would LOVE to see ideas for a vegan wedding and what to possibly serve the guests. (We can't have anything catered by restaurants, where we live isn't a huge city with enough "vegan" options from a caterer). PLEASE HELP. Anyone…anything.

  14. Do NOT throw away the chickpeas' skin! Marinade them the same way as the chickpeas themselves and put them in the oven together. Be careful not to burn them as they're done much earlier than the peas. Trust me, they will bring your Buddha Bowl's crispness to a whole new level!! 🙂

  15. are you supposed to refrigerate tahini? I do and the consistency of mine is never smooth/runny like that – can I just pantry it?!

  16. The Miso Tahini dressing was the BEST! No more store dressings for me. This is my new favorite and it made the Buddha Bowl come together. Thanks!

  17. Hey Lauren! I just lost my vitamix in a fire so I'm in the market for a new one. Which one do you use? I had the one that's super tall, but looks like you might have the newer shorter one? Love to know what you think. Thanks for all the vegan inspo and best comfort food recipes I've ever tasted!

  18. God, you're lucky that bowl looked really good cuz the chewing in the beginning almost made me immediately stop watching

  19. I hate those chickpea shell thingies. They drive me crazy so I just leave them instead of trying to get them off. I think noodles are life ❤️❤️💚💚so thank you for this recipe

  20. I am incredibly inspired to dive into these Buddha bowls. Yours looks fantastic. I think it would actually be fun to assemble.

  21. Tumeric is my fav spice! I have it almost everyday, I put it on everything haha and Tumeric chai tea lattes are the best =)

  22. wonderful! I am half Syrian raised in a Syrian Christian home, I cant get enough, tahini, lemons or chick peas. Dried chick peas were always part of the appetizer platter (Mezza). I took formal refuge to Buddhism 20 ? years ago. believe me the Buddha never had such a yummy salad. But he sure deserved one as de;ish as yours.

  23. this looks so good! tried the chickpeas today, i love chickpeas, but either this is not for me or i did something wrong!! 🙈 will try other recipes of yours, great channel!

  24. Vegan food with Ingredients such as – garlic , onions , scallions, shallots, parsley & coriander, leeks……

    Cannot be called as “Buddha Bowls” – please check “the forbidden pungent vegetables”

    Just sharing 🙏

  25. I have misophonia so the sound of her eating in the first few seconds made me want to scream but I loved this recipe. Yummy

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