Get yourself a watermelon Open it up and scoop out the melon flesh Grind it with a grinder. Pour 2 bottles of milk in the pan, add 20g of sugar. Boil them and pour them in a mold Put them in the fridge until it’s frozen pour the melon juice into the pan boil it and pour into the rind shovel the frozen milk balls in Now the melon pudding is done. (Pretty cool) Cut them Pork ribs. Pour oil and when it’s medium hot, fry it Refry it. Oil in the pan. Start to fry that tomato sauce when it’s hot add water vinegar add starch and keep turning the meat sweet and sour pork is done 2 big spoons of potato starch Make it into a smooth dough Cut the chives Add fried ham and fried egg Add oil, salt and spice Mix them up Divide the dough into little parts Wrap into dumplings 10 mins in boiling water She’s asking for likes.

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Methew Wade

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