Hey everyone! On this drill what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna work on single leg, but I want to start with the foot first and we want to
teach people how to help keep that ankle joint centered when they go into their single leg hinge. Ayesha’s set up, she’s got her sticks right
at 11 and 1 into the base of the wall. So make sure you have them anchored
so that the sticks aren’t gonna move. She’s nice and tall, she’s going into what we call
just a staggered stance or a kickstand stance, where you slide one foot back and the toes
are in line or barely behind the lead heel. That’s why we keep it here
so that she has really good stability, because if she doesn’t have really good single leg
function she’s gonna find it hard to stay upright. So in this position we can still
really maintain a lot of stability. From here, what she’s gonna do is, she’s gonna, at about 40-50% tension,
she’s gonna push the sticks back into the wall. The lats are gonna engage,
she’s gonna feel her posterior chain light up. From here then she’s then going to go into
the hinge and she’s focusing on the lead hip. So she’s gonna sink back into her hinge, and what we’re looking for is if she sinks
her hips back and her torso comes forward, she’s lowering her belly button towards her quads,
she’s gonna hold, she’s still pushing, and we’re keeping this lower leg
bone centered it hasn’t moved. What we don’t want is, we don’t want ankle
extension, but we also don’t want dorsiflexion. See how if we go into dorsiflexion it becomes a squat? So in order to keep it a hinge,
this lower leg bone needs to stay centered. The other thing too is don’t rock your weight back. Once she’s into that hinge she then slowly
comes out of it, she squeezes her glute, and uses her glute to bring her hip into
extension back to that standing position. Maintain that tension again and give me another rep. Drive the butt straight backwards not down
towards the floor straight backwards, good. She’s pulling her belly button down to her lead quad. Now she’s squeezing her glutes, she’s driving up,
she’s using the butt to bring the hip into extension. One more rep. And as she does this she should feel this foot
really working hard to maintain the arch. Don’t squat, it’s not a squat, get your
butt up, a little bit, right there, hold that. Now drive up through the hips. Excellent, good. So if you have a lot of trouble understanding
where to have your weight dispersed on your foot or if you have a hard time
keeping that ankle joint centered, grab two sticks and take your time through this motion and really learn how to get the foot to grab the ground and learn how to create
more strength and joint centration.

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