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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Slow Your Beating Heart: Beans vs. Exercise”

  1. Hi, Dr. Greger. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do with these videos. They are truly life changing.

    Did the study mention anything about arrhythmia? Could beans and exercise work as well on that condition?

  2. More about beans published yesterday. https://miraclenoodle.com/blogs/news/111328070-the-5-reasons-beans-help-you-to-lose-weight

  3. I'm 38, female and 4 ft 10. My heart rate is usually around 51-56. I cycle about 30 minutes a day. I am hypothyroid though, so I think that has something to do with it.

  4. I love eating beans everyday because they are high on fiber and it helps me go to the toilet more often, so I am constantly eliminating most of the waste from my body, It keeps me healthy! 🙂

  5. Unless the person is a young, well conditioned athlete, a low resting heart rate, below 60 bpm, is well correlated with psychopathy, so maybe this is why I've always heard that mean people live the longest.

  6. but almost all soybean is gmo now, and causes increases in estrogen levels. I'd be leary of high consumption. ..but it's in almost everything.

  7. I was really hoping there would be more than a six point drop for doing everything mentioned in this video 🙁

  8. I enjoyed this video. I have tachycardia so my heart rate is usually over 100, so i take atenolol (beta blocker) to slow it. I guess I should do more cardio and eat more beans and maybe i can get off my medicine? 🙂

  9. What about people with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and autonomic dysfunction/neuropathy? What can we do to lower our resting heart rate? I developed POTS and neuropathy after taking a fluoroquinolone antibotic (see FDA warnings), so my illness is not lifestyle related. I've always been a healthy weight and I eat a very healthy, balanced diet.

  10. Fasting is the most efficent way to slow pulse & aging .
    '' Fast and you will be healthy '' : Prophet Muhammad .

  11. I just got back from the grocery store with a case of canned beans, I forgot the Beano though.

    On a serious note: my grandparents ate a lot of beans every week and they lived into their 80's & 90's. They grew up during the Depression and beans were cheap.

  12. Very interesting! Chris Froome, 2 time tour de france winner has a resting heart rate of ~35 BPM.

  13. If any of this is really true, then it would seem the more athletic someone is, the shorter lifespan they may have. The extra amount they exercise daily which causes a greatly increased heartrate would seem to offset their slight drop in resting heartrate. So like everyting else, is moderation the key with exercise? That is not really good news to athletes who train rigorously daily for a good portion of their lives. I hope I am wrong.

  14. ok. thanks for the input. maybe someone can tell me about olive leaf extract. my son has dairy allergies. his dr said not too much soy for him. but he gets sick often I was told olive leaf extract and morenga would be beneficial for him. do to his limited diet. ideas?? please. he's 3.

  15. dr your work is wonderful. I'm a nurse in critical care and I'm constantly sharing your youtube channel with anybody who wants to listen or too sick to get away. and yes, i am now vegan, have been for months. thank you thank you thank you I've never felt better.

  16. Mine can be anywhere from low to mid 60's upto low 70's. Not sure if thats due to my change in diet, to a vegan diet or the heart medication Iam taking since my heart operation almost 3 years ago.

  17. Whenever my mom cooks something I'm like "I need to put some legumes in there" 😀 … Usually beans or (chick) peas.
    People think that will ruin the taste of the meal but in fact it just adds some proper nutrition while not changing the taste at all (almost). And it helps to fill me up, so I eat less of the, uh, other stuff…

  18. My problem is that my heart beats really hard especially when I'm going to go to bed, it usually makes me more awake…
    Anythign for that? Got a slow heartrate, well trained 35 yr.

  19. Does It mean it lowers your metabolic rate and body temperature? Basically making you more like a corpse? Farting corpse?:D this study should be done with measuring body temperature too…

  20. exercise -beans (one cup) gas -flatulence let it rip……………make sure your in the fresh air.

  21. What if we're vegan, eat a lot of beans, work out daily, and still have a resting HR over 60? 'I just checked mine while I was sitting at my desk, and it's 68 🙁 I run 40+ miles a week, eat tons of fiber, and still can't get my HR down. I don't drink a lot of caffeine either.

  22. We don't need to lower our pulse when there's paranoia regarding our metabolism slowing down. Exercise burns calories, curbs our appetite, strengthens muscles (including our heart) so we can carry our TV up the stairs, etc. This video is just another nonsense Marxist-vegan propaganda. Thumbs down.

  23. From my childhood: Beans, beans are good for your heart. The more you eat the more you fart. The more you fart the better you feel. So eat some beans with your next meal.

    Yeah, we were quite the tykes.

  24. The QWERTY keyboard wasn't an accident it's in intentionally designed that way to prevent jams for speed typists because of 18th century technology.

  25. Beans were a staple out our house growing up. My parents were from the depression era and beans and potatoes kept them alive. Funny thing, you'd think I'd be sick of beans and potatoes as much as we ate the. Growing up. But I NEVER get tired of them. I often open a can of red beans or pinto beans and eat them cold right from the can!

  26. MVP with regurgitation leaves my resting rate rather high most of the time… how does that affect me long term? It's been significantly better since becoming vegan (no more angina and fewer migraines from dilation), but rate is still high.

  27. 69 bpm to 66 bpm…. That's good to better. What about 85-90 bpm, how to get that down to 70-75 ppm???

  28. I always get complained at with my HR at 45-50! I do spent a lot of time in hospital due to pancreatic diseases (missing parts – so not diet related and cannot be cured by it either..) I was always led to believe that lower resting HR meant healthy. Glad to see you confirm this.

  29. Thank you! This is what I needed to hear! As I have a fast heart rate along with hypertension, I am under a doctor's care.

  30. Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot. The more you toot the better you feel. So give me beans for every meal : )

  31. My heart rate before I went vegan was 86 bpm…. I've been vegan for 3 months and my resting heart rate is now 56 bpm…. I FEEL SO GOOD! I actually am astounded at how quickly my health has improved on this diet!

  32. Whats the definition of resting heart rate? In the morning after waking up I had 55bpm and after a stressful working day 90bpm (after resting for several minutes)..

  33. It's quite simple as to how beans lower ones heart rate, They are one of the BEST sources of magnesium (along with potassium) which naturally relaxes the heart and is an electrolyte most people are deficient in.

    Too low of a heart rate can be dangerous though from what I understand, it increases the risk of blood pooling in your leg's and the complications that come from that.

  34. Is there to low?  According to my fitbit resting heart rate was always between 6–70.  I began plant based diet and it went down to 55, then a week later 54, then 3 weeks later 53,  then to 52.  Today it went to 51.   I cam curious can it go to low?  I have doing beans and exercise so this video was not that helpful

  35. I was wondering same thing you touch on for a second about exercise gets your heart rate high just to try to lower, but how is the helpful on the average? So, cardio and beans lower about 3 beats. I have a resting HB average of 91, is there anyway to drop it more than 3 beats?

  36. No matter on which diet and how good my physical condition, my heart beat is always around 90 and every doctor I went to said it's fine.

  37. What if you are a WFPB being and still have a resting heart rate of 87-90???? That's me! am I going to die from the first heart attack????? 😔 I've always had a "fast" heartbeat! Since I can remember! Dr, please shine some light on this matter if possible. I thank you for your AMAZING work. You truly are the BEST public health doctor and we love you and thank you for your tiredness work. 😊

  38. Dr Greger doesn't speculate about combining exercise and beans, but I will. One man personal clinical study report to follow.

  39. My heart rate has dropped to 48bpm (from 60) eating a plant based diet. I don't do any exercise more vigorous than walking.

  40. Since going vegan years ago mines been right at 49-51 bpm. My kids doctor was playing around and measured my blood oxygen levels and concluded I was an athlete…I barely run 2 miles a day LOL

  41. Will lower blood pressure also. Go Vegan. Heart rate 54. Blood pressure 105/67. 77 years old. Run, lift, gymnastics and Bike. Have done it all but not at the same time. Keep moving. You will be glad you did.

  42. We had a campaign for donating blood today. I had a resting heart rate of 46 BPMs.
    The doctor looked at me like I was a walking corpse))

    Had to drink a cup of coffee and do some exercise to get my heart rate to 76 so they'd collect my blood as well.

    So… Yeah… Beans )

  43. According to my Fitbit my resting heart rate went from 90ish down to 62-64 after I went vegan. Blood pressure also was never so good as it is right now. I barely excercise.

  44. I donate blood a couple of times a year. They always check my blood pressure and HR first, and more than once I was told I couldn't donate because my HR was too low: 57! Wow…………….

  45. My resting heart rate is about 58 and I always been told I have a slow heart rate. When sleeping I have seen it go slow as 40's, the only symptom I have is palpitations when suddenly getting up which last for like 3-5 seconds.

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