the video okay thanks today we are going to be doing the real food versus gummy food you seems like mingle me go hey ready open your eyes blurry Oh [Applause] [Applause] these good [Applause] [Applause] at least you alright you know I got 100 if you guys wonder why doesn't have got big that right there it's because she'd be eating too much candy and push you got a big mouth yeah we're talking ins look at they see that yeah mom give me series oh okay okay you guys like root beer or coca-cola or can you go me yeah yeah what's up – time for rock-paper-scissors shoot watch pay attention locked X tentative rock that is is here yay [Applause] okay okay day to wait doing yeah why go oh okay let's see how good I love veneers that comment down below in the comment section if you guys like banana money we are the he that he's alert he's eating banana right now which is no long stuff rock paper scissor Rock yes meanwhile freakin God comment section and you guys like this challenge but after that smoothly yeah yeah a little bit much so when we reach 400 K subscribers then we're gonna be giving the okay shoutout to my first I'll play fooling with who is Weston and Chris and my gamertag told my point is swag easy 702 so much okay Larry is dead do not do whatever you just said well shout out to all the girls of my class from staff to all the team daliyah's out – shut up – all the – me neither

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Methew Wade

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