the very first polls I created for the face exercise is a big girl it's the one and at the time I started seeing some changes on my face and especially after the car accident and this is how I looked fifteen years ago and the beak oh if you do this pose for 10 seconds and 3 sets look at that these are the photo taken after doing a Big O and using thermographic imaging camera and look at that changes a temperature in the face so red means warmer and blue means cooler and entire face including the neck got a really nice blood circulation so what does this mean good blood circulation means more nutrient and ocean to the skin so try the Big O it's not hard it looks really funny so make sure until you get used to it do in front of the mirror so let's do it together drop your jaw relax into her face and feel a nice sensation on the cheeks keep breathing and with that wrinkling the forehead look up very slowly with your eyes only hold this for 10 seconds come up from the pause and repeat to myself that's it and you can get a nice left circulation and try that bit go

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Methew Wade

21 thoughts on “Start Your Face Yoga Practice With This Exercise”

  1. I love your videos so much. I don' t make the exercises, I try to smile and avoid negative thoughts. I am 59, I have no wrinkels.
    I do drink water (rarely coke), I always wear a hat when the sun is shining.
    I don' t drink much alcohol. I don't smoke…And I leave the people around me alone, no struggle…
    No Panik.
    It works.
    Keep on your inspiring vids.

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