hi guys so I just got back from grocery shopping and I bought a ton of food so I'm going to do a little food haul after but before I do that I'm gonna just talk a little bit about what I bought and why and everything so you guys gonna know so yesterday night I was doing some more research I don't know I spent a lot of time just researching food and health and I don't know if you guys haven't gathered but it's something that really interests me and always trying to gather more knowledge on that so I was googling raw vegan lifestyle or like raw veganism it's something that's always interested me you know I don't think that I'm completely cut out for to be a hundred percent vegan because I like my dairy and I do like meat but I love a vegetarian food and I do eat vegan meals now then as well like kind of just to throw it in in the mix like I don't eat I don't enjoy eating meat seven days a week I've always thought that veganism makes sense in a way because you know eating you know fruits and vegetables and things that come from the earth that is kind of the most natural concept to us and not even talking about the environmental aspects because farming livestock farming and growing the feed that is necessary for cows and pigs and stuff is one of the worst environmental kind of disasters taking place in present day I am well aware of that if humans consumed much less meat and dairy than they did we wouldn't have as much global warming and all these things you know deforestation because we're planting soybeans in in in the Amazon to make feed for pigs here in Europe like to me I know that's completely crazy and I do still eat meat so but I'm very well aware of why people choose to be vegans and I don't judge them at all because in a way like it to me it also makes sense you know but I I know I still eat meat and stuff because I enjoy it I enjoy eating dairy and are you try to buy organic and locally grown like grass-fed beef and as much as I can sometimes it's just a little bit expensive but they're there for I try to eat less meat than some people doing a lot of reading up and watching youtube videos on people who are into a what is it called its high carb low fat raw vegan lifestyle so people who basically consume a ton of calories but purely from fruits and vegetables and it's something that really interests me I've never really tried it you know I've never been completely vegan and but I was watching a bunch of videos yesterday and it just seems something that maybe I want to dabble in it's maybe not something that I'm like hardcore I'm gonna do it like hundred percent now I'm vegan completely but maybe I'm gonna try to see how that works just to see how things change on a health level as well I follow a few like vegans on YouTube you guys probably know fully raw Christina and there's this other one she's a bit she's a bit more hardcore what's her name banana girl or something Lele banana girl I forget her name right now but it's watching their videos is kind of inspiring I mean I don't I don't completely agree with everything that they say but their videos aren't spying because they you know are very into their own lifestyle and stuff so anyway so I went today and bought a bunch of stuff for eating raw so I'm gonna see how that is for maybe just like a couple days and see how I get on probably not like hundred-percent like I don't I don't think I want to be a vegan but I want to see if it's something that maybe I can do a couple days a week you know doing raw veganism for maybe two or three days a week and then the rest eating dairy and meat again so maybe that's something that's interesting I went food shopping and you have to buy a lot of produce because since you're only eating vegetables and fruits it's harder to get as many calories as it would be if you're eating you know meat and um you know like ready-made stuff I just bought a ton of produce so I'll show you that in a second what I bought so on this line I have some lettuce so I have two large lettuces these are red leaf lettuce then back here I have four avocados that I got those look really nice and I got a pineapple and I hope kind of scattered around here some soy milk this is just this is organic soy milk and I have I think I bought six bottles of that so six or six of these tetra packs and this is one liter each this these two little bunches of radishes to make salads with back here I have some sweet corn that I'm going to either make on the barbecue or just grill or whatever or just cook it then here are some sweet potatoes I haven't had sweet potatoes in a while I also got two coconuts these are really fun I'm going to make smoothies with them like a banana banana pineapple coconut smoothie or something like that and if you don't know how to open these you can use a hammer to open them you kind of just keep hammering around on the one side and it makes a little cracks and then at one point it'll kind of crack the whole thing actually I have three of those I found another one there so I got three coconuts got two bags of oranges these are one and a half kilograms of oranges so I got two of those I have another lettuce here this is an iceberg lettuce then I got this melon this is I don't know what kind of melon this is but it smelled really nice and sweet more soymilk then I got these these peaches and they're like flat peaches I don't even know if these are any good because I don't think they're quite ripe yet so I'm just gonna let those ripen they kind of ripen after a little bit so I'm gonna let those sit for a while I got another thing of peaches these are around like the normal round fuzzy peaches that's a kilogram I have three large bunches of bananas because that has a lot of necessary fibers and potassium and lots of good yummy sweetness and then good for smoothies this is some Tomatoes and as a are about 800 grams of tomatoes for making salads I got three bell peppers another thing of those flat peaches and then I have some pears over here which I'm going to let sit out because the thing is that some of this fruit isn't quite ripe yet this is two bunches of spring onions this is for making salads with and that is my entire food haul so it was it was kind of expensive yes I admit so I don't know how that's gonna you know if I do continue eating like this I'm gonna have to figure out a way how to make this a bit more cost-effective right now I'm just warming up the rest of the the soup that's do that I had a couple days ago and it looks ready to eat because I'm just really hungry this morning I had a shake with five bananas in it so five bananas orange juice and what was else was in it a bit of milk because I don't have I didn't have any soya milk on hand so I went and bought a ton of soy milk now I don't even know if soy milk is considered well it's considered vegan but I don't know if it goes along with the raw vegan thing but I don't care so this is the leftover stew that bean and porcini mushrooms do that I made a few days ago it's completely actually this is vegan as well there's no dairy in it and I always make extra because this is like leftover so then when you you know don't want to cook on that day or like you have a nice lunch already prepared so I often actually make more portions than is probably necessary like I you know sometimes if the recipe is for four and we're only two people my partner and I I'll just make the recipe for four and then I'll have leftovers for the next date so that I have lunch because then you're not tempted to go get some greasy takeout or eat something unhealthy and it's also good to take along to work like if you work at an office or something just take along in some Tupperware rather than eating the disgusting cafeteria food that they normally have thanks for watching guys make sure you're following me on Instagram for more in between updates of food and exercise and you can also watch my last Julius diary video by clicking on the links video right now thanks so much guys and I'll see you later bye

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