what happens here in Southern California's people break rules right I'm another taco like my mom making house lettuce and tomato and cheese that's it it's a black hole mates I thought the way we rap the way we live the way we dress everybody takes our culture or why can't we do the same if they can do Chinese tacos in the San Gabriel Valley why not african-american topics in South LA we get together we gonna tear the pussy no matter how many in and out burgers and avocado toast you may see on your Instagram feed don't get it twisted la is a taco town tortillas filled with al Pastore Korean barbecue sushi grade tuna they are fueling the streets and the folks who are making them depend on this taco mania basically for their livelihoods now lately I've been hearing about a new coalition a new collective of young entrepreneurs there in Compton there in South LA there in watts and not only are they taking that taco and re mixing it but they're creating their own new food movement I'm all about it and I want to know more the 92 riots were a watershed moment in the history of my life Latinos were immigrating to suffer late large numbers and and really after the rise a lot of sort of middle-class and african-american folks started to move out of some of it places that have traditionally for generations been african-american are now african-american / Latino and at some point it makes sense they're gonna start to be curious about each other's foods I think it was only a matter of time right that African American folks started to make tacos to me it symbolizes this historic cultural exchange that has always happened when you have different groups living in a similar community right out of this cultural exchange a new african-american taco movement is growing one that's less about fusion food and more about the powers of self branding now leading the charge are folks like Keith Garrett aka all flavor no grease starting from nothing but a griddle in his Watts driveway he's amassed a huge social media following drawing everybody from local gang members to first-time la tourists but before he became known as a quesadilla legend it was the taco the kick started his lucrative hustle gonna open up at five o'clock Taco Tuesday going up chuckles came after I was finished selling wheat cuz all of it started right here to defend me the weed the pills everything all the drugs that started here on the same block right here I was telling myself like Lord I'm tired of this shit like I don't want to sell no we don't why I'm making no money off that you know what's what so mind blowing is the lesson you're giving everyone is that selling tacos has a better profit margin than selling weed guaranteed is this where you first set up shop we started right here boom daily transition right here then we work back right there and now what do you have a mind you number one of 40 our food truck fleet I miss other tacos like my mom making the house the ground turkey or ground beef shredded chicken breast strips came along later without my cobbler lettuce tomatoes cheese sour cream and we put ketchup there hot sauce as well and I said that's how I'm gonna sell the taco so then once they liked it that's what made me stay on the gas with it hey look at my son to eat pull up on 100's tree yeah you looking for a quesadilla taco or burrito tell me why you got shut down what have the traffic be cracking too hard you feel we got a DJ that's hard it'd just be too late out here they don't like that for real and the police is maybe that is one hatin ass cop see because these are the same police that's been in the same jurisdiction since I was out here on bullshit has watts itself changed since the time that you neither started a shorter shirt right here right now this wouldn't be cracking they would be right there chillin none of that but every since all flavor no grease started this is cease fire we're both gangs right now but the OGS from this hood and that one had a meeting that mark I'm in the back of Markham middle school okay man we gotta have a ceasefire – homie over here getting money you right we want to go over here patronage y'all home evil child tripping I feel I'm not tripping we not tripping all right let's see yes everybody eats to sum it all up this whole story disfavor you fiddly favor from God because if you do what's right you plant the right seeds and then you win it's inevitable to win so I'm winning off-label agrees to me represents you know people making the best out of a situation in which they were they were never intended to succeed in so it's motivational its inspiration all flavor no grease wasn't the only one to be inspired by the tacos opportunities meet Monty Blanco the designated taco lady of trap kitchen now trap kitchen is everything that it sounds like a wildly popular moving food party's founded by her friends spank and news but it's Monty's larger-than-life personality not a culinary degree that's bringing her fans to her taco table with her outside the clubs in Hollywood or in a back yard in Compton Monni Blanco what's that shit to be clear is on the hot grill yes in a tight dress yeah he told out keeping it sexy yeah I look good you want to get money gotta look like Miami we are in a raisi backyard in the middle of Compton there's a barn there's like 10 boats there's no water in the pool there's no riders I mean it's kind of like a like a taco speakeasy it's only for those in the know tell me what do you think they're really coming here for this for us and our personalities in the way we represent ourselves and then we make it seem really poppin which we are like I wanna hang with them and eat their food this is not the only place that you set up shop no no we're in Compton right now but you're all over all over I'll be in gardena I'll be in LA I'll see wherever the people that do you have an idea of what you want to do next well I definitely want to bring four grills on to the team and I want to over there and bikini top serving so over here in bikini top serving and Beach out kitchen Angels United me with ten thousand tacos I'll trying to bring sexy to the taco thing yeah when I'm talking to a lot of these guys that are opening these new taco businesses it's a lot of male energy it's a lot of testosterone you're the only woman I didn't know exactly how they were going to receive me as being a truck kitchen taco girl or just a black girl some tacos on trees I don't think people will believe you not I mean but you have to believe in yourself as amazing this is forever food is forever the only time it will die down is if your ambition dies down with no marketing budget or outside investors South LA's new taco entrepreneurs rely on word of mouth and camaraderie to drive business Jamel Henderson had his doubters when he first started selling tacos in Compton but endorsements from rappers like Nipsey Hussle and yg helped him turn his upstart catering service taco Mel into a thriving brick-and-mortar location in Leimert Park before I even started selling tacos I was really like pregnancy with it I had a little um electrical a little um griddle and I was playing around like yeah a dollar fifty tacos dollars fifty tacos I wouldn't be suddenly I just made a price up people's looking at like man it looks good I mean he should sell those nighttime lame yeah that's nothing I can't see like I'm a black man in LA like this is not gonna do well here basically where you see it right here Taco Bell when did you start you know getting a little bit more serious with him actually making burritos tacos quesadillas I was like how about 21 years old my daughter was just born I was working a security job but I just needs that little extra money alright homemade tacos my mom of course but I didn't either like a Mexican taco until I was in high school because clearance to cross street that was my first time having a or nearsighted taco with the onion is cilantro with the sauce it was crazy I loved it I fell in love we used lettuce and tomato and cheese that's it a little bit of sour cream or rare rooster black homemade side of what is being called an african-american taco Ilyas American crunchy tacos and soft tacos I mean every community in the United States has done taco night why do you think all these artists are coming here the same way that everybody else is because the food is good except we play I love that it's good to see a lot of black businesses and go see more black faces you know I was hearing about a minute I saw him out Y Z video shoot and then why everybody was getting it wisely I just my favorite tacos right here do you feel like you're learning how to do social media from artists like Casey oh yeah of course good oceans everything you like the food game turning into the rap yeah we thought we've been me or fair love grease fries man but the longing you'll swear alias rapper was in there I think that you um you've talked about is creating sort of like a a coalition like a cruel yeah fool Menotti the food will not either f what do we have right here no Menotti Minardi you here we coming for you baby daddy I came up with the name from the gate then I told Craig mr. fireman he fumbled or enough The Fool of what what to see it a fool monatti I'm just here not the Illuminati then we're not sacrificing nobody none of that I'm chef LJ I'm with the blue kitchen this is my boy demo blue kitchen DJ bowtie fly hello mr. fries me you know the mail burrito understand the flavor naughty why is this the takeover wise is the future we dive down from this Monterrey we over me over me because there's a negative stereotype in the black community saying that we're crabs in a barrel and this right here is showing people that we think outside of it and how does it feel for you guys to not only feed your community but also to see yourselves as entrepreneurs because you're setting an example there everybody like it's not just sports entertainment it's bigger than that the world is much bigger than copy it is a deep sense of community not competition that has fueled these entrepreneurs and given them the resources to become self-sufficient ultimately they're on a mission to introduce the world to South LA one taco at a time I think these artists have formed a collective like artists do and I think they help build a culture and a genre that we will see expanded throughout the country eventually the fact that there's a movement going on in South Los Angeles and the fact that it doesn't necessarily have you know the piercing eye of the nation's PD on and maybe a good thing I mean I let it can develop it can develop its own tropes you can develop its own story taco mills are flavor no greets mr. fry blues kitchen these are the underground hip-hop you heard a real artist

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Methew Wade

37 thoughts on “South L.A.'s African-American Taco Movement | Food Grails”

  1. Black people why is evetyone racist against us first 30 seconds everything about race. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Stupid is as stupid does #WhitePower โœŠ

  2. Black people and Mexican people always get along and itโ€™s pretty much food that brings us together lol ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ

  3. I almost stopped watching within the first seconds after he said lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese lol
    But it's cool to see the positivity they've made in the community and made something already great, and make their own twist on it. Should be a crime in my opinion but it's still interesting ๐Ÿ˜‚ jk

  4. I posted some jokes below, but SERIOUSLY,,, I'm happy for you guys that started your own business. Also, remember that there is more to life than money. JESUS CHRIST, promisses you ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN, if you will simply ACKNOWLEDGE that you ARE a SINNER.. and that AS A SINNER, HAVING ALREADY STAINED YOUR SOUL, you CANNOT enter the kindom of Heaven, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO (on your own, that is)..BUT,,, THERE IS HOPE!!!! GOOD NEWS!! Jesus Christ PAID the debt for mankind. HE, and only HE could do it…because he lived a SINLESS LIFE here on earth. He was, as the bible says, the SACRIFICIAL LAMB… for mankind. In Moses's days, animals had to be sacrificed and offered to GOD as a way to pay for the people's sins. Jesus came to earth to ONCE AND FOR ALL, pay for the sins of mankind. NO MORE WORKS. (None of that praying to mary stuff, she was just the EARTHLY birth mother of Jesus, but no more..)

    Call upon the name of the LORD Jesus and shall be saved.

    Be born again, as the bible says. Jesus told a religious leader, by the name of NICODEMUS,, that in order for a person to enter Heaven, that person has to be BORN AGAIN..
    Being born again means, you become a new person. A new mindset. A new outlook on life. You Start to follow Jesus.

    Guess what? If you walk with Jesus you will end up where Jesus already is…HEAVEN.

    Google Jesus talking to Nicodemus.

    Also read Acts 2:38 REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED!

  5. Here is the COMPLETE business plan, to start your own taco shop and make a MILLION DOLLARS your FIRST YEAR!!

    Read more

  6. I like how a fat sloppy old white man & a Asian wigger lady justified the black culture vultures on stealing food that ainโ€™t even none of their culture.. donโ€™t speak for us Mexicans

  7. Rapping, living and dressing is not an African American start up ๐Ÿ˜‚ itโ€™s a blended culture alignment, once again lol making it seem like their always being left out cuh

  8. Man! When he said number 1 of 40. I smiled. Way to be an example for the community bro. Show these kids there are other ways to make money on the hood

  9. What I get from reading some of these comments:

    "Look at these black people out there getting money. I can't stand it!!!"

  10. Danmmmmm ……mann why does it have to be about black and White or Mexico or china s…… Man let's all love each other. Plz stop this war on people it's all get this money famma …cashmere. Hey let's get that pool poppin it will be ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  11. Ok so the only ones I think I would probably like are the 1st guys. It just has more of the Mexican food topings that are so bomb. The girls tacos did not look appetizing at all. Not hating just my honest opinion. Maybe they just didn't show her food properly ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ the last guy taco mell just looks like an upgrade from taco bell which I'm sure is what he was going for obviously. I would still try them tho. But there are different types of Mexican tacos we also have fried tacos. Like potato fried tacos super bomb.

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