This next functional core exercise is the
back extension, so we’re really going to work that lumbar area, we’re going to strengthen
the lower back, we’re going to get some great posture going, and we might even be able to
work those glutes a little bit. So come on down to your ball, and make sure that your
feet have a really solid foundation here. So the wider you go, the easier the exercise,
the more narrow, the more challenging -so just adjust yourself. If you find that you’re
kind of sliding back and forth, it’s okay to go ahead and prop your feet up against
a wall to really have a good stabilized area. First of all, you want to start off with your
fingertips lightly placed behind your ears, and lift up, squeezing your lower back and
your glutes, and then lower down. You want to make sure that this movement is nice and
smooth and controlled, exhale as you lift up, inhale as you lower down. Now think about
great posture here. Lengthen out through the crown of your head, squeeze your glutes. If
you want to make it more challenging, pull your elbows back, squeezing your upper back
muscles. And then to even make it more challenging, extend your arms and lift up. So you have
three options for your back extension exercise. There it is, your back extension exercise
on the stability ball.

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Methew Wade

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