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Methew Wade

36 thoughts on “Republicans Aren't Campaigning On Healthcare — They're Hiding From It (HBO)”

  1. Healthcare is an inelastic product that isn't subjected to the laws of supply and demand. Unbridled capitalism doesn’t work because demand is constant.

    Death avoidance is currently extorted and capitalized by shareholders because your life is priceless and they know it.

    The US needs to regulate medical costs and provide a single payer option, just like every other first world nation.

  2. “Illness is neither an indulgence for which people have to pay, nor an offence for which they should be penalised, but a misfortune the cost of which should be shared by the community.” – Nye Bevan

  3. "Republicans Aren't Campaigning On Healthcare — They're Hiding From It"
    No, we aren't.

    We just don't believe in socialized health care, such as the existing Obamacare debacle.

  4. It was disgusting seeing these adds where Republicans are straight up lying about their position on healthcare. Some even go as far as blaming Democrats for wanting to end Obamacare policies.

  5. Government doesnt belong in our personal business and our healthcare is our business.Butt out!
    Abortion is not our business and we arent paying for it.

  6. A friend of mine who is 23, born here, hard working, was born with a heart condition. He has insurance but it's not enough.He showed us a medical bill of what he owes, over $79,000! How is it possible that a 23 year old has to worry about this type of debt on top of such a dangerous illness and the worry of supporting a family for less than $50k a year? Its okay for these politicians to have full comprehensive healthcare at the tax payers expense but not allow their constituents to have the same benefits? Disgusted by these realities! 😤

  7. It’s not republicans don’t want to help America it’s that we don’t want to go any further in debt

  8. Republican Campaign Manager: "So I hear the young voter demographic we never get, you know, everyone under 50? They're into this thing called Rap."
    Republican Candidate: "I don't know what that is."
    Republican Campaign Manager: "Me neither, but I think you should try it."
    Republican Candidate: "Sounds easy enough. They'll fall for anything."
    – Last words spoken on Planet Earth before it rotated off it's axis and exploded into cosmic dust from apocalyptic cringe

  9. Republicans want you to work at a big corporation where you're just part of the capitalist rat race thatq mostly benefits the higher ups. Republicans say they are against big government but would let the country be run by corporate interests and greed. Yet Republican voters think that their candidates are fighting for them. What a joke.

  10. Tell me Vice, how did you do it? From being celibrated for new and provoking news, to the shit show you have become now….

  11. Republicans ARE campaigning on healthcare–with amazingly hypocritical ads that say they're all about backing pre-existing healthcare coverage. Is there anyone who doesn't remember there was only only one miraculous thumbs down when every other Republicans tried to kill that coverage… about 70 times apiece? Do you know the party is trying to kill the ACA in the courts, right now? The Tillis case will give you insurance if you have a pre-existing condition–but they won't have to cover the pre-existing condition! And they can charge you any premium price they want! In other words–good old fake parasitic insurance. Top it all off with the fact that McConnell just announced their intention to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid "after the midterms", when it will be too late for voters to know what hit them, and then just weep… or get your ass to the polls on Tuesday and cast your vote for a Democrat. If Republicans hold the house we're screwed in a million ways… but healthcare coverage will be the first to go.

  12. Watched a interesting Ted Talk that was posted a week or so ago. It was more about pushing money to different things like healthy food and affordable housing in replace of healthcare. Don't be fooled healthcare is a talking point for both parties.

  13. Democrats arent campaigning on anything other than being anti trump. At least the republicans have a number of other issues and successes to fall back on

  14. If there's one thing I can expect in the comments of this sort of video, it's republicans talking about how dumb democrats are. Unfortunately when it's a video about how dumb republicans are democrats do the same thing to Republicans.

  15. Another leftwing libtard propaganda news show. Have no facts just opinions. Feelings running the news media is all this is. Happy to be not a subscriber to this nonsense

  16. GOP rhetoric: we support pre-existing conditions
    GOP reality: we’re part of a class action lawsuit AGAINST pre-existing conditions

  17. Fall for it if you want to, they're just trying to make through the midterms then it's back to repeal with no replacement

  18. If you think about it these Republican politicians are telling their constituents that they are stupid by just blatantly lying.

  19. The problem is too many Republicans are in the back pocket of drug and insurance companies.
    Just look where a politician's campaign contributions come from and you will see where they really stand on an issue.

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