Here a couple of ideas on how to make
you warm ups on the mini court more dynamic. A lot of
players start the training and they are just standing there hitting
balls. So, if you force them to alternate a forehand and a backhand it’ll focus them on hitting the ball
straight to the partner and on moving around to be
able to do the job. So hit the forehand, moved to the other side, hit a backhand. The players aim straight at their partner. The partner has to move. Of course this drill can also be done from the back. This is an excellent way to get the
feet moving. Another alternative is to force the players to grab a ball, hit the ball, put it down. Hit the next ball, pick it up. So they are alternating in a rally between setting
a ball on the ground and picking it up. That’ll increase their focus and their
concentration, get them moving their feet and also forces them to hit nice and straight to a partner to
be able to do this drill. Once the players feel comfortable with
this, you can increase the intensity by asking
the players to rally in the alley and at the same time place the ball in the middle of the
service box. So they are moving to the side, hitting the
ball, picking up the ball and hitting it again. This definitely gets them going, keeps them focused, forces them to be very precise with their shot, and gets them hitting and moving. You can put the ball in many different places, mix it up and have fun with it.

Methew Wade

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