Damn I’m so hungry I’m gonna eat
something like that high carb high protein some stuff on the
internet I don’t know what to eat something okay ah I think like a shake
okay that looks good looks kind of healthy the ingredients
Health coach her name is Rain I’m gonna watch a video of rain rain cuz she’s gonna tell me how I’m
gonna make my shake cuz I’m starving my name is rain and you’re gonna be
watching the video me make it a shake now this is a great shake because detox
is you and it’s great for you you get one avocado yeah a lime and some yogurt
and then you add some milk coconut milk cuz it’s gonna help you be great and
blend it all together blended it and I’m trying it, ummmm yeah the lime isnt that Hold on hold on love your recipes however you can’t
detox your body with a shake and sometimes when you’re hungry just keep
it basic grab a yogurt eat it now banana eat it on its own grab a half an avocado
and eat that too because you got to remember depending on your goal if your goal is fat loss then adding all these elements and calories in one shake
makes a big difference alright so give a simple and eat it on its
own either as an accompaniment and don’t stress Sally says keep it simple

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Methew Wade

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