so I tried BRB because my fitness levels
we’re like completely and utterly non-existent I was trying to lose weight
as it was I come to a complete stop and I needed something to get me going. The gym
wouldn’t have helped me because I’ve got no motivation to go to the gym I’d have
gone there tried for five minutes and that would be me, I’d have walked out. With BRB you come here and you’ve got that you’ve got that drive you’ve got no stop
you just want you want to keep going you push yourself you’ve got someone there
mentoring you giving you the go-ahead you just keep battering it on and I
just needed something to keep me going to not let me stop to make sure that
for the whole time that I was supposed to be there I was actually doing what I
needed to do and just not giving up on myself So BRB has helped me personally with my
with my cardio with my physical efforts I couldn’t do anything before I
can’t do press ups can do nothing it’s helped me get that little bit of core
strength back in it’s helped me get my cardio up I couldn’t run for the ice
cream van never mind anything and now I can keep running for the whole session I
just keep going and it’s just it’s just give me that back drive so what I enjoy
most about the class is is is the passion that the whole team bring it
it’s not just you against the instructor it’s the whole team and you’ve got that
you’ve got the passion from everyone you’ve got the drive from everyone to
keep you going to make you want to actually do that little bit more than
what you what you can give and it’s just it’s just fantastic.

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Methew Wade

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