This is a resistance training equipment, which we are using for lat pull down exercise and we choose this equipment to strengthen your upper body.So, if you have any shoulder injury, any wrist injury and any low.. low back pain so, you you will can’t perform this exercise. Okay So, firstly i’ll demonstrate you the exercise So, safely have a seat on the equipment and make sure this pad (showing her) should be on your thighs. So, it will help you not to get off from the seat while performing the exercise. Okay, so safely grab the handles a little wider from shoulders. OKAY! so, safely have a seat. and make sure the pad is on your thighs So, you have to pull down the bar towards the chest and your elbows should be pointed out, and squeeze your armpits so, you will feel the stretch in the lats. OKAY! and do not lean backward it should be a common error. or.. YEAH! (performing) to the chest OKAY! so, now i want you to perform the exercise and safely a have seat and… (Trainer- Is it on your thighs? (Client- Yeah! yeah!) so, you can grab the handle safely.. yeah!! to the chest. yeah!! your arms should be pointed out and squeeze your armpits. (Client- Yeah) Do you feeling any stretch over here? (Client- Yeah! i am feeling stretch) and we are going to perform three sets with eight to ten repetitions. and get safely off from the equipment and make sure after finishing our exercises and we have to wipe it down our equipment.

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Methew Wade

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