Pure Fitness | Daniel

Pure Fitness | Daniel

when I was 18 years old I had a lethal infection because of insect bites after recovery I was basically owns and skinned at that time I realized I needed to put some size on again so I joined a fitness club and I started weightlifting when I'm weightlifting I keep challenging myself I tell us of that I need to push the limits I need to be a better version of myself weightlifting could be a site of fitness that's not a lifestyle at all that's not a whole package that's when I decided to get into medicine that's the degree that I was trying to get into when I entered University I studied really hard my academic results were pretty good but at that time I realized that I was just living in everyday life that every people was living I was trying to explore more of my life at that time I picked up my camera and started to take pictures from a new perspective of Hong Kong and that's why I point rooftops but when you're on a rooftop everything slows down and it's so quiet so peaceful it's like a state of meditation to me and I just enjoy the moment but there

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