You are the most famous fitness model in the world, influencing a lot of people, so what are you doing to develop your name, your brand on everyday basis? There’s nothing that is uhm.. There is no particular strategy it’s just putting out good content and trying to like from my experience trying to help others. You know I’ve got a lot of experience, been training for almost 16 years and all I do is basically put our exercises, talk to people let them know why I’m so passionate, why I enjoy training, beacuse I love it. You know and yes, that’s it really it’s just, I just keep putting out content How often do you train now? I train seven days a week. Always have. Is it weightlifting of also crossfit training? You know what, it’s just weightlifting, but um, I do cardio as well you know, every morning but yeah seven days a week most of the days if not like 6 of the days I’m training with a specific muscle group. What’s your favorite split for example? I just do single muscle groups man. So each day has a group, a muslce group. But then, on my Saturdays I’m relaxed and I chill out and I’m just in the gym so I love being there you know, but yeah seven days a week really. You never train, like a split twice a day for weightlifting? Or just cardio maybe once and? No, I have done in the past like years ago, there was when I actually was a personal trainer and I worked in a gym. I used to train twice a day, because I could. You know, but not anymore. Now, its just like you know my hour, hour and a half in the gym and that works for me. You also need time for recovery. Of course, of course yes. What are you doing for your recovery actually? Do you sleep like seven, eight hours? Nah, you know what, it’s one of the only things that I really need to work on. Sleep, you know I maybe get five maximum six hours you know I wish I could but you know I like to I like to be busy, you know so I don’t even actually like sleeping, you know. You like to be productive. Like to be productive, exactly. What do you think about supplements? Which ones are you using? What do you find the most beneficial? You can make a list of five let’s say supplements. Epic from Dedicated! Especially, because it has creatine in it, which is supplement that used for years, you know, the creatine. I think that works for me. Is it monohydrate, or different type? monohydrate, monohydrate. And it has that in it. So, It has a mix of creatine. Yeah, epic is really working for me, BCAA’s you know I just take for my recovery, you know so, yeah, yeah. And Fusion Pro – the best tasting protein shakes ever. How much protein do you take during the day? You know what, I don’t actually, I couldn’t tell you in gramms, but I just make sure I get enough, um because I’ve been training so long, I don’t measure up things it’s like I know what I need now you know it’s been 15 years of the same so I don’t need to get scales out, but I’ll make sure I get enough you know and then when I don’t get enough from food I have my shakes you know, so yeah. You’re pretty known for your great six-pack. Could you give the people some tips how to get these six-packs? First thing I say is to make sure that your body fat is at the right percentage for you to know whether they need a lot of work or not you know for some people they are training their six-pack hard, but they still got a layer of fat on it and if you don’t reduce your fat, you’re never going to know what’s under there. some people they could have the best six-pack in the world, but if that layer of fat is there, you’re not going to see it I also say to my clients, that the diet is very important. Diet is very important because they don’t know what is even there you know so I’m always say get your diet right if that is your goal to see your six-pack get your diet right, then have a look see where you might need improvement you know and then go from there, you know. Do you belive that it is important to train them very often or just like other body parts, once, twice a week? I think once, twice a week is enough you don’t need to overdo it. You also need to recover. Yeah, of course, of course. Just another muscle group that needs to recover. And it’s a small muscle and it doesn’t need that much you know, no one trains their abs for an hour. How many meals do you eat per day? I get about five to six meals a day. You know, but I’ve never followed this like you know typical bodybuilding routine of having to eat six times. I eat six times, because that is what I need I’m hungry you know like, my body requires that much food you know, you shouldn’t overdo it. If you have fast metabolism. Yes, yes, exactly. I have the same problem Sometimes it’s actually frustrating because it will be late at night I want to go to sleep, but I’m starving and I’ve just been eating all day. But you have to eat. Today I woke up at 4 a.m. and I went to the fridge and I was eating like Greek yogurt . Maybe half kilogram. You have to do it sometimes. Do you measure your daily protein intake? No, no, no, not anymore. You don’t care much about it? I do but I don’t measure it, I just it’s instinctive you know as the day goes on I’ll know have I hade enough? No, okay I’m I have to substitute it with a shake or I’ll make a meal I’ll put six eggs on and some smoked salmon and just get my protein but you know. You’re not crazy counting everything, all the macronutrients? Nah I’m too long in the tube just to still be doing that I know my body now, you know it’s I know my body. People are overthinking it sometimes. You know what? It’s not necessarily that they’re overthinking, but some of them they still new so they feel need to learn their body so they haven’t got a clue so that’s how you weight up. It’s like some people are still amateurs at it, they don’t know yet so they will have to learn and eventually 5-6 years down the line and still going to be weighting their food if they don’t know by then, you know, so. What do you think about the future of supplements? About functional foods? I’m, well, the industry just getting bigger and bigger you know it’s nice that companies like Dedicated show you everything that’s in their brand you know everything that goes into a product that’s what people want to know you know what is in my product me exactly for me personally I’ve always wanted to know what am I getting I want to know what I want to see every ingredient you know. Yeah, you have these brands, but you don’t know what it contains. Yes, yes, hey you know you want to know Some companies are doing the cheating, yeah. A lot, yeah. So, is there someting you would like to say for our fans? To your fans mainly? I appreciate you all man, like I said I’m very passionate about fitness and all I want to do is just get people engaged you know I like I just gets old you know passionate about it and I want other people to be passionate so yes, that’s it. I’d like more people to be engaged in fitness man you know so that’s why I want to anytime I do a video it’s just to get people you know to enjoy what I do and get the same experience that I get from it you know. So this was Simeon Panda for GymBeam, thank you very much, he’s an awesome guy, I wish him all the best. Appriciate it, thank you.

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