Hello everyone , i am Jake , welcome to my channel in today’s video we ll be talking about temporary medical insurance which every new immigrant needs when they arrive in Canada for the first 90 days because the provincial free insurance is not available until 90 days so what do we do ? we get the temporary insurance in that case for this video i need expert advice from my beautiful wife Demi i am meeting her in this beautiful park let me jus go and find where is she sitting? Hello cutie where are you coming from? didn’t you notice anything new? ohhh, you got a new hair cut yeah looks pretty sharp you look very young yeah,. i know ok since you were waiting for me here i just started the video we are discussing about the temporary medical insurance that every new immigrant need when they arrive in Canada would you like to throw some light on it and inform our subscribers about it. yeah, sure , why not today we are talking about insurance so we will be covering what kind of insurance is there ? how much it will cost ? what it will cover? where to get it from ? so first thing that come to our mind who all need this temporary medical insurance? anyone who is immigrating to Canada as a PR all the students who are coming here to study anyone who is coming on work permit to work in Canada they all need temporary medical insurance for the first 90 days when the free provincial medical insurance is not effective so that is the time period when you need to insure yourself so that you dont have to pay expensive medical bills in case some emergency situation comes in your life yeah, that’s correct , but let me also add some people, mostly above 40 or someone who regularly need medical attention they keep this temporary insurance along with OHIP, which is free insurance for longer time oh, even with the provincial insurance , they keep temporary insurance also what is the reason for that? the provincial free insurance covers your hospital bills emergency situation , major sickness and hospital will be covered in your provincial insurance but what is not covered in OHIP the expensive prescription medicines which you have to buy yourself then your dentist, optometrist, hearing aid if somebody needs it your chiropractor, any remedial massage that you need all these things wont be covered in OHIP all those who regularly need these things they keep this private insurance along with their free provincial inusrance sometimes what happens, you get 3 months temporary insurance if get a job in a good company, then the company also provide you with free private insurance ok so it is included in job benefits in that case you dont need temporary insurance my company is providing me free health insurance for me and my husband so we will be covered for prescription medicines, dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, remedial massage everything will be covered in that private insurance apart from the OHIP i quickly want to clear OHIP is ONTARIO HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN since we live in Ontario , she keeps saying OHIP but if you shift to some other province it will be something else but the basic thing is the provincial health insurance so the next point that we are talking about is how much is this temporary insurance Demi, i am talking something important can’t you feel the sun today actually sun is really beautiful today after coming here in Canada today is 1st time, we are actually out here, getting the sunlight just wearing one jumper, today is like Delhi winters i am so happy, i understood the importance of sun ok enough of your weather channel now we are talking about the price range for the temporary insurance can you talk about that now sure first of all i would like to say the price depends upon a lot of factors like your age, your marital status, if you have any children , then how many children? if you have any pre existing medical condition so there are XYZ, a lot of things on which this insurance price will depend on on an average the price would be 1000 CAD to 3000 CAD per year so divide it by the quarter if you want the price for 3 months but i cant give the accurate price because it depends on each person’s situation and a lot of things on an average, let’s say 250 CAD to 300CAD it also depend on how much coverage you want what happens lets say, i have a 75% coverage of all the services then i have to pay only 25% from my pocket 75% will be paid by insurance in some cases, 60% is paid by insurance and 40% by you the price goes up and down on lots of things on the various factors that come in the insurance deal the price will also depend on how much coverage you want plus how much facility you want do you want a dentist, optometrist, as in what all you want if you dont want all of that ,then the price will automatically go down on an average 250-300 CAD is what you might have to pay for 90 days insurance so this point is done, now we are going to move to the next point you got lost or what ? ok , we have discussed about the price range next point we are going to talk about is…. what will it cover? exactly what all is covered in you temporary insurance first thing i want to tell you and clarify if you feel like you have cold or feeling feverish or you know, i am feeling my Blood Pressure is high why not i get it checked it from a general physician since i have temporary insurance be very clear in your mind, these things are not covered in temporary insurance you have to pay for them from your own pocket basically, the general consultation is not covered, for that you ll have to pay only emergency situation like, flu, infection, accidents etc will be covered by temporary insurance feeling feverish is not covered, but fever from flu will be covered small issues like common cold is not covered next important point is, where to get the temporary insurance from what are the best options proceed you can either purchase from a broker or insurance company you can go to your bank as well these are the 3 places you can look for insurance there are some companies which provides good plans MANULIFE, ALLIANZ, GCM are some good options in my opinion the cheapest option is Destination Canada now this is my personal opinion of course you can do your own research and decide which one is best for you but they offer the cheapest and good insurance coverage exactly i think this is pretty much about the insurance i ll add certain things about pregnant women see, if your expected date of delivery is after 3 months of landing in CANADA because in provincial free insurance, you wont have to pay anything you can deliver your baby in a good hospital free of cost but if your delivery is within 3 months of landing then you have to take your own call because the private health insurance wont cover this expense unless you disclose beforehand and they give some deal mostly , lts not covered when the bill would turn into many dollars, it would hurt so plan accordingly so if you are coming as a PR, then better to deliver in home country and then come i think as far as temporary medical insurance is concerned we have covered almost all the aspects of this issue now i would like to say if have any questions or confusion kindly put them in the comments sections and also pls press the bell notification button on your screen so that every time we make a new video, you get the notification and you don’t miss any of the videos remember there is a like button , pls like our videos now we are gonna sign off , say bye to all of you

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39 thoughts on “Temporary Health Insurance 1st 3 months ! new immigrants to Canada”

  1. Hi Jake and Demi, Thanks a lot for creating such helpful videos. I have been following your channel for quite awhile now. Every video of your video is useful and it will be of great help if you can also create a video about the trucking industry in Canada. Ways to get into the industry as a truck driver, what opportunities are there for new truck drivers, the salaries that one can expect as a new truck driver and as an experienced professional truck driver etc.

    I'm longing to see this video and would be of great help to me.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    I love watching your videos. They are informative. Please make one video about declaration which is done on airport like jewellery valuation, property in home country etc. That would be really helpful for us as your experience will help us in relocating. Loads of love to both of you.

  3. Hey Jake and Demi thank you for all the information it was very helpful! However I am confused with one part! At 5:53 Demi mentions that it would cost 1000-3000 CAD but later at 6:14 and 7:15 Jake mentions 150-300 CAD! My Hindi is bad so I might be mistaken but 'souv' is 100 is it not?

  4. Hi Jake, Interesting videos. Kudos! Can you talk or make a video about the particular job sector you and Demi work. And possibly the minimum wage in.the sector. Thanks. Popadevoe.

  5. Hi Jake,

    Just wanted to confirm is taking health insurance is mandatory for people moving on work permit or PR.

    Keep up the good work 😊

  6. Prescriptions and dental are not covered under Govt insurance plans even in Europe. Either they come from employers remuneration package, or people pay a subsidized rate where Govt. pays partially. Plus health insurances are not actually free my dear, they come from the taxes we pay.

  7. You both are too cute and Demi is really very beautiful and Jake is handsome….and you guys give very useful information….keep going…..

  8. Hi Demi, what if husband got job can pregnancy expenses be covered from the insurance which private company like IT job provide in Canada.

  9. Haiee Jake…
    Kindly do let me know how the medical Expenses will be covered for a child with Spina Befida and also do let me know is it the same applies in Other provinces like Manitoba, Saskatchewan, PEI etc..

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  11. You guys are really funny and videos are as always amazing and very helpful . Keep up the good work😀😀😀👍👍👍👍

  12. Thanks Jake & Demi. Did you guys get the insurance when you landed in Canada or you got it from India?

  13. Hi if the person was offered a job to Canada do the employee need for pay to health insurance before they process the working visa ? Thanks

  14. from where i will do temporary health insurance?how much it cost. may i do a travel insurance for this 3months or short term health insurace.i allianz its how much cost

  15. Hey you both, thanks for the video!!! Can you share the link of the company you said was in your opinion of your best choice? I got a two years open work visa so its mendatory to be covered through out the entire length of time. Please can you reply me the link?! Thanks in advance 😉

  16. Hello Sir .. I wanted to ask you about health insurance .. Do pregnant women should wait without health insurance for 90 days .. Or there is an exception for delevering the baby and follow-up .. My question for the province of New Brunswick in particular .. Thank you

  17. Hi Jake can you please make a video on SIN number. And please clarify doubts regarding that.
    1. If we are new immigrants where we need to apply.
    2. Documents states that need PR, Work permit.
    As we are new immigrants how we get PR card and work permit.
    3. Do we need to apply work permit separately?

    Really confused 🤯

  18. Hi Jake…my wife landed 1 month ago and she have Destination Canada private insurance. She got some infection and when we went to the Town care scarborough walk in clinic they said they won't accept private insurance and asked for $100 as consultation fee. Either infection or common cause they said clearly we have to pay if there is no ohip. So what's the point of having this private insurance. If you know any walking clinic which considers insurance let us know.

  19. Demi you explain the information so well!! Thank you both for the wonderful and informative videos you make! Have a great day!

  20. My wife and I landed n Toronto in Aug 2019 and came back to India (soft landing). We are looking to move permanently in Apr 2020. Would our health insurance have already started in this case, or it begins only after we permanently relocate in Apr?

  21. Hi Jake and Demi.I am doing a short landing in Vancouver of 6 months and then I will move to Ontario.My question is .,will insurance provided by BC govt applicable in ontario?or after moving to ontario I will have to wait again for 90 days? Thanks

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