I know that many people have had the experience I had when checking into an emergency room or urgent care facility when you finally get in the ER they go right ahead and start administering treatment without giving you any idea of costs this is just how they're set up to operate but that way of operating is designed to allow them to pull some very shady business on your bill not surprisingly the bill is loaded with all kinds of fees charges over charges surcharges mystery charges and then some other charges and most of this is just pulled out of thin air and then they say don't worry your insurance will cover it as if it was free to you they never mentioned that your insurance premiums pay for all that plus the massive overhead of the insurance company plus the massive overhead of the physicians billing system and personnel and then you have the problem that you pay for it anyway because your insurance company has all those exclusions and waivers and denied claims deductibles co-pays so even though you're paying for insurance you're not actually covered for a lot of that stuff however you pay for your health care if you don't negotiate those services and costs you will not like the outcome because the medical industry is treating us like we're ignorant suckers and to some degree we have been as we have chosen to simply pay medical fees without question we have encouraged the medical industry to continually raise fees to ridiculous levels especially for emergency care we've encouraged all kinds of middlemen like insurers and government agencies to come in and add massive layers of cost to our health care we have encouraged researchers patent holders and regulators to focus on profits instead of our medical needs and preferences we have encouraged the medical industry to focus on treatments that don't cure instead of cures that take little treatment by observing how medical services are structured it is very easy to see that they don't want to cure anything they want us on addictive drugs they want us on chronic regimens of treatment that are loaded with unnecessary office visits where you may receive nothing but a referral to another physician or something perhaps the largest flaw in our medical system is that doctors do not charge you for helping you they just charge you for their time so even if a doctor makes you worse off than before they charge you is if they had provided some valuable service that's just a straight-up scam if we're paying for someone's time who is not helping us then yes we're suckers imagine if you went into the drugstore to buy a bottle of aspirin you find a small bottle 20 aspirin pills no price on it you take them up to the cashier and they ring it up and they say okay that'll be $1,200 you say $1,200 that must be a mistake cashier says no $60 a pill 20 pills it's $1,200 plus tax of course you say well I I can't buy that I'm not buying that those pills the cashier says I'm sorry you've already bought them when you took them out off the shelf you bought them you can leave them here if you want but you owe us $1,200 that is exactly how emergency rooms Hospitals and Clinics treat their patients that is exactly what they do and we need to stop letting them get away with that stuff they have conditioned us to think they have some right to charge us outrageous fees for things we do not need or approve no other industry or marketplace gets away with anything like this it's not the science of Medicine it's the science of over billing and getting away with it it's not the physicians who control medical financial practices it's the accountants the executives the corporate profit ears the nature of Medicine gave them the opportunity to Jack prices up and put it in those deceptive practices because our health and the health care of our loved ones is so important so we just let it slide unfortunately when our health is at stake we must be even more careful to not be taken advantage of because it's so easy to take us advantage of us at that time so I'll tell you a way you can do that I had a personal experience when I was charged $2,800 for a visit to the ER some years later I had to go to the ER another time this time I did one thing differently and the whole visit cost 250 dollars the only difference was that I handed the front desk a written notice that all charges had to be approved by me in advance of commitment or they would not be paid simple as that when I walked out of that er I wrote a check for $250 and that was the end of that now it's common knowledge that if you pay cash for medical services you can negotiate a much lower fee for almost anything but this takes it one step further imagine in a situation where you are receiving medical treatment to be told of each charge in advance and having the option to say yes or no and making sure in advance that you are not taking on any obligations you can't afford that's how it should be when I gave them that notice that's how it was because that was unusual for them for someone to ask for costs in advance the ER was not prepared to disclose fees the back-office does that they don't post their fees on the wall even though they could easily do that the nurses and doctors don't even know the fees themselves and they're accustomed to never thinking about that so in my ER visit nobody came to me for approval of any fees I walked out of the ER paying only the $250 the fee they quoted me for the walk-in visit I never heard another word about any other charges clearly the ER made a profit on my visit I didn't take up more than a few minutes of anybody's time I was only in the examination area for maybe 20 minutes supplies used in my treatment probably cost maybe $20 that 250 dollars I gave them was mostly profit for them but they would have billed me two or three thousand dollars if I had not presented that notice when the greed and injustice has taken over a system like the healthcare industry we have to do something about it we have to take action no one will do it for us in this case the action is so simple simply hand them a written notice that says you need to approve all charges in advance actually it's even simpler we have a free document download of that notice on the homepage at freedom taker comm it's crazy for the medical industry to assume we can just pull any amount of money out of a hat we are not magicians your health care providers absolutely should know what they are going to charge you and should not hesitate to answer that question or get you that information and they should do that and get your approval before they provide the service in some places it is illegal for any professional to refuse to disclose their charges when they are asked but even if that's not the case if you tell them in writing that they won't get paid unless you approve the costs in advance those are the new rules and everybody is on notice the simple act of serving notice changes all the rules and the serving of the notice is as easy as handing someone a piece of paper preferably with a witness next to you you can give the notice to anyone working in the facility and the notice is served at freedom taker comm we like to offer those kinds of forms to the public at no charge so just go to our download section on our homepage and click on the file that says notice to healthcare provider and get your instant free download of the template in Microsoft Word format which you can edit and revise all you want we do not collect any data about you or your computer freedom taker is a community spirited public service helping to protect everyone's rights and freedoms make sure you have that notice in your hand when you head for the ER or the hospital the clinic or even your doctor's office

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Methew Wade

31 thoughts on “Take Control Of Your Healthcare Costs”

  1. You’re such a great Patriot & Good Man !!! So grateful to you for all that you have done for us !!!🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  2. Jack…Great idea…with the note… However…what I did was simply ask them for a Financial Statement sheet for me to fill out..and all fees…$2K..went to their Charity Program..OR THEY DISAPPEARED!?!?
    I will use your idea in ER next time….

  3. Love your spirit and videos! Highimpactflix encouraged me and others to subscribe. Healthcare has virtually taken up my 2019 and the chickens are coming home to roost now. Referraled to death now (no wonder I have avoided the healthcare system for decades and just utilized a chiropractor as needed).
    I am a teacher in Las Vegas and our healthcare has been the pits with it getting WORSE, not better, with each successive contract year. Avoid working in Vegas, folks. It is an illusion. Thanks for the information and courage to take a stand.

  4. This channel is amazing even though I feel a little behind because I never thought of these issues correctly! I cannot understand why this channel doesn’t have millions of subscribers!! But I’m extremely grateful that this channel has been brought to my attention. Thank you Sir for actually making me think about these issues instead of just going with the flow.

  5. That's a great idea. Price is of little concern when you're not spending your own money.
    I'm a general contractor and I have to have the cost of everything we do and have it so the customer can see it.

  6. Jerry, please look into ionic/colloidal silver…, i haven't spent a penny with big pharma since i started using it, and i'm in my seventh decade. SilverGen website has a wealth of information on it. Many believe it is to good to be true, but i know the claims are true because i've used it for years, my family has experienced many "miraculous" cures.

  7. Thanks for your work Jack, HighImpactFlix appreciates you and so do I. Keep up the good work. You got a new subscriber.

  8. Highimpactflix….. here! And yes agree with you on this. My daughters in the healthcare industry and she confirms doctors are paid to supply prescriptions, the more prescriptions the more money, the more tests they order, they get kick backs. It's a complete racket.

  9. When my daughter was one day old, they withdrew blood from her for a bilirubin test, and the next day they also withdrew blood from my newborn baby girl for bilirubin test. We got discharged from the hospital and I had to go there the next day for them to withdraw blood from my newborn daughter for another bilirubin test. And then the day after the greedy doctor told the nurse that I have to also bring my daughter the next day as well so I got very angry because at this point my newborn baby had no blood left for them to do another bilirubin test and it was painful the watch my newborn child crying from pain and being pricked in her foot and squeezed for blood. I told the doctor that my daughter is not going to the hospital again for bilirubin test. My daughter was a healthy strong beautiful baby girl and her jaundice level was normal, if they kept with drawing blood from her every single day that could be dangerous to her life, well they don't care, they would be happy to make extra money from my little newborn. My skin crawls when I remember what the doctor said to me. It's barbaric and inhumane to hurt an innocent newborn baby for profit.

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