Start Your Day with Health. Morning affirmations for vibrant health, healing,
and physical well-being. I originally created the affirmations you
are about to hear for myself. I was having some health challenges, and I
wanted to put a much higher priority on taking care of my body. I listened to them every day, often multiple
times a day. And I have to tell you, it not only changed
my mental outlook on health, it impacted my behavior. It inspired me to make better food choices
and move my body a lot more. As a result, I lost weight and felt so much
better about myself. My intention is that these powerful statements
have the same effect on you. So, whatever you’re doing — sitting, walking,
driving, or working out — take a moment right now to get centered and really focus on these
statements. I’ll recite each affirmation. In the space that follows, you can repeat
it back to yourself, either out loud or in your mind. Or, simply visualize yourself living that
health-fueled principle. Let’s begin …
I am healthy. I am whole. I am strong. I am healthy, whole, and strong. I am so happy and grateful that I now enjoy
vibrant. I love and respect my body temple. I am committed to living a long life full
of vibrant health. I make smart food choices every day. I love leafy green vegetables. I love whole, plant-based foods. I am highly selective at all times about what
I consume. My body loves physical activity. My body craves to be active. I feel so good to move and stretch my body. I am light and lively. I thrive when I’m at my ideal weight. I feel so good in my clothes when I am fit
and healthy. I look so good in photos when I am fit and
healthy. I enjoy sizzling energy when I operate at
optimum health. I am at my creative best when I am healthy. I am the most socially engaging when I feel
healthy and strong. I refrain from food and activities that don’t
serve me. I get plenty of rest and feel refreshed. I love my life – and my daily habits reflect
that passion. I am personally committed to my health. I have a LOT to live for. I have a lot more to share in this lifetime. The cells of my body are aligned with my perfection. My body chemistry is in balance. My body knows what’s best and is working
to support me at all times. The Infinite Intelligence of the Universe
is at work within me. My positive thoughts and emotions are transforming
my body, mind, and soul. My body is healing and recharging right here,
right now. I feel youthful and vibrant. I am so happy and grateful that I now enjoy
vibrant. I am healthy. I am whole. I am strong. And so it is! Great job. If it helps, do what I did and listen to this
every day, and even several times a day. Turn these healthy principles into daily habits
that will transform your life. This is Bob Baker of I wish you abundant health. So long for now.

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Methew Wade

17 thoughts on “Start Your Day with HEALTH | Morning Affirmations for Healthy Body, Weight Loss, Healing”

  1. Thank you Bob! I'am inspired. Health and wholeness is so important! It's 2020 we gotta get the ball rolling!!! 👍👍Namaste!

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  3. Good morning Bob! Thank you for another wonderful set of affirmations!
    Last week I started focusing on eliminating sugars and processed food from my diet. One has to really look at ingredients on food packages. I've always included fruits and vegetables, but thought I'd be more conscious of what I've bought. I am already feeling more energetic!
    Your video is great for reinforcing positive mindsets! I don't have sugar cravings at all. So many tempting foods in the grocery store. I just don't visit the ice cream aisles!
    My apartment's pool has been closed for a little over 2 months and will reopen next week. I can't wait!
    Have a great day!
    Best wishes,

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