what do you guys heard about medicare-for-all little bit would you be hurt the excessively expensive expensive what else anything else the next great fix you mean you say that sarcastic okay alright what else straight 14% start everyone eyes but don't care when they need serious surgeries were the United States because of supporting so I don't think that we're learning needs to definitely be assistance know that people cheers to care in tariffs I've taken care of ten people came to my ask around hey we need you to support us Chirk Chirk here got it thank you um most of you said you've heard a lot of news about abortion in the last month what do you hurt like you hurt Matt well if you hurt okay what else what have you heard – Jessica okay Tim what have you heard just about same thing some of the states were you know okay Tara what we heard um what Jessica said Steve some states are making it illegal and then also another point that is come up in some of the things I've read is that you know women are going to do it on their own and lives are they realize some of you said that having these states enact strict abortion restrictions would make you more likely to vote for president Trump next year who's this said that okay why fence why because I think it's a force is needed for the ballots I objected the notion that they won't allow for rape incest in health concerns but at the same time some of the stuff in some places it's all but promoted rather than looking at other options okay Daphne why would you be more supportive for the president and I think that okay I said why would that make you more likely to vote for president Truong okay got it okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm pushing you guys want to get to them okay good okay got it up for half of you this would really have no impact on your vote one way or the other who is that really why Tim oh I mean I mean just two for me to vote I mean it's not gonna matter it's not a top-level issue for you I mean it is a level issue but I mean it's not going to change sway my vote one way of the other one where okay what about few Laurie my that that should be an issue but it's not for me I'm a teacher I see okay got it

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Methew Wade

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