Hey, should we wait until the new year to
start that diet, start that training program, start trying to look and feel
better. We’ve got at least four weeks until
that’s gonna happen, are we gonna wait through all those Christmas parties, the
holidays, the new year, so that in January something is gonna change. We’re
suddenly gonna start sticking to that new regime and not revisiting this same
thing year after year. Most of us are in this cycle forever of constantly losing
weight or constantly trying to improve our shape and year after year, it just
compounds worse and worse. Especially at this time, where we go over the next few
weeks, we undo as much of ourselves as we can and then come January we just try
and get some damage control. Usually what happens for most of us, we get even
further and further down that hole where we’re trying to just slow down the
inevitable. A lot of us think that this is even inevitable, that it’s going
to happen, that over the next four weeks they can’t do anything about it.
They’re just gonna put on more weight, they’re just gonna get more out of shape.
They’re gonna feel even worse come January and there’s no way to stop it.
There is a way to stop it. You can make a mindset shift now. Know that over the
next few weeks there’s only a few dinners, there’s only a few nights out,
that are really gonna get in the way and you really don’t have to say yes to every
drink, every dinner, every dessert, every box of roses, that’s gonna make it even
harder come January to make a change. Another shift in mindset, is to just
start right now. We don’t have to wait. If you wait you just put another barrier
between where you are now and where you want to be, or where you don’t want to be.
So what we can do is over the next few weeks write down what are gonna be the
challenges, what are the situations that you just can’t get out of. What are the
things that you can say no to and then for those events, those
dinners, those social gatherings where there is gonna be pressure, how can you
minimize that damage. And how can even on those days where you know what’s coming,
whether it’s later on you’re gonna have to be having a few drinks, having to have
a dinner out, can you get some form of activity, exercise or training in that
day. Especially that morning, so at least you’ve done something, you’re not feeling
like you’re waiting and waiting. Over the last few
weeks of the people that I’ve spoke to, they’re wondering should they start now
or should they wait until the new year. They know that they’ve got a lot of things
coming up, they know that they’re gonna be drinking, they know that they’re
probably not gonna be exercising – thing is they don’t really know that. They can
make a change now, they decide that they’re gonna start right now, have a plan going
into this challenging part of the year and that way come January they’ve
already started. They haven’t even waited for it. Let me know
what you’re gonna do over the next few weeks. What plans you could put in place
to minimize damage or even improve yourself? How much better you’re gonna
feel gone into the new year knowing that
you’ve already started, you haven’t waited for anything.

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Methew Wade

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