people in this world are gonna fool you disappoint you turn that back oh you the closest around you are gonna give up for you and when things hit the fan everybody's gonna run little look around and you will be all alone I'm just keeping it real with you cuz somebody needs to hear what I'm sayin this ain't a motivational video madness is life this ain't no came to me and I know what you're going through and I must speak life into you right now nothing listen to me nothing God will never leave you there's a power inside of you that you can only discover when you are truly alone the waves on a beach shore come in and out people who do the same relationships I like music and you should never make news when anybody who doesn't understand appreciate and value your lyrics sometimes you've just gotta let these people go you gotta know your just gotta let your people go you gotta stop chasing people who don't appreciate soup sometimes in this life champion of the world and you don't do this by telling what your mouth actions don't let the world convince you that you're nobody's knowing I'm speaking to the champion in June my champion the way of the warrior champion eyes give back buck my spirit cries fear dies so tell by the screen the desire to climb and live out my dream take it for the team discipline reigns I want it too bad to listen to the pain I'm a winner to God be the glory tragedy and setbacks an inspirational story warriors like me we were strategically designed for the struck many before me gave up it quick and it'll bad the first time they got here but see blood don't stab me I fear not death whatever it takes champion to be the best of the best I was made for war I cry under heaven bless an unstoppable an immortal legend laughs I say the unclimbable mountain he keep and punch it I just keep on pounding I found it that deep decided a win see warriors like me we were born and strategically designed for the struggle chebula house that my spirit cries fear does choked out by the streams the desire to climb and live out my dreams save discipline raise I want it too bad just bounce of Fame I'm will to God be the glory tragedies setbacks but it's for race you know story gave me bad I just whatever it takes jabya be the best under Chris climb I say Mountain I just failed in because I blow you and that's what we do I'm Billy Alice Brooks blessed and unstoppable to God be the glory what kind of life do you want to live success is a choice it's a decision that only you can make for you first comes the choice then comes the commitment are you willing to commit to doing what it takes to go where you want to go a lot of people say they want to be successful but they struggle and they supple on that commitment part a lot of times the only way we will make that commitment is we have to hit rock bottom we have to get so sick and tired of feeling the way we do before what I would take to actually needed to crawl up out of that pit I think you're ready I think you're ready you wouldn't be listening to me right now I think you know if you have cleanness on the inside of you and units need somebody to speak over your life and that's what I'm gonna do right now I speak greatness over you arise champion I'm speaking of somebody out there the reason you feel so uncomfortable on the inside it's because you know you're not being the best version of you that you can be that discomfort is trying to move you from where you're at to where you belong your destiny is greatness and you know this on the inside and that voice just keeps on callin and you're never gonna have the peace until you go become who you are supposed to be now we're gonna set this change in motion for you right now I want you to say this with me I want you to say this out loud I am you changed my life I am willing and committed to go on all in and fully commit to doing the things that it takes to become the person I was meant to be and that starts right now all excuses stop right now I will not from this point forward point the blame for my destiny I will take responsibility for who I want to be I will get up every day and work toward that person that I've known that I am on the inside I pledge with all my actions allegiance to success I will search deep down inside I got a question for you are you living life or his life living you how bad do you want to be successful are you ready to level up in life are you ready to go to that next level are you sick of being average I ask you again are you living life or his life live in you this August 4th Orlando Florida less than unstoppable – I'll be teasing of for our life-changing seminar on the arnold greatness champion this event will sell out get your tickets now Billy owns Brooks live August 4th Orlando Florida be there get your tickets now at Billy oles Brooks comm backslash events less than unstoppable success starts with putting the right things into your mind my new book blessed an unstoppable was strategically designed to align your mind with the Laws of Success this curriculum will teach you to enter mechanics required to go from average to phenomenal from living a life with limits to being less than unstoppable as you follow this guide step-by-step amazing breakthroughs what happened new doors of opportunity will open and favor will begin to chase you down less than unstoppable isn't 31-day devotional on the laws of success this book will instigate the thought process and actions required to transform your life each day has a Bible verse and teaching on that day's principle a positive affirmation a prayer for the day self-assessment questions success quotes action steps and a powerful inspirational message regardless of what field you're in less than unstoppable we show blueprint for success

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