hey what is up flavor family it is Bobby and art back at the grocery store to review bread oh my gosh there are so many options for bread and I kind of got news for you probably 85% of them are no good and last week at the end of a Costco video we asked you what do you want to see next week and bread was the overwhelming request so we are gonna hook you up the thing is a lot of people try to give up red and they just can't do it so if you're gonna eat bread I want to make sure you guys are eating bread that's nutritious made with real and good ingredients and it's not gonna spike your blood sugar and make you hungry 30 minutes later I want it to be really really satiating bread so before we break down all these breads hook me up you guys subscribe to our channel because every single week we are rocking out three videos two videos on the weekend one at live stream during the week better yet there's a little bell icon right below the video click that bell because you don't want to miss these live streams we're cooking a recipe we'll start to finish and it's super fun alright so first off I thought we start with the worst of the worst they don't even have it here at Whole Foods I brought it in the white bread right this is the stuff I kind of grew up with my parents would take us to the Wonder Bread factory just outside of Chicago we'd get this we make sandwiches and feed the ducks at the local pond poor me poor ducks because this stuff is the worst of the worst look at the ingredients the number-one ingredient is unbleached enriched wheat flour so that's red flag number one never buy breads made with bleached or unbleached flour because they're basically taking what was a whole green stripping it down and getting rid of all the good stuff the white bread and the grains like this will spike your blood sugar and make you hungry 30 minutes later and has no nutrition in fact they strip them all away and if you read the ingredients that put some of them back in man made which is really really bad and the reason why you want to buy whole grains is cause it's a complete green it has the bran the germ and the endosperm when you have the enriched you'll get rid of all the good stuff except the endosperm which is why they add that nutrients here because it took all the good stuff away then you have stuff here like partially hydrogenated vegetable oils tons of chemicals and bad ingredients and generally the bread is super light and you can squish its into a ball like that it's typically a bad thing so this is a no-no that I think you guys all knew that then I brought this with me to any fob bred from pet root pepperidge farm is gonna be a know this is probably one of their life or premier lines the farmhouse oatmeal bread and it feels kind of heavy and dense and you might think it's good but this is where you have to read the ingredients on the back number one it's within rich wheat flour so not whole grains at strike one it's got soybean oil does it say it's non-gmo No so they're using a highly processed highly refined soybean oil that has a chemical called hexane to extract all the oil so that's really bad but a lot of breads will use something like monoglycerides it's another word for Ingo conditioner it's a chemical they put into the bread so it bakes quicker why do you want to bake bread quicker because they're a factory right they want to churn and burn these out as quickly as possible good bread is worth waiting for us so anything that has a little conditioner and I'll put the list of all the names for that you want to avoid so this is a no and anything from pepperidge farm as and no let's go to something really really good sprouted breads these are the Bobby approved top choice for bread because nutrition and ingredients is amazing this brand is silver hills it's a really good quality bread now why do you want sprouted grains because it's a grain soaked in water until a little tail forms and it's ground into a paste and made into bread sprouted breads are very easy for their body to digest plus when you sprout a grain there's a ton more nutrients your body derives out of it so it's a double whammy which is why you want to buy this one and then look at the ingredients this one's my favorite the Big Reds bread organic sprouted wheat the grains seeds nuts you don't see any chemicals you don't see any dough conditioners this stuff is really good if you want a lighter texture the little big bread it's a little softer and chewier great for sandwiches and then right above it is brown berry which I want you to avoid because marketing gimmicks right natural weeds and other titles like cracked wheat multigrain seven grain all-natural doesn't mean anything all you have to do is turn it over and read the ingredients the first one is cracked wheat cracked wheat is another word for unbleached enriched white flour not work there's soybean oil in here once again is it non-gmo no it's not so this is just as bad as white bread but you would think that is better you want to stay away from that we also want to talk about hamburger buns because it's the summertime I just saw this right here aren't you like Priscilla right thing is I love that soft pretzel flavor and texture but the ingredients are brutal you guys we have obviously in rich flour because that's what it pretzels made of but canola oil not non-gmo we have a a bunch of chemicals and stabilizers in here we'll show you some better hamburger buns actually right here the silver hills makes a sprouted hamburger bun so once again the benefit of the sprout is that it's way way better for you the ingredients are super clean and in case you don't want like that sprouted flavor and texture for a hamburger month I'll show you another one later on that has a better texture and it's more like that pillowy soft and rich flour that we know here's one that's kind of on my maybe list it's uh Kiplinger's good the first ingredient is whole grain wheat flour which is great and then it specifically says non-gmo soybean oil great look at the sugar there's two grams of sugar per slice in general for bread we don't want to buy bread that has more than two grams of sugar per slice and we don't want to buy bread that has less than two grams of protein and fiber otherwise it's gonna spike your blood sugar and make you hungry in thirty minutes the whole point of eating had a hearty sprouted good quality whole grain bread is that it fits your hunger and the only way it's gonna do that is if it has two grams each a fiber and protein so let that be on your list too this one has one fiber and three protein so because of that and because of the ingredients it's a maybe it's another not ideal but semi maybe ish its best grains and it's heavy it feels good we read the ingredients whole grain wheat flour great unbleached wheat flour so a lot of times you'll see whole grain and then the next one is enriched or unbleached wheat flours so they're following it up with the bad one but then it has a bunch of good stuff in here like buckwheat flour flax seed protein has four grams per slice Rudi's is a very popular one ecstasy the other day I made burgers at home and I meant to buy Judy's gluten-free buns and we ate the burger as they were doing this yes I'm like wow these buns are so soft and pillowy I looked in the bag I bought Rudy's buns by mistake which was not gluten free but I guess I can very easily get mistaken because they look exactly the same and have one letter difference so Rudy's is good stuff right we look at the ingredients whole-wheat flour a bunch of other really good stuff here it does have a little bit of a enriched flour later on but I want you to stay away from the Rudy's white bread or in fact I want you to stay away from any white you ready and all because it's never a whole week always the first ingredient is wheat flour which is another word for enriched wheat and the reason why they do that is that soft white bread flavor and texture but we don't want that so even though it's made with good quality ingredients it doesn't have a whole wheat in here so what else do we have here let's grab this natural ovens here you'd think it'd be really good for you based upon the name and the front of the packaging so far so good it's got whole wheat flour as the second ingredient and the rest of the ingredients aren't bad until we get to soy bean oil right is it GMO free No so they're using the GMO low quality soybean oil I would just wouldn't buy that right so every other ingredient is good why they cheeping out they just fought like expeller pressed soybean oil organic I'd be okay with it so I would not buy that okay the last bread in this aisle is gonna be gluten-free you tease now the thing is when you get to gluten-free breads they tend to be made of a lot of starches right they can't use whole grains because they have gluten and they typically have a blend of tapioca starch rice flour and when you have that it's gonna be higher on the glycemic index because it spikes your blood sugar that's one thing to keep a lookout but let's go to the freezer aisle because that's where the best of the best breads are in the grocery store and I can't wait for you to check it out all right you guys this is my favorite bread of all time Ezekiel all right now some people keep it in the freezer aisle some people keep it in the the shelf it doesn't matter actually what matters is the price because here at Whole Foods it's 6:39 get it in Trader Joe's it's about or 69 so way cheaper there and why this stuff is so good why doesn't Brian food for life is so good is the ingredient I mean check this out it's made with sprouted wheat sprouted barley rye soy corn there's zero sugar in here so if your have diabetes or high blood sugar definitely get this and what makes us so good is that it's the combination of these sprouted beans and you sprouted grains that form a complete protein looks pretty similar to the protein you would find in eggs and milk and there's 18 amino acids in here nine of which are essential so this is really really good stuff any one of these I would get even the cinnamon raisin doesn't have added sugar it's just the sugar from that down here is something called mana bread it's a little heavy and dense but it's really really good quality stuff and then another top quality bread that makes my list they don't have here actually you only have it in Chicago at Costco which art stopped that before we started the video to get this Thank You art Dave's killer bread this stuff is great fix something for two loaves of bread look at the ingredients you guys amazing organic whole wheat tons of grains seeds nothing artificial no dough a condition there's nothing bad in here this is the kind of bread you want to eat off this guy's blowing up right it's becoming more and more popular I'm surprised they don't haven't heard Whole Foods but this is great another one that's fantastic is Alvarado Street Bakery fantastic it's a sprouted bread once again but they have it at Trader Joe's Trader Joe's has it for I think 350 alope this is five dollars alone ingredients just like the Ezekiel sprouted everything super clean so gonna eat carbs make them complex carbs that'll say she ate your hunger like carbs matter eat something like this it's gonna make you feel a lot better let's go back into gluten-free eat land really quick so the same brand that makes these equal is food for life all of these breads from food for life are gluten-free and are fantastic the original seed the rice really really good stuff I would stay away from this brand first of all it's the stupidest name in the history blue tea no it's like can you guys be a little more creative but the ingredients are not the best and it's a very crumbly bread that is not good at all probably one of my favorite gluten-free breads is gonna be right here Canyon baked house this stuff is fantastic I think this is the best in class when it comes to gluten-free breads super clean ingredients look at that extra virgin olive oil in here only 2 grams of sugar super super high quality all right they kick this out it was bound to happen I mean art now I've been on a hot streak lately but we pretty much finished the video right you got the gist by breads that are made with whole grains not enriched flour by ones that are high in protein and fiber so they stayed she ate your hunger and they're made with real grain and by ones that don't have any added sugar chemicals preservatives because breads are not supposed to last on your counter for two weeks it's supposed to be fresh simple ingredients and that's it you guys all right you guys art and I just finished another haul but we want to know what you want to see next we're gonna put up a poll right now vote and let us know we got two more of our hauls going below us right now but art and I will see you very soon until then hashtag keep on cooking mad love and peace

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Methew Wade

45 thoughts on “The Best Bread To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!”

  1. I have used a bread machine to make bread for over 20 years. I have not bought bread at all. My recipe yields a 2.2 lb loaf made from about 14 oz skim milk or water, 1.5 cup whole wheat flour, 2.5 cups of bread flour. The dough ball contains two tbls honey, two tbls olive oil, two tsp salt, and 1.5 tsp of Fleischman's dry yeast. Would you buy my bread? How would you improve it?

  2. Im so sorry for all the people who don’t know how great real bread taste. Bread in a plastic bag? That has nothing to do with bread at all. Terrible! I’m a baker in Switzerland 🙂 www.debeck.ch There you can see a least how bread should look like 🙂

  3. All grocery store bread sucks and is full of the weedkiller Round-up or the chemicals used to prevent mold.

  4. Hi Bobby,
    I'm glad your video came up on my YouTube feed this morning. I subscribed after I watched this video! And I want to thank you for being so informative, and breaking it down in a way that we can all understand.
    I was hoping that there would be breads other than Ezekiel, that are healthy too, and you showed us the good sprouted ones, so that now, if I can't get the BEST bread, Ezekiel, then I'll have others to choose from. Thank you so much, and this really helps me also, because I am hypoglycemic, and you are right what you say about the refined white breads, spiking someone's blood sugar.
    Check this out; me and my daughter are both hypoglycemic, and if we ate a big piece of lovely soft thick white French bread, and then followed it up with glazed donuts after that, we would be in a stooper, feeling weak, and sick!!
    We have to eat a good protein first, and then a proper carb, like oatmeal, Ezekiel bread, or brown rice, etc.
    Sorry to bombard you with alot of our medical problems, but I was just trying to give you an example of how some people like us, have to be careful what we eat.
    We don't even buy or use bleached white sugar for baking, or anything, we use either organic sugar, pure cane sugar, turbinado sugar, honey, molassis, fruit juices, apple sauce, 100% pure maple syrup.
    Anyway, that's the point I'm trying to make. I will browse through your other videos.
    Again, thanks. Bye. 😃

  5. Thank you for your educational videos on foods to buy and foods to avoid. Can you please do video on BUTTER please and thank you ❤

  6. With our high humidity in Louisiana, many of the spelt, sprouted and multigrain breads will go moldy very quickly. Sometimes they are even starting to mold while still at the store.

  7. What do you think about new Arnold® varieties,USDA Organic, Non-GMO

  8. Soy oil is not good for you period, doesn't matter if is non-gmo. Neither is canola oil or vegetable oils. The only good oils are olive, avocado and coconut IMO.

  9. It’s called Dave’s Killer Bread because it will eventually kill you! Those ingredients are insulin spiking and inflammatory!

  10. I love bread !!!! Will never give it up !!! Bread is the staff of life !!!! Cheese video please !!! Love cheese !!!


  12. You should do a video on how to use the good bread to make a healthy and good tasting sandwich. Most lunch meat is processed, so how can you make a good healthy sandwich?

  13. Hi Bobby, thank you for enlightening us! Can you make a video on fruit juices and protein drinks please? Thank you again.

  14. Never saw this channel before, but when he said the best was Ezekial, I subbed his channel. I think I can learn a few things from this guy, so, I'll be anxious to see more videos. The recipes will be very interesting since I cook for myself and get tired of the same things.

  15. I've been eating crappy food and didn't realize it until y'all came along. I am focused on eating clean, nutritious and whole foods. Thanks so much for all of your videos.

  16. I'd love nothing more than to buy everyone of your healthy recommendations, but I am not rich, so I can't avoid the crap food. It's everywhere and unavoidable

  17. I tried Dave's Killer Bread, phenomenal taste and texture and good for us too, nice. I bought the Ezekiel 7 grain bread, haven't tried it yet, I'll let you know how it is when I do. Thanks for such great and informative videos. Keep up the great job.

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